The Rising Sun

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The Fight for survival of The Human Race Comes to its epic conclusion.

Thriller / Scifi
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Below is a list of terms and words introduced into the language of the book.

Crimson Plain - An area of unstable geological Activity where the Atlantica Plate is splitting apart. Which will become 2 separate continents in 100,000 years. It is similar in climate and activity to the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.

Tuscany - Newly built port town known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue ocean water Climate similar to the Mediterranean.

Kalidan - A small town in Iota near Mendeleev Mountain range

Pallad - a small town in Iota near the iniki river outside the Geister Forest

Numen - A town in Wahda near the ibn Fidlan desert

Gilbein - A large town near Axum towards the kadidian Oasis, in the ibn Fidlan desert

Illyrica - a town near Tuscany made up of mostly Mediterranean survivors

Hai’Lon Fields - A massive 8 thousand acre collection of Rice and grain farms that greet travelers before the great city of Xanadu. Climate similar to eastern China.

Kadidian Oasis - a freshwater lake that has streams flowing out of it in the middle of a desert. Forming a large grassy Oasis.

Kurgan Taiga Forest - 2nd Largest Forest on the continent resting near the Mendeleev Mountain range and stretches to the Kutuzov Mountains and the Kurgan Tundra fields west of the Brevcik lowlands, Kerachi Depression and Uralica. Climate similar to the Canadian Taiga.

Xijan - Fortified town near the confluence of the Jinghe and Inue Rivers south of Xanadu. The high walls protect the town from the river’s frequent floods.

Varna - Port town in the Iotan Colony (Settlement)

Lacus Curti - Italian Fortress meant to protect its area of Tuscany. Play's a pivotal role in the Italian Risorgimento of Erdos.

Brevcik lowlands - Fertile land near Uralica that houses Potato and Grain farming, with a fortified town near the base of the Kutuzov mountains, has climate similar to Ireland.

Brevcik - Fortified Town near Uralica, Built to protect farmers from raiders or dangerous wildlife at night. Named after Slavic Survivor and Erdos explorer Patrick Brevcik II.

The Crimson Empire - An empire carved out by John Forbath that included nearly all of Erdo’s with the exception of Xanadu and Brevcik, who at the time still stood free. It is divided into two sections, The North Ruled by Peter Voronkova, and The South by Astrid Bush.

Uralica - Part of the North Crimson Empire, comprised mostly of Eastern Europeans and Russia and has eyed its smaller sister town Brevcik for 4 years while it remains free and hopes to bring the town back into the fold of the Empire.

Xanadu - A once free domain of East Asian Survivors. It had become a police state following the Destruction of Shaanxi port and the fallout after causing mass famine.

Pitt Novus - Latin for (New Pitt or New Pittsburgh) Named after the City of Pittsburgh on Earth in honor of Ruth’s Grandfather Jonas Miller who was from that area. Once called Settlement Epsilon, It was a sister city to Martinsburg aka Settlement Delta, The city became the sole capital when Martinsburg was destroyed by John Forbath. Pitt Novus held the survivors from English speaking countries like the UK, and The US, as well housing as many survivors from the nations of western Europe. Some of those survivors after the destruction of Pitt Novus fled to Brevcik, and others have taken refuge in the Italian colony of Tuscany.

Axum - The Seat of the Southern Crimson Empire and Capital of the entire domain. Axum is a very large city and the first to house over 1 hundred thousand people. It is highly industrious and is reminiscent of Pittsburgh in the late 1800s.

Mercosur Nova - A large domain which housed several towns and a capital. It’s home to Latin American survivors and is considered the largest domain besides Xanadu by population. It was conquered by John Forbath during the events of The Emerald Tides, and now the survivors seek to fight for their freedom. Carlos Molitor is the defacto Leader of the Mercosur people.

Austronesia - A smaller domain which contains survivors from Australia and other parts of Oceania. Like Mercosur Nova it was conquered during the same time period and also seeks to free its people. Leslie Busch, Jackson’s Cousin and sole survivor of the Busch surname is the defacto Leader of the Austronesian people.

Shaanxi Port - Port Town in the Psi Colony of Xanadu

The ARK - 30 mile long and 5 mile wide O’neill Cylinder, which contains an artificial environment for a million survivors live in for 40 years enroute from Earth to their new home in Cygni 61 A’s 2nd planet called Erdo’s powered by the Orion Engine.

Orion Engine - The Orion Engine was a concept propulsion system first developed in the 1960s by the United States which suggested launching nuclear bombs out the back of a pressure plate and explode. With an explosion every so often for 10 years, it could in theory propel a spacecraft vast distances reaching a star system within decades. It was later revived during the Neutron Star Disaster of 1986-2042 in the Fallen Star Novel.

Erdos - A somewhat superhabitable planet 3% larger than earth, with a slightly thicker atmosphere and a bit higher oxygen content. It lies in Cygni 61 A’s Extended Habitable zone which the survivors call home. Containing one large Continent larger than Africa, containing numerous rivers, creeks, streams, lakes, and 4 separate mountain ranges. A single large sandy desert to the extreme southwest of the continent, a widespread snowy desert to the northern flank of the continent, with a mountain range locking the coldest air out of the northern settlements. The Colonization of Erdo’s was divided into 11 large settlements on the main continent and numerous numbers of hamlets scattered throughout the continent many of which would be assimilated into the 11 main settlements..

ARK All Terrain Vehicle’s - An ATV like vehicle resembling the look of a Tesla Cyber truck, and extended flatbed, Powered by Batteries and Chargeable by deployable Solar Panels and mini turbines in the grill.

Olympus Mountain Range - Western range of mountains running through the great Geister Forest and ending near the ibn Fidlan Desert, Both Martinsburg and Pitt Novus lied on the eastern side of the range.

Titanian Mountain Range - Southern range separating the settlements of Sigma with Zeta, and Theta with the Torajan rainforest to the east and the Ibn Fidlan Desert.

Kutuzov Mountain Range - named after a Russian Napoleonic war General, its a Northern Mountain range keeping the cold wasteland from creeping into the northern settlements of Omicron and Psi and meeting with the Mendeleev Mountain Range to the far north east.

Mendeleev Mountain Range - A Mountain range separating Omicron and Psi Settlements which begins north of Martinsburg cutting through northeast towards the Kutuzov Mountain range.

Ruthanites - Rebels inside the Crimson Empire who look up to Ruth Miller as a freedom fighter and yearn for freedom from the oppression of the Empire.

Proteus Lake - Massive Caspian Sea sized Lake Separating Pitt Novus to the south, and Martinsburg to the north.

Geister Forest - The Largest forest on the continent, Parts near the Olympic mountain range are incredibly dense, and becomes sparse the further west you go.

Bogotan Forest - Forest connecting to the southwestern edge of the Olympic Mountain Range towards the Heilian Volcano Range.

Ibn Fidlan Desert - Southwestern desert region void of human habitation due to extremely dry conditions followed by extreme temperature differences in the day and night.

Torajan Rainforest - Vast jungle forest laying across the mid to southern portion of the continent, Fed by numerous rivers, lakes and marshlands. Ending at the Titanian Mountain Range to the west and the Shaka Wetlands to the east.

Shaka Wetlands - A nearly impassable swamp of marshes, peat bogs, and Rocky short foothills.

Atlantica - Name of the Continent where the main story takes place

Julian Isles - Large mysterious Island Chain 2000 km off the western coast of Atlantica containing thick Jungles and sparse volcanic mountain chains.

Leilani Ridge - A mountain ridge that served as a fall back point for Ruthanite Rebels when Astrid’s Crimson Army went on a hunt for them. Leilani Ridge is named after the Leilani estates which was destroyed by the Kilauea Volcano in 2018. The Ridge received inspiration from both the battle of Blair Mountain in West Virginia and The Battle of Mount Vesuvius during Spartacus’s Rebellion.

Heilian Volcano Range - Massive basaltic plain which is one of the few active volcanic regions left on the continent.

ATLAS Computer Library - A Central database on the ARK which contains all the accumulated knowledge, inventions, blueprints from Earth, A hyper Wikipedia on steroids.

Beuwolf Lake - A Large Lake resting against the Kutuzov Mountain range and Pe Settlement. The lake was named by Patrick Brevcik The 2nd, due to large wolf and bear like creatures that inhabit the snowy taiga and was purposefully misspelled as to not confuse it with the saga of Beowulf.

Toledo Sword - Ceremonial and combat Sword passed down from generation to generation carried by Kylee Priscila of Sigma

Erdos Sword - A very common sword crafted by metallurgists in many settlements either shaped like a Katana, Falchion or Scimitar.

Erdos Blunderbuss - A crafted Pipe made of scrap, loaded with iron balls, or shards of raw scrap packed and charged with a gunpowder alternative (Rubidium Nitrate, Charcoal, and Sulfur) and a lit wick..

Kukri - Similar to a machete, but with a curved forward blade, Sharp and designed to hack and slash.

Breechloader - Bolt action Rifle, capable of loading .308 caliber rounds, and Its a single shot

Crimson Revolver - A .38 Caliber 6 shot Pistol similar to the 1861 Navy Pistol

Protean Worm Oil - A slimy sticky substance from the large protean worms of Proteus Lake, that can be used as a propellant in many Pyro Weapons and mixed with Rubidium Nitrate for Explosives.

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