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Robin Reyes is the embodiment of a good girl. She's followed every rule and played the part. Keeping her real feelings in check and putting on a facade for everybody is not easy. What happens when Robin comes across a thread on the Dark Web that wants a Captive who is willing to be hunted, bound and trapped of their own free will? As a thrill seeker, it's an opportunity that Robin can't pass. Some sick deranged man wants to play dangerous games and Robin is a willing participant. Who exactly is this man? Will he let her go after the games are over? STORY FOR MATURE READERS ONLY! © Copyright 2021 KittyKash92 All Rights Reserved

Thriller / Erotica
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Story is intended for Mature Readers Only!

This book does NOT glorify abuse but readers are requested to keep an open mind. Story has themes of dubious non-con.

* * *


How desperate should the girl be if she was surfing on the Dark web and decides to answer an ad from a psychotic person?

You had to be completely bonkers to even consider doing something like that.

Imagine this, you’re so rich that you don’t have to try hard to get anything, you’ve traveled the entire world and seen all the nice places and eaten the best food, trust me, boredom gets to you one day as it got to me. In my case, it was depression.

Some might think I was being a diva; I mean who doesn’t want all this money? I know some people who would kill for it. Why would anyone be so depressed that they wanted to kill themselves when you had all this money in the world to keep yourself occupied?

I wasn’t perfect but that’s what everyone thought I was. In truth, I’m far from it. I like to listen to praises; I like it when Mrs. Patterson compared her daughter with me. I’m not a good person but I’ve maintained appearances for a long time.

I just pulled myself out of a bad relationship, it was so destructive that I had to go to therapy for three weeks. My parents like to turn a blind eye to everything because a daughter of the Reyes family can never be not perfect. So, when they found me in my boyfriend’s apartment with bloodstains covering my face, scattered brain matter stuck on the bathroom tiles, and remnants of an eyeball, they expected me to clean up, get a change of clothes and pretend like a perfect devasted girlfriend who cried for three days max and went about with her life.

After Julian’s suicide, I believe that something snapped inside me. I was no longer the girl who wanted to pretend. I wanted to be numb to the pain, experience something worse that could make me forget about my pain.

I liked dabbling in the dark side, and if that makes me fucking edgy so be it. It wasn’t only after Jude’s death. I’d been into this for quite some time. I’d always been a thrill-seeker so when I saw an anonymous ad on the Dark Web, it piqued my interest.

Username: RaisedByWolves90

Welcome to my page!

Hey! I’m looking for a willing partner to play fun adult games.
• Candidate should be willing to be kidnapped and bound.
• Women from age 20 +
• Candidate who can stay in captivity for ten days.
• Serious players only!

Interested candidates DM.

From the way the ad was posted, you’d think the guy was selling you a secondhand washing machine. Who was I to judge? I’m on the dark web, hello?

That was the most fucked up ad I’d ever seen on the internet yet I didn’t think twice before pressing the Direct message tab and typing.

NotADamsel10: Hi! I saw your ad. I’m interested to know more.

I hit send. It took only five seconds tops before my laptop pinged with a new message.

Hey there! :)

* * *

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x Kash

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