Dangerous Games

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Robin Reyes is the embodiment of a good girl. She's followed every rule and played the part. Keeping her real feelings in check and putting on a facade for everybody is not easy. What happens when Robin comes across a thread on the Dark Web that wants a Captive who is willing to be hunted, bound and trapped of their own free will? As a thrill seeker, it's an opportunity that Robin can't pass. Some sick deranged man wants to play dangerous games and Robin is a willing participant. Who exactly is this man? Will he let her go after the games are over? STORY FOR MATURE READERS ONLY! © Copyright 2021 KittyKash92 All Rights Reserved

Thriller / Erotica
4.9 58 reviews
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Story is intended for Mature Readers Only!

This book does NOT glorify abuse but readers are requested to keep an open mind. Story has themes of dubio...

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