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Love a simple word but it goes along with lots of emotions. Those emotions makes a person either happy, sad, or angry. It can make a persons life or destroy someone's life so much. It can cause utter happines with what they say happily ever after. But it can also cause someone to go to whatever length they can to possess someone by force or not. Love can make someone so obsessive and possessive that nobody can interfere. This is the story of Leo and Angel. It is a dark love story where the male lead is utterly obsessed and possessive of the female lead from the moment he sees her. And no one even Angel herself can stop him from getting what he wants and that is only Angel and nothing else. This is their story where Leo's ways will change everything to get whatever he wants and he will do everything to possess Angel's heart, body and soul. Will Angel accept Leo in his maddnes and obsessive ways or will she try to escape ? Will Leo let her escape ? Well to know what happens next follow the journey of Leo's and Angel's story.

Thriller / Romance
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She was pure just like her name. Daughter of Abby and Tim Evans. She didn't like people cursing. She was a innocent, shy and timid girl that loved to read all the time. Painting was her hobby and she was also trying to make a career out of it by going to the art school. But don't underestimate her, she can fight and has a very feisty side. Even in this world that was dying and losing its spark here and there, she believed in fairy tales. She believed someone would come for her, love her and give her undeniable love and loyalty. But what she didn't know was that her wish would come true in every way and even more than she expected. She didn't know that he would make everything come true and he would do everything to possess Angel.


He was the alpha just like his name reflected and the king of the jungle was. But he was the king of the world. The most richest and youngest bussiness tycoon of Italy and the world. Owning most franchise of clothing stores, banks, restaurants, business stores etcetera. But he was also the king of the mafia, not the Italian mafia only but he was the whole world's mafia leader. He didn't believe in love. From a young age he was groomed to be the heir and leader of the mafia, he was also taught killing and torturing since he was 5. But when he met Angel he started loving again, following her around, protecting her, keeping her safe from everyone that wanted her. His love for her turned to obsession everyday from the moment he saw her and met her. He believed that asking for something isn't necessary he would take whatever he wanted and get whatever he wants.But she didn't know what she was doing to him, she didn't even remember and know him anymore. But the time had come that she would become the queen. She would become his wife, he would do everything to achieve whatever he wanted by hook or by crook.

Author's note

Hope you like this book. English is not my first language so if their are errors i am very sorry. Please comment and like if you like this story. I would appreciate it also if you have any suggestions or your thoughts of this story.
The next chapter with the actual story line wil be posted soon. So stay tuned everyone.
Thank you for reading, liking and commenting if you do and i will see you guys again in the next one.

By DarkBlueAngel

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