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Demi's life is turned upside down by the Finnish arms dealer Arkka, when she's at a concert with her 15 year old son Ian. Will her life and that of her family ever return to normal again? Or will he change all of their lives, including his own, for good?

Thriller / Romance
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Didn’t you ever wish that your fantasies came true?

Or that fairy tales were real?

I did… like bumping into mister right, even when you’re married. Hey, it’s just a fantasy, right?

But a fantasy can be a real pain in the ass when it’s actually happening to you. Not only a pain in the ass as a figure of speech, but a real pain in the ass. When mister hotshot, isn’t a handsome stranger with broad shoulders, bright blue eyes, chocolate dark chopped hair and a chiselling jawline, kind but not to sweet, caring but not to creepy.

Nope. What if the man that makes your knees buckle and your heart race is tall, bald, with cold grey eyes and a chilling appearance? Ohhh, he has broad shoulders alright, and a sharp jawline. But he has a few very, very nasty habits as well.


“Ian, come on! We got to go!” Demi yells at her 15-year-old son. They are going to a concert together. Well, together… Demi has to be there, because she has to be at the first aid post to assist. Her youngest son was lucky that ‎she was able to get him in as a trainee, so he could watch his favourite band, Rammstein, giving one of their latest concerts. “I’m ready, let's go!” And with a swift move, he slips past her and rushes through the door. “Be careful, sweetheart, don’t get into trouble.” Rik, Demi’s husband, says, without looking up from the book he’s reading. “Off course I will, life would be boring if I wouldn’t.” Demi replies. Feeling a sting of disappointment for the lack of genuine attention. But she shakes it off as quickly as it appears and gets into the car, where Ian is anxiously waiting.

Before she could turn on the engine, she sees Viggo, her 19-year-old son, coming out of the house. She opens the window and calls out for him. “Viggo, where are you going?” She asks him. “Training, with Lars and Ruben. Why?” He asks with a defensive attitude. “Oh, nothing, just curious.” Demi replies. “Just be careful, OK?” She adds. Viggo shrugs, and walks away. Demi watches him get on his motorbike and drives off. She worries about him. He has a short temper and manages to get himself in to more trouble than is good for him.

To get in the mood, she turns the volume of the radio to maximum volume, and together they sang, well screamed along to Rammstein. “Du... Du hast… Du hast mich... Du hast mich gefragt... Du hast mich gefragt... Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt...”

The whole car is shaking with Demi an Ian rocking in their seats getting in the mood. After 45 minutes, they arrive at the stadium where the band will perform. She parks the car just outside the main car park, to avoid a traffic jam at the end of the show.

They walk up to the main gate to show their passes. There’s a big guy standing in front of the gate, Demi has never seen before. “Where’s Ryan?” She asks him.

“Ryan called in sick, so I’m taking his place”, the man says. He gives her a grin.

“If you’re in need of a big hand, I’m right here for you…” Usually, Demi found it funny when men are flirting with her, especially when they were younger. But this guy if gave her the creeps. He was handsome, alright, with his sandy blond hair, blue eyes and three day beard. But there was something about him, that just didn’t feel right.

Demi shrugged, smiled back at him, and dragged Ian through the gate.

“Did you see that, mom?” Ian suddenly asks. “Mom!? Did You see that!? Ian shouts franticly.

“I think I saw the drummer of Rammstein! Can I go and check is out?” Ian is literately jumping up and down, almost bumping her against a wall.

“Sure, but I want you at the first aid section in 30 minutes. You’re here to help me out.” Demi warns him.

“I will, mom! Thanks!” And with the speed only Usain Bolt could master, Ian runs off.

At the first aid section, Demi sees a lot of familiar faces. It’s a close-knit group, that come to attend to every major event. Demi likes most of them, but there are few of them she really can stand. Sander, a 45-year-old single man, who thinks he’s gods' gift to women, but sure as hell isn’t, is one of them. He’s got a huge pot-belly, long but thin arms and legs, spiky sandy blond hair and always smell's like garlic. The moment he sees Demi, he rushes over to her. Luckily, Brian, the head of security, enters and signals to her to come.

“I thought you had a trainee with you? Did he already bail on you?” He teases. Brian and Demi go back ages, in high school he was her best friend and when she got married, he was her best man. When Demi started with first aid, the rumour was that they were messing around. Most people didn’t know that Brian prefers men, instead of women. Demi rolls her eyes at him and dramatically sighs.

“Yeah, butt head thought he saw the drummer of the band, and wanted to check it out.” She tells him.

“Can you give me a spot where we can see the band as good as possible?” She asked Brian.

“I think you will be Ian’s hero for the rest of his life if you do.” Brian laughs and winks. “I already took care of that”, he says.

“I put the two of you at the VIP section, so Ian can watch the show, and you probably won’t have a lot to do. Besides tending to one or two drunk men that probably will hit their chin at the bar.’ Demi gives him a big hug and starts walking to the door. Meanwhile, she’s texting Ian the place he has to go to, and slowly walks to the elevator, when Sander catches up with her.

“Aren’t you staying here with me?” He tries flirting.

“No, Brian put us at the VIP section.” Demi tells him and walks away. At that same moment, a small group of men enters the corridor and almost run over Sander. He stumbles, but miraculously manages to stay on his two feet. Turning towards the group, he already opens his mouth to say something, but the words get stuck in his throat when he's looking at the man that almost knocked him over. He's looking into the most chilling, cold, grey eyes he has ever seen.

Sanders mumbles an apology and swiftly gets out of the corridor, leaving Demi behind, who, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed the little disturbance happening behind her. She was busy texting with her son. Only when she was shoved to the side with force, she noticed the group of men walking past her. When she saw the hostile appearance of them, she decided to hold her tongue, she wasn't in the mood for a fight.

Once the elevator arrived and the men got in, Demi decided to wait for the second elevator to come down, the group was far too intimidating for her liking to get in to the same compartment with them.

As she was standing there, the men entered the elevator and turned to face her. It was a group of 5 men. Three of them were bulky, the bouncer type of guy. One was a young, slender boy, a little nerdy with a kind face. The fifth was an older man, probably halfway in his fifties. He was the tallest of them, about 6.4 ft (1.95 m), bald, broad shouldered, although not as broad as the other three ‘bouncers’. He had a big C-shaped scar on the right side of his head and chilling, cold grey eyes that seemed to look right into her mind. His whole attitude radiated cold authority, no doubt who was in charge. Yet she couldn’t deny she found him attractive.

His eyes fell on Demi as she stood there. In her mind, Demi was already making up an excuse not to enter the elevator with them if he would ask. But he didn’t, he looked her over and cocked his head a little. Then the elevator door closed and Demi found herself standing in the corridor alone, holding her breath. She quickly started to breathe again and jumped up, as her phone started beeping, Ian had answered her text message.

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