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The police had indeed been informed by one of the other guests, but by the time they barged into their room, Arkka had long gone. Demi was questioned almost 48 hours by two officers in charge with the case of Arkka and other arms dealers. But Demi didn’t say anything, besides there wasn’t anything for her to tell, she didn’t really know anything, and what happened between her and Arkka was between them and nobody else.

The only reason they let her go, wasn’t so much that they believed her, but they had no legal reasons to keep her. They had already checked her out, and knew, that, before the concert, she’d never met Arkka.

By the time she was dropped of at her house, Demi was exhausted, when she saw both of her boys she started crying, and it took a while for her to stop. She was so happy to see her boys, but her heart ached as well.

Never would she see the man again, that made her heart stutter and her stomach feel like it was filled with butterflies.

The weeks that followed were very chaotic. The media kept on asking for an interview. There was press waiting outside her house, her work, the boys schools, practically everywhere they went.

But the biggest change came from Rik. He wanted a divorce. At first, he didn’t give an explanation, just said he didn’t love her any more. Later on, after Demi went surging through his deleted mailbox, she found out he’d had a two-year affair with one of his co-workers.

The reason he wanted a divorce was, because she was pregnant with baby, and he wanted to make a new start with this prettier and younger woman.

Truth was, Demi wasn’t sad or mad about it, she was actually pretty happy he did. It made the start of a new life with Ian and Viggo a lot easier. At least she wasn't the one to break up their "happy" family.

It had been four months now since her whole life had turned upside down. Demi had found a small but nice flat for her and the boys, and the divorce had been set in motion.

Neither Viggo nor Ian wanted to see their father after they’d found out he’d left them for another woman, and he was going to be a dad again. She knew she had to try and convince the boys to go to their father, but on the other hand, Rik hardly ever called to asked how his kids were doing, so for the time being she decided to give the boys a bit more time to let it all sink in.

The doorbell rang.

“Viggo. Can you open the door please? It’s probably Brian.” Brian had survived the gunshot, although he had been severely wounded, he had no permanent damage. Last week, they finally had released him from the hospital.

“Hey gorgeous.” Brian came in with a big smile on his face.

“Are you ready to go, film starts at 9, but I first want to grab a bite.” He said.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” She gave Ian a kiss and warned Viggo to stay home, they left.

She hadn’t been out for more than 3 years. Rik never wanted to go out, and the friends she had weren't living close by or still had little kids.

They went to a small Greek restaurant. It was a place where they always went if they went out together. Andreas, the owner, had already picked them a nice place close to the bar, so he could talk to them. When Pepiza, his wife, came out of the kitchen and saw them, she rushed over to Demi and hugged her tidily.

“Agapitos mia koritsi, phovomastan toso poly gia the zoi sou otan akusame oti so piran omiro! ”

“Girl, we were so afraid when we heard you were taken hostage!”
Pipiza said with all the drama she had in her, and pressed Demi again against her giant bosom.

Demi gave her a firm hug back, it felt good to be among friends. To bad, it was pretty busy at the small restaurant, so they didn’t have a lot of time to talk.

After She and Brian had dinner and were about to leave, Demi made them a promise to come back in two weeks, with both of the boys and stay a bit longer.

“What’s on your mind, girl?” Brian finally asked.

For some time now, he noticed there was something bothering her. He didn't have the chance to ask her before, somehow, there were always people around to ask her.

“Nothing.” Demi replied, but Brian wasn’t about to let it go.

“You’ve been acting strangely, the moment you came home after you were taken hostage. So don’t tell me there’s nothing, Demi. Did he rape you?” He asked carefully.

Demi looked at him but didn’t answer right away. Should she tell him what had happened between them, how she felt, that she wanted to see Arkka? Or would he think she was a complete idiot, he’d been shot by one of Arkka’s men, so he could easily be pissed if she told him. Could she tell him? She really didn’t know. “Demi…, talk to me.” Brian tried again.

“Please don’t be angry with me, about what I'm going to tell you, Brian.” Demi said and gave him a short version of what happened.

Brian didn’t say a word for a while, he was to taken aback by her confession.

“I think we better to a bar instead of the film. I could use a drink, right now, and after that you’re driving me home.” He finally said.

“I want to know every thing, sweetheart, every detail...” And with that, he made a sharp turn, and drove to a nice café, where the music was loud enough not to be overheard, but not so much they couldn’t talk.

Demi told him every thing he wanted to know, and it felt so good to finally be able to talk to someone about this. To tell Brian how she felt about Arkka en that she felt a complete idiot for feeling that way, but on the other hand not giving a fuck about it. Brian didn’t judge, but he did think she was completely nuts. Falling in love with someone you just met wasn’t that strange, feeling like this for your abductor was, at least in Brian’s opinion.

And although Brian told Demi, she would be the one, driving him home, Demi got just as drunk as he did, so they ordered a taxi home.

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