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After Arkka left the hotel, his men picked him up just a couple of miles further down the road. They saw the police rushing by as the were heading back to the main road. Simon already made sure there was a plane standing by at a small airport.

The moment they were airborne, Arkka called Simon to check if his son had already been released by the coroner to be taken back to Finland.

To his irritation this was not the case, the police wanted a family member to identify him first. Elli, Arkka’s estranged wife, was already on her way, he had no doubt she would try to make his life hell when she got back. He knew he deserved it, he was well aware of that, but having to see her after all this time, almost 6 years, already gave him a headache.

The only reason they were still married, Elli new too much about his past and had proof of it. She never blackmailed him with it, she knew damn well it would be the end of her, the only thing that stopped him from doing so was because of Jari, he didn’t want to kill the mother of his son.

But he couldn’t stand the bitch, she betrayed him so many times, and mostly with his own men. He couldn’t kill her, but his men didn’t share that same faith, they were all dead, he made sure of that. The last man she’d betrayed him with was his right-hand man, that pushed him over the edge. Like the rumours said, he killed the man with his bare hands, and he made sure Elli sat front row.

From that moment on, he had given her, her own condo and agreed she could sleep with whom ever she wanted to as long as she was discreet. It took a little persuasion, but in the end she agreed, not that she had any other choice… The only thing she had insisted on was that their son would stay with her, he wasn’t much of a fatherly type, so Arkka agreed to that. And now Jari was dead, ...fuck….

“Boss? Boss?” Arkka opened his eyes and looked at the tall blond man standing next to him. Timo took a step back from his boss, seeing the murderous look in the man’s eyes.

“Simon and your wife both have been trying to reach you… Simon wants to know what you want him to do next, or if you want him to wait till you get back. As for your wife…, it’s not very clear why she wants to talk to you, she was crying all the time.” He was trying to sound confident, but failed miserably underneath his bosses piercing gaze.

“Give me the phone, and leave...” Arkka said with a cold voice, handing out his hand to take the phone.

Timo handed it over and quickly got out of his boss’s way. He knew his bosses anger wasn’t directed to him, but he had no interest in being the man’s punching bag. He knew his boss had a short temper and was able to throw a very nasty and hard punch that could knock you out in an instant, he’d seen it happen one or twice and had no desire to feel the man’s fist on his own face.

Arkka came out of the shower, feeling a little revived after being awake for more than thirty-two hours. After he got back, he gave Simon full knowledge over what had happened, leaving out most parts of what happened between him and Demi.

Simon was no idiot, most of the time he knew what was happening between his boss and the women, but Arkka had no desire to enlighten the man any further about Demi, at least not at this point.

He already gave instructions to blow up Almeida’s house. Not because he assumed the man was still staying there, of course not, but just to let him know he was still alive and was coming for him.

He then made sure the moment Elli arrived in Finland, she’d be taken to Arkka’s place immediately, so they could have a nice talk about her future. Not that he was afraid, she would go to the authorities, no..., she should know there probably was a price on her head as well, not by him, but surely by Almeida, there was no doubt the man would love to get his hands on her if he could.

The only good thing for her to do was to do as he told her, if not, he would kill her himself, before Almeida was able to get his hands on her. Juri was death, there was no reason for him to keep her alive, he would make sure to let that get through to her very well.

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