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Days flew by, followed by weeks and then months. Four months had already past and there wasn’t a single day he hadn’t thought about Demi. She kept on popping up in his head on the most inconvenient occasions. To get her out of his system he slept with other women, but as he was fucking the fourth she popped up in his head again, and he threw the woman out. After that, he hadn’t touched another woman.

Two weeks ago, he had to go to England to make arrangements for a new shipping. His local partner, Raymond aka Bald Ray, also one of his oldest mates, had provided him with transport and a save accommodation. Arkka had arranged for him to stay 4 days, two days to ensure the weapons to be transported and the rest of the deal that came with it. The other two days he had some personal business to take care of, he had to see the little spitfire.

After everything had been taken care of, he borrowed a motorbike from Bald Ray and headed of to see Demi. He positioned himself in such a way he could see her, but was not immediately in sight. Luckily the weather was warm and sunny, so Demi was out in her small garden. Arkka felt like a dirty old stalker, standing there just watching, but he knew this was the only way to get a glimpse of her without her, or anyone else for that mater, even now he was there. The only thing he hadn’t anticipated was her oldest son being very alert and overprotective.

Viggo had noticed the tall biker riding up their street, mostly because the bike the man was riding was his favourite, a Triumph Bonville Bobber. So he watched the man take position in such a way he had a good view at their house and stayed there without taking his helmet of. This alerted Viggo, and he sneaked out of the house to confront the man.

As Arkka was to busy observing the house, he noticed to late some sneaked up behind him. Only when he felt a hand grabbing his neck in order to yank him of the bike, Arkka realized he made a huge mistake not paying enough attention to his surroundings. Luckily for him, he was far more experienced than the person trying to take him out. He forced his elbow in the guys' stomach with brute force, causing the man to bent over and loosening the grip on his neck. In a flash he got of his bike and knocked the guy straight in the face, causing the man to hit the street with a bleeding broken nose. He only then noticed it wasn’t a man but a kid, not older than 19. He grabbed the boy's collar and yanked his face toward his.

“What the fuck you think you’re doing, little man?” He growled. To his surprise the boy didn’t back down, instead he pushed his face even further toward Arkka, “Why the fuck are you spying on my mother, asshole?”, the boy growled back. Arkka was taken aback by this and let go of the boy’s collar. He’d forgotten Demi had told him she had two sons, he had only see one of them her youngest as it seemed. He didn’t expect her oldest son to be this tall and bold. On the other hand, Demi was a little spitfire too, she hadn’t backed down from him when he had threatened her a couple of months ago. Like mother like son, so it seemed.

For a moment he hesitated, but then took off his helmet.

Viggo’s breath stopped for a moment, this was the man that had taken his mother hostage a couple of months ago, now he was standing here watching their house. What the hell did the old tosser want? Anger build up inside, and he jumped back on his feet, balling his fists ready to attack.

“You’re the son of a bitch that taken my mother hostage, what the hell do you want from her?” He practically yelled. The man looked at him with his cold grey eyes.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, kid.” He replied and turned away to get on his bike. But before he could, Viggo grabbed him by his arm.

Although Viggo knew he had some fighting skills and could take a few good hits, the punch the old guy had given him hurt like hell. He could feel his nose swell up, and his eye side was blurry, but he wasn’t about to let the man leave like that. But before Viggo knew it, the man had turned around again and his hand was firmly grabbing his throat.
“Do not go there, boy, or you’ll be sorry. You’re lucky I like your mother, but do not ever touch me like that, got it?” And he intensified the grasp on Viggo’s throat.
“You? Like my mom? Give me a break! You’re a killer, a criminal who kidnapped her!” Viggo’s hoarse voice was laced with venom.

He just looked at Viggo for a couple of moments. “You know nothing, kid, nothing at all...” And with that, Arkka released his throat.
He looked at Viggo and sighed.
“I have no intention of hurting your mother, I just needed to know is she was alright without being seen by her or anyone else.” He said, pinching the bridge between his eyes. He then turned around for the second time to get on his bike.

That moment, something clicked in Viggo's head, and he quickly placed himself in front of the bike.
“Something happened between the two of you, didn’t it? Mom’s been acting strangely after she got back, and now you're telling me you tell me you wanted to see if she is fine....” He looked Arkka straight in the eyes. “You are in love with my mom...” It wasn’t even a question.
This hit a nerve with Arkka and before Viggo could say anything more, Arkka put his helmet on and started the engine. But he hadn't counted on the boys' determination, and before he knew it, Viggo grabbed the keys and pulled them out of the engine.

“I thought you’d hurt my mom, because after you released her, she was very quiet and withdrawn. But that wasn’t the reason, was it... She has feelings for you too, so why the hell don’t you go over to her?” Viggo watched the man take off his helmet again, put it on the tank and leaned on it with his arms crossed.

“You said it yourself, kid, I’m a criminal. What do you think will happen to her, to you and your brother, for that matter, if my opponents find out? You think she’ll be safe?” He took the helmet, but before he placed it on his head again he hesitated, he then held out his hand to Viggo. “Give me your phone... “ Hesitantly, Viggo handed over his phone. Without taking his eyes off what he was doing with Viggo’s phone, he said. “For what it’s worth, I care for your mother, more than you know..., probably even more than she knows.” He looked Viggo straight in his eyes. “I put my number in your phone. Only use it when you have no other choice, don’t abuse it. I’m no lenient man.” And with that he put his helmet on and held his hand out for his keys, then drove off.

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