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Viggo had almost been able to sneak in through the kitchen before his mom saw his face. To bad, his little brother did notice him.

“Shit, bro! What the fuck happened to your face?” Ian blurred out.

“SSSSTTT, shut the fuck up…!!!” Viggo hissed at him, but it was too late, Demi just walked in to the kitchen.

“Ohh, my god! What, the hell, happened to your face?” Demi rushed over to her son to take a good look at his nose. It was broken, she could see that from miles away.

“I just got in to a little fight, nothing serious, mom, the guy just hit me at the right spot. I’m just going to clean up, don’t get worked up about it.” He turned around, trying to get away, but he should have known his mother wasn’t going to let him.

“I don’t think so, kid. Your nose is broken, we have to go to the hospital, whether you like it or not.” With that, Demi grabbed him by the arm and pulled him toward the front door.

Viggo didn’t really want to go, but he knew if he went against her, he’d have a very big problem later on.

Demi didn’t say or ask anything as the were driving to the hospital, she would question him later on.

They had to straighten his nose and gave him a splint all over his nose. When they drove back home again, hours later, Demi decided to ask him about the fight next thing tomorrow, Viggo looked like crap, and she didn’t want to bother him tonight about it.

The next day, she did confront him about it, but the only thing he told her was that he got into an argument with some guy he didn’t know, and the bloke had thrown him a lucky punch. Somehow Demi didn’t believe him but decided to let it rest, maybe it had been one of his friends and he didn't want her to know, 'cause he knew how pissed she could be.

The next couple of days went by like usual, Ian went to school, Viggo went of to his internship place and Demi went of to work. Today she would be home around 2 pm and the boys wouldn't be home earlier than 4 pm, this meant 2 delightful hours to spend all by herself. Demi was really looking forward to putting on a bikini, so she could enjoy the sun on her skin, without any comments from the boys.

Finally, at 2.15 Demi opened the front door and stepped inside with her arms full of groceries, feeling sticky because of the warm weather.

As she walked over to the kitchen she noticed something was off, but before she could even take a look around someone hit her with full force on the side of her face, causing her to let go of the groceries. He then threw his arm around her neck and tried to choke her. Demi tried to scream, but her sounds were muffled by a large, smelly hand. She tried to kick and get the person off of her, but saw a second man coming towards her with a knife, saying something to the man behind her in a foreign language that sounded Spanish and gave her a nasty grin. Before he could do anything, though, he was hit with something hard.

Viggo had come home earlier, his nose had started to bleed again, and his boss advised him to go home and see a doctor. But just as he wanted to put the key in the lock, he had heard a muffled sound and peaked through the window first, he saw his mother being attacked by a man and another one grabbing something from their counter. As silently as he could, he put the key in the lock and opened the door, neither one of the men had heard him. Luckily he still had his helmet in his hand and with that he hit the man in frond of him as hard as he could, giving his mother a chance to kick the other one against his shins which made him to loosen the grip on her throat, so she could throw her head backwards against his nose.

The man screamed out in pain and grabbed his nose with one of his hands, giving Demi the opportunity to make a run for it. Viggo grabbed her hand, and they rushed out of the house. As they ran, Demi grabbed the car keys from her pocked, and they got in her car as quickly as they could, locking the doors from the inside before the two men had the chance to open them. It took Demi three times to start the engine and when she finally did, she drove off with squealing tires.

Demi just drove, not knowing which way she had to go. She tried not to cry, but she couldn’t help herself, her whole body started to shake, but she couldn’t stop somewhere, she had already seen a car pulling up behind them.

“Do you know who these men were, mom?” Viggo asked her with a nasal voice, his nose started bleeding again.

“No, I don’t. They were Spanish, what hell would I want with Spaniards?!” She almost yelled at him.

Viggo grabbed his phone from his back pocket, hesitated for a second, but then surged through his contact list until he found what he was looking for. He pressed on calling, within seconds the phone was answered.

“We need help, my mom was attacked by Spanish men, they tried to kill her…, I don’t know what to do...” He said to the person on the other side, his voice cracked. Demi asked him who he was talking to, but Viggo didn’t answer. She heard him answer a few questions and the conversation ended quickly. He then texted his brother and waited for the person to call him back, which happened within 5 minutes.

Again it was a short call, Viggo inserted an address on his phone and told his mother to go there, well aware they were followed.

A couple of miles before they reached the address, a small group of about 6 to 7 bikers drove up to them. Four of them slowed down, so they came next to the car that was chasing them. As Demi looked at the rear mirror, she saw one of the bikers pulling out a gun from his jacket, pointing it at the driver of the car. The driver of the car made a sudden move and steered his car towards the biker, but this one had already anticipated such a move and hit the brakes. The biker next to her signalled her to follow him down the highway exit, in her rearview mirror she saw the other car wasn’t following her any more, he kept on driving further down the highway with the bikers still surrounding him. The bikers lead her to an old factory car park, where they were told to get out of the car. One of the bikers took of his helmet and walked over to them, he was a small but sturdy man, with a bald head and a long greyish beard. He looked her up and down, then turned to Viggo. “Name…” He said with a firm but gentle voice. “Kahru” Viggo answered to her surprise. What the hell was this supposed to mean. But before Demi had a chance to ask, the man smiled and signalled two of the other bikers to hand over a helmet to mother and son. “I need both of your phones.” He said and reached out his hand to collect them, took the batteries out and threw them back in the car.

Viggo and Demi both were ordered to take place behind one of the bikers and the drove off, to god knew where. As Demi turned a little so see what happened behind her, she saw the little bald guy setting her car on fire and pulling up behind them. Everything that happened was so bizarre, Demi just went along with everything, her mind was completely blanc.

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