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With a grin on his face, he closed the door behind him and shook his head, she was something alright. The grin faded from his face, now he had to do something he was going to enjoy. Bald Ray had managed to capture both of the attackers, sadly only one survived, but one was more than enough to get some answers. He headed down the stairs into the basement, noticing someone was following him, Viggo… He was curious what the boy would do.

Ray was already in the basement and had the man strapped to a chair that was anchored to the floor. Arkka stepped inside and took of his shirt, ignoring the man, he placed his shirt on a chair that stood at the end of the room.

“Come here Viggo.” His back was toward the door, but he knew the boy was standing just outside the door, hiding in the shadows.

Viggo hesitated, not knowing if the man was angry or not, then decided he wasn't a coward and walked in slowly. He looked at Arkka’s back and saw a web of scarring, he swallowed hard, but tried not look too intimidated. Only when the man in the chair moved a little he noticed the asshole that tried to strangle his mother was there as well, that’s why Arkka went to the basement. Viggo frowned, why did the old man take his shirt off? He looked at the man in the chair again and noticed the chair being anchored to the floor, it then hit him, Arkka was going to beat the crap out of the man.

“Viggo, look at me.” Arkka wanted Viggo to pay attention to what he had to say.

“You can stay and watch, but you never speak about this to anyone, do you understand? Or you can leave now, just don’t ever ask me any questions... The choice is yours.” He looked in the boys' eyes. Viggo focused his eyes on the man in the chair again then looked back at Arkka, there was no hesitation, just a question.

“He’s not getting out of here alive….” Arkka answered the unasked question. Viggo just nodded, this asshole tried to kill his mother, he wanted to know why.

Placing himself in front of the Spaniard, Arkka forced the man’s head up by his hair.

“You work for Almeida, don’t you?” The man just looked at him, but didn’t say a word. Twice he hit the man in the face with full force. Blood spattered in several directions, with the first blow his nose was broken and with the second a few teeth were knocked out.

“He grabbed the man’s hair again. “You have two choices, answer my questions and die quickly or keep your mouth shut as long as you can, and die in a lot of pain, you will die either way, I don’t care how… Just keep in mind, neither does Almeida.” And before the man could answer, he hit him several times more, the Spaniards' face was now a bloody mess.

“So, what’s it going to be?” Arkka asked the man, while cleaning his hands with the towel Ray had thrown him. The man still didn’t say a word.

Arkka walked over to the table where Ray was standing and grabbed a large knife that was stuck in a piece of wood. He walked back to the man and without saying a word he pushed it into the man’s left leg all the way until the tip of the knife hit the chair, the man screamed in agony, he then turned the knife around, slowly pulling it out again, only to stab it in his right leg as well and slowly turning it around, making the man scream until his voice broke. Behind him, he heard someone breath heavily, Viggo, but he didn't turn around, he wanted answers, one way or another, he wasn't a nice man. They tried to kill Demi to get to him, wrong move, very wrong....

DID ALMEIDA SEND YOU?!” Arkka yelled in the man’s face.

YES!! YES! HE DID, I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING!!!” Tears ran down his face and his bladder had emptied.

“Did he order you to kill the woman?” The man nodded, “Yes.”


“We were ordered to observe her and see if you would visit her. If you didn’t show up, we had to kill her after two months…, to see if you would react”

“Why didn’t you kill after those two months?”

“Almeida had heard you would come over for business, he wanted to wait and see what your actions would be, if you would go to the woman as he thought might would. You did, so we got orders to kill her sons and to kill and rape her as a message to you. He wants to break you...”

Arkka took a good look at the man and then slowly turned his head towards Viggo to see his reaction. Viggo’s eyes were set on the man, he was breathing heavily, and his face was as white as a piece of paper, but his eyes showed a raging fire. He looked up at Arkka and nodded, knowing exactly he just decided the man’s faith.

Arkka positioned himself behind the Spaniard, pulling one arm around the man’s neck and the other one on the side of his head, and with a swift and firm move he broke the man’s neck.

As Ray took care of the body, Arkka and Viggo headed back up to the kitchen. Arkka washed the blood spatter off and put his shirt back on, meanwhile Viggo just sat in a chair, staring at his hands which he had folded together on the table. A beer was placed in front of him and without saying anything he took the glass and put it against his mouth, emptying it in one large sip.

“Why don’t I feel anything? I mean, I just saw you beat up a man, stabbing him with a knife and breaking his neck… and I don’t care… What does that say about me?” He looked up at Arkka.

“It doesn’t say anything about you.” Arkka said.

“This afternoon you saw that man strangling your mother, and now you heard him say that he was going to kill you and your brother to... If it were an innocent person on that chair, you would definitely feel completely different, trust me.”

“Do you feel anything? I mean, I don’t know, feel remorse or something…?” Viggo asked him.

“No… I killed a lot of people, Viggo, some were innocent, most of them were not. This guy, I killed very quickly, for your sake, if it had been up to me, he would have suffered a lot more.”

“Why? Because of my mom?” Arkka didn’t answer, he just looked at the boy.

“Let's get some rest, shall we. We leave in a couple of hours.” And with that he got up, waiting for Viggo to do the same.

As Arkka closed the bedroom door, he saw Demi lying curled up in the middle of the bed. He took his shoes off and as careful as possible he lay behind her and threw his arm around her waist. She grabbed his wrist and pulled it close to her breast, wiggling her body so, her back was fully pressed to his chest.

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