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They woke up at 7 am by a knock on the door, Demi felt exhausted by yesterday's events and had trouble opening her eyes. She noticed the arm around her waist and instantaneously remembered who lay next to her. Moving a little, so she lay on her back a bit more, she tried to see if he was already awake.

“Good morning, you look ravishing.” Arkka said with a devilish grin and tousled her hair even more with his hands. Her face turned red, knowing damn well what she looked like, and it wasn’t “ravishing” at all, probably more like a bruised and battered old prune… His grin became even bigger when he noticed her embarrassment, and before she could react, he cupped her chin and kissed her, forcing his tong between her lips. Demi turned her body a little further towards him, so her frond was pressed against hers, pushing one leg between his. Arkka moved his upper body, so he lay on top of her with his torso, this way he had easy access to her breast. They made out like this for a while, until there was a second knock on the door, this time it was Ian telling them it was already 7.30 and Ray had ordered him to wake them up again because their plane would leave in an hour and a half.

Ray and a few of his men escorted them to the airport and left, as Arkka and his company got into the plane and headed of to Finland. It was a large private plane, Demi was well aware Arkka was an arms' dealer, she knew that he wasn’t poor and made a lot of money, but to the extent that he could afford his own plane, that had not occurred to her. It made her feel small and insignificant again, she couldn’t understand why he was here for her, came back for her when she was in danger. Of all the woman he was able to get, he liked her, a short, round, nothing special mum... It didn’t make any sense...

Arkka saw the look on her face as they walked towards the plane. It wasn’t the look he’d seen so many times with other women. They always looked like the hit the jackpot and instantaneously started to behave differently, arrogant. Demi, on the other hand, seemed to shrink. He saw the look in her eyes when she saw the two stewardesses that were waiting for them outside the plane, why was she so intimidated by this?

As they sat down, Demi looked at Viggo, there was a change in his whole behaviour, his attitude, it looked like he was more relaxed and content with himself. She was happy to see him like that and yet it also scared her, this was Arkka’s world, a violent, criminal world, Demi realized it was also Viggo’s. Her throat tightened and tears filled her eyes, Demi got up quickly and before Arkka could ask anything she left for the restroom and kitchen area. The two stewardesses were there too, Demi felt embarrassed for her tears and wanted to make a quick turn, but where could she go? One of the women walked up to her with a genuine smile and handed her a tissue. Before the stewardess could say anything, Demi heard Arkka enter the small kitchen.

Before he could ask her what was going on, Demi apologized herself and almost fled to the back of the plane, where the kitchen and restroom were. He got up and followed her and saw one of the stewardesses handing her a tissue, "she was crying, why?” He signalled the women to leave and closed the door behind them.

“What’s going on? From the moment we walked to the plane, you’ve been acting strange?” He stood in front of her and saw the tears running down her face.

“Nothing…” Demi answered with a hoarse voice, her throat still hurt a little. “...and everything... When I look at Viggo, I can see he’s changing, it’s like he’s finally found the right place to be, and although it makes me happy to see him at ease with himself, it scares the hell out of me as well. It’s your world, you said it yourself, it’s a violent one.” Arkka wanted to reply, but she placed a hand softly to his lips, she could feel him stiffen up.

“Besides, I still have no clue as why you came back for me? I mean, you can have all the women you desire and yet you came to see me, gave my son your number if anything should happen and when it did, you came... Why? I’m a nobody, a little, fat mum...” She sniffed and gave him a small smile.

“I’m sorry, you probably think I’m an ungrateful bitch...”

Before she could say anything else, Arkka took her fingers from his mouth and grabbed her chin firm but carefully.

“Be quiet...” His voice sounded raw. “This is the third time you did something, nobody else in their right mind would think about doing. No one’s ever silenced me like you just did, I don’t think anyone would even dare to think about it, they’d know they would pay dearly. Yet you just did, and I still don’t feel the need to hurt you, quite the contrary...” And with that he bent over and kissed her. He could feel her hands grabbing his shirt and taste the salt of her tears. He looked up.

“You’re not attracted to my money or reputation and although you fear me sometimes, you don’t back down. Your one hell of a spitfire... and the bullshit about your body..., there’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t get turned on by a bag of bones, quite the opposite.” He bent over again and kissed her on the mouth, hard, forcing his tongue inside hers, pushing her body firmly against the wall and his body, using his free hand to roam her body. Demi moaned, she heard his words, but they faded as she felt his mouth on hers and his hand sliding over her body. Her heart skipped several beats and her legs went weak. A warm feeling started in her lower abdomen and spread out to her core. Her hands sneaked up to his face and held him firmly in place to deepen the kiss even more.

A sudden knock on the door startled them both, Arkka stepped back a little but didn’t let go of her.

“What?” He growled, making Demi start to giggle a little.

“We’re going to land in a half an hour, sir.” One of the stewardesses answered.

When Arkka looked at Demi again, her giggles turned into a huge laughter.

“Ohhh my god!” Demi said after she was able to speak again. “I feel like a teenager being caught by mum or dad.“She chuckled and immediately burst back into laughter. Arkka couldn’t help but grin.

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