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Demi’s face turned red when she saw the smirk appear on the face of her oldest son. The smirk on Viggo’s face grew when he saw his mothers’ face turned red as a tomato, he tried to looked away, trying to hide it from his younger brother, which, off course, wasn’t possible ’cause the little brat always kept an eye on him.

“What? You know something! Tell me!” Ian whispered. He saw his mothers’ face turn red the moment she saw them looking at her. It annoyed him that something was going on and nobody told him.

”Yesterday, Viggo sent him a strange message about not going home but to a friend, then he got a call that someone would pick him up. Suddenly, 2 bikers showed up at his best friend’s house telling him to come with them, and he was taken to a bikers’ den, or whatever you call it.”

“When he saw his mum, her face was all black and blue on one side and there were bruises on her neck and mouth. Later on they were taken to a large, heavily guarded villa where they stayed the night. The next day there was this strange, old guy mum and Viggo seemed to know him, but who was he? He did look familiar, though....., and now they were on an aeroplane with the old fella and a couple of bouncers to Finland... of all places...."

"His mum looked like she did something... NO! NOPE! I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT!!! What the fuck was going on?! Nobody told him anything!!!”

Ian was fed up with everything and before Viggo could even react, he got up, got over to his mum and the old bloke and plopped in the seat in front of them.

“What the hell is going on, mum? I know you told me that you were attacked at home and we couldn’t’ go there..., but nothing makes sense any more...” Ian’s voice sounded desperate and angry at the same time.

“I’m not an idiot, you know, I know you’re all hiding something from me! Like, who are you?” He turned to Arkka.

“I know I’ve seen you before, but I just don’t remember where. How do you know my mum and just… Who fuck are you?!” Meanwhile, Viggo had reached them as well.

“Ian...!” He tried to silence his brother, but was stopped by Arkka.

“Stop, ...” He raised his hand up to Viggo. “... your brother is right, we haven’t told him every thing. It’s up to your mother to do so, not to us.” He turned to Ian again. “I'm is Arkka Jokinen, the man that took your mother a couple of months ago. Your mother will tell you the rest...” And with that, he turned his head towards Demi.

“Ohhh, is this the way you handle things...!” Demi was taken aback by this. Dropping a bomb like that and let somebody else handle the rest... She looked at Ian and gave him a small smile, then turned her face to Arkka.

“Could the both of you please go and sit somewhere else, so I can talk to Ian in private.”

Arkka cocked his head to the side and just looked at her for a couple of seconds, he then got up and signalled Viggo to follow him. In the corner of his eyes, he saw Timo being startled at his bosses action. Together with Viggo he walked up to him to sit down there. “Not a word...” He growled with a low voice, leaned his head against the headrest and closed his eyes.

Timo looked at Viggo, that one just shrugged and gave him an apologetic grin.

“What was going on with his boss? He remembered the woman and her son, they were at the concert where Jari was killed. He also knew that this was the woman his boss had taken hostage, but he never assumed there had been anything else between them. Not until his boss got that phone call yesterday, that made him livid causing him to act hastily and rashly, something totally the opposite of his bosses regular behaviour, and now this... She asked him to leave his place, so she could talk to her son and… he… did... without hesitation..."

"He’d either missed a memo... or his boss had feelings for her... DAMN!... This could be fun!"

"Now a few things made sense, though. The grumpy behaviour in recent months, the sluts that were there a lot at first and suddenly no longer. He felt a grin creeping up his mouth, he had to be careful thou, his boss didn’t see it, otherwise he would have a problem...."

"He looked at the boy in front of him, well boy. The guy was maybe 4 to 5 years younger, handsome in a tough way. Timo felt his heart picking up speed, shit he didn’t need this. He wasn’t secretive about his sexual preferences, but he tried to keep it to himself. Although he was one of the bosses trusties, some other guys were total assholes and could make life hard on him. He knew Arkka was aware of his preferences, but the man had no problem with it, as long as Timo was loyal to him, he didn’t care who he slept with."

Demi looked at Ian, she could see he was disappointed in her lack of trust in him, although that wasn’t the case at all. She just didn’t want to scare him. But now she was looking at him and realized he wasn’t her little man any more, he started to look like a younger version of Viggo, only with a gentler character.

“I’m sorry, Ian. I should have told you more.” Demi started. “It’s not that I didn’t trust you, nothing like that..., I just… I didn’t want to scare you.”

“Why would I be scared, mum? I’m not a little kid any more, you know…?!” Ian replied. “I can handle things, and I’m no fool either. I knew something happened while you were taken. I assumed… and so did Viggo, that you were..., you know..., raped...” He whispered the last words.

Those words hurt Demi. It never occurred to her that they thought she was hurt, or worse, raped.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart, I really am. It never crossed my mind that the two of you had these thoughts, had I known I would have told you immediately that nothing like that happened.” She sighted, leaned forwards and took her son’s hands.

“I can tell you something, but maybe it’s better if you just ask your questions, and I will answer the best I can.”

Meanwhile, Arkka wasn’t sleeping, he heard Demi answering her son’s questions and through his eyelashes he saw Timo looking at Viggo. He was fully aware the young man was gay, although he had no idea if Viggo was too, not that he cared. The only thing he cared for was the safety of everybody on this plane, especially Demi’s. He couldn’t deny it, he had the hots for the little spitfire, and he was glad she was here with him, so he could keep an eye on her... and more...

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