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There were 3 cars waiting for them at the airport. Simon was leaning against the first one, still not fully comprehending his bosses radical behaviour yesterday. Arkka was acting differently the moment he got back from the UK, after Jari had been killed. First, Simon thought it was because of the death of his son, his boss acted withdrawn and moody. But the man started banging sluts…, completely opposite of his bosses normal behaviour. And just as sudden as he’d started fucking those women, it stopped, just like that…, he didn’t even look at a woman any more.

His bosses behaviour started to become almost normal again, …almost… Until, out of the blue, his boss got this strange call, drops everything he’s doing, gives his code name to a complete stranger, at least a stranger to him. Simon had never heard the name Viggo before. Gives Bald Ray orders accommodating people he never heard of and orders him to prepare the plane to get to the UK as fast as possible. ” What the hell got into his boss?”

He saw Timo coming out of the plane together with 2 of the guards, but behind him was a kid he didn’t know, followed by his boss, another kid and a blond female. Somehow the woman looked familiar to him, he just couldn’t remember why.

As he walked up to his boss, Timo signalled him not to ask questions, not like he had the chance to ask anything, his boss already barked orders to his men.

Simon suddenly couldn’t contain himself any more; “What the hell is going on, boss?” He saw a flicker of anger in his bosses eyes, he swallowed a big lump but wasn’t about to back down. Arkka had always told him everything, well, just about everything until recently… When he passed Simon, he told him to get in the car with them, holding a firm grip on the woman’s upper arm, almost dragging her along.

Simon noticed the woman having various bruises on her face and throat, she gave him an apologetic smile as she passed by. Was this his bosses doing? It wasn't something Arkka would usually do, but, his bosses' behaviour was strange lately. Simon followed his boss with his eyes, then turned his head back to face Timo, giving the man a questioning look. But that one just raised his brows and shoulders a little and got in the car with the oldest one of the boys. The other men got in the two remaining cars. The youngest boy already got in the car with his boss and the woman. He sighed, turned around and got in the car as well.

Arkka was fully aware of his own radical behaviour, but he’d be damned if he would apologize to Simon or anyone for that matter, explaining…, fine…, but that was all. Of course, he’d seen the looks Simon and Timo exchanged, he was no ignorant fool.

The drive to the apartment took about 40 minutes, in that time Arkka informed Simon about most of the things, and everything went well up to the moment Simon told him his wife called several times. He never told Demi he was married, if looks could kill, he’d been dead that same instant she heard about it…

“STOP... THE... FUCKING... CAR…!!! NOW!!!” Demi didn’t yell, or screamed, but, even though her voice was still hoarse, it was booming through the car, she was livid. Her eyes were blazing with fire. There was only one person Simon knew being this furious, and that was his boss. Simon tried to calm her down, but was verbally shoved aside by this little blond fury. He looked at his boss and saw the anger boiling up in the man as well, but before he could do anything to take away some tension between the two hotheads. His boss barked at the driver to hold the car and ordered both him and the kid, he got to know as Ian, to get the hell in the second car.

As they were walking to the other car, he heard Ian chuckling, and as they sat down across Timo and Ian’s brother Viggo, they all looked at him like he was insane. Neither Timo, nor Viggo knew what had happened just moments before.

“You think this is funny, boy?” He looked at Ian in utmost surprise. “Arkka, won’t hold back, only because your mother is a woman...” With that, he turned to face the two others, and told them what had happened in the other car. To his mere surprise, Viggo started to grin as well.

“Ohhh, fuck! I feel sorry for Arkka” Simon and Timo were completely stunned by the reaction of the two boys.

Viggo saw the look on the faces of the two men sitting across of him. He couldn’t blame them, he knew Arkka was a cold-hearted asshole, he’d seen the man torture and kill that Spaniard. On the other hand, he'd also seen Arkka's reaction when he heard the Spaniard telling them about his kill order. Even though Arkka was a difficult man to read, he had definitely seen the man's expression change. His actions in the plane also strengthened his belief, Arkka wouldn’t hurt his mother. Besides, he knew what his mother was like, when she was livid. But trying to explain this to the men, was probably useless, they wouldn't believe him, and he wasn't sure if Arkka would appreciate it if he shared this kind of information.

Arkka bent over to the driver, to close the window between the front seats and back, he then turned around to Demi, who looked just as livid as he did. But before he could even say a word, she started to yell at him. He felt his anger grow until he couldn’t hold it inside any more, and before he could hold himself back, his hand shot forward and took her face in an iron grip. He saw her eyes flinch from the pain he caused her, and the anger in her eyes made place for fear. But that didn’t last long, her fear changed back in to anger again, and she grabbed the hand he held her face with, and dug her nails in his hand. “Let go of my face, you cheating piece of shit!” She hissed between clenched teeth. This time, he did have the urge to hit her. He pulled her face so close to his, their noses almost touched.

“You... know... nothing...!! Don’t ever..., EVER..., insult me in front of my men... You got that...?” He growled at her. But instead of backing down, she dug her nails even deeper in his hand.

“I don’t care, what your excuse is! You’re married, and you didn’t even bother to tell me...! Tell me, is there a mistress around as well, huh...? What am I, moron number 10?” Feeling tears welling up in her eyes, from both pain and anger, she tried to wipe them away with her other hand, but his hand was in the way, holding her face in an iron grasp. She felt his hand trembling with contained rage, his other hand clenched into a fist, and eyes burning with anger. Although Demi was furious with him, at this moment she feared him, looking this aggressive. Then, without a word, he pushed her back and released her face.

Arkka was still furious with her. He grabbed his phone and called Simon, he wanted all of them gone the next couple of hours. Simon and Timo just had to babysit her two boys, whether they liked it or not, he needed some time alone with Demi to get a few things clear with her.

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