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"Hey mom, I'll be there in 5 minutes." Ian texted her back. Demi cursed out loud for freaking out like that. She looked around if there was anybody who heard her, luckily nobody was there. Had it been half an hour later, the corridor would have been flooded with people. Demi sighed, pressed the button for the elevator and waited.

The stadium wasn't very big, but it had 4 floors. The basement, where supplies were stocked, dressing rooms and the first aid basic place. Then you had the ground floor where you could find the checkouts, toilets, security, elevators, snack stands, the gates to the field pitches and the stairs to the other two floors. The second floor was mainly snack stands, toilets and gates to the seats.

The third floor was the VIP floor. You could only get there with the elevator on the south side, which required a special pass. Here you would find the VIP rooms, security and sound/recording studio. There was also a small room, not much bigger than a closet, reserved for first aid. That was where Demi was heading. The stadium had recently been refurbished. There was still construction material lying everywhere. Nevertheless, it looked a lot more modern than it did a couple of months before. Instead of the dark brown wooden panelling, the walls had now a light green greyish plaster layer. They replaced the wall lamps with industrial looking hanging bulbs, and the carpet was gone. Now it had a dark grey cast floor. It looked pretty good, Demi thought. Not that she came here a lot.

Usually first aid wasn't needed here. And if there was need of first aid, they would be called for. The only reason she was here was because Brian had managed to convince his superiors that the group that would attend tonight, at one of the VIP rooms, probably needed somebody who knew first aid at the end of the evening. It was incredibly sweet of him to take care of this for them, so Ian could enjoy the show. Brian knew that if he needed her help downstairs, she'd be there immediately.

Meanwhile, at one of the VIP rooms, Arkka entered with three of his men and his son Jari. Arkka was a Finnish arms dealer, known for his ruthlessness in both business as in private matters. The rumour had it, he'd broken the neck of his wife's lover with his bare hands. Nobody really knew, for everyone close to him kept their lips sealed about practically everything. Arkka knew exactly how to keep the loyalty of his men. Not just by money or threats, but by knowing what made them tick and giving them the freedom to do a given job their own way. Most of them worked clean and quick, but of them were a little to "enthusiastic" for his likings, but he rarely blamed them for that, as long as they got the job done and couldn't be traced back to him.

Tonight he had to convince another arms' dealer, from Portugal, to stay out of his business with the North Koreans. He already had a little "conversation" with the man's second in command. But the Portuguese bastard wasn't a wonderful listener, so he had set up this meeting to make the man listen, whether he wanted it or not.

Arkka brought Jari along, his 22-year-old son. Jari's mother, Elli, had managed to keep Arkka from pulling Jari into his father's criminal business, but that was about to change if it were up to him.

He'd reached the respectable age of 56, and in his line of business he was ready for retirement. Not that his idea of retirement was lounging at the pool, nah, there were a lot of rotten apples to be taken care of. Paedophiles for example, especially the rich ones.

Ohhh, he wasn't a nice man, by no means at all. A criminal, a killer, that's what people would certainly call him, a psychopath..., for lack of a better word. He had no problem, killing people, neither men, nor women for that matter. So, if he could get Juri to take over the "Family business", he could go and do his thing. Problem was, he wasn't sure if his son would ever be tough enough for this business. Jari had the brains, no doubt about that, but he was far too soft-hearted.

"Boanoite señor, Jokinen," the Portuguese bastard greeted him and brought him back to the here and now, as they walked in to the VIP room.

"It is good to finally we finally." The man said, with a big smile on his face, like they were long time friends.

" I just wished the circumstances were a little different," the man smirked. "Can I offer you, and your men, a drink?"

Instead of answering his question, Arkka walked up to a big leather, standing in front of the massive window that gave a perfect view at the stage in the middle of the stadium.

"Maybe after our little conversation, Almeida." He finally answered, and sat down at the chair, slowly turning to face the Portuguese.

Two doors down the small hallway, Demi made her way to the first aid room and unlocked the door. It was small, but had a good view at the stage and the window could be opened very wide, so Ian could see and hear the band play even though there were speakers in the room.

"Honey I'm home!" Ian walked into the room with a huge smirk on his face.

"Looks like somebody had the time of his life?!" Demi said, looking at her son's bright smile.

"It really was Schneider, mom! It really was him!!!" Ian yelled, he was beyond himself! He had met one of his hero's. Demi couldn't imagine there would be anything in this world that could compare to that, at least not to a 15-year-old boy.

"Did you get his autograph?" Demi asked.

"HELL YEAH!!" Ian said.

"Look!" Immediately jerking off his pants, and showing his mother the back of his boxer. And there, on his ass, Schneider signed his underwear. Demi couldn't do anything but laugh her ass of when she saw this. This evening couldn't get any better, Demi thought to herself. Little did she know what was about to go down two doors further up the hall.
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