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Although Demi didn’t understand a word he said on the phone, when she saw the two other cars bending off in another direction, it was obvious they wouldn’t be joining the others. She looked at the tall man sitting next to her, his eyes were still full of anger and his jaw clenched. She felt her own anger slipping away. It hadn’t fair of her, getting so furious with him, but the moment she was furious, she couldn’t control herself and was like a rabid bull, unstoppable. To be honest, she had been married as well when they had their “intimate” moment. Not telling her about his wife, may have slipped his mind, after all, it had been incredibly hectic. For what she’d understood, he and his wife weren’t on wonderful terms, at least not right now…

Before she had the time to apologize, the car stopped in front of a beautifully renovated building.

“Out…” Arkka wasn’t in the mood to ask her friendly, he grabbed Demi by the arm, and almost dragged her out of the car. He couldn’t care less if anyone could see.

“Calm down, will you? You’re almost breaking my arm!” It took Demi a bit of effort to get out of the car decently, rather than being pulled over the backseat. But Arkka didn’t respond to her comment at all, and once she got out of the car, he pulled her roughly into the building.

It wasn’t until they were in the elevator, he finally let go of her arm.

This will surely leave one hell of a bruise. Demi thought to herself, rubbing the sore spot on her upper arm.

When the elevator stopped at a large, classic-looking reception hall with a dark marble floor and white, walls, and the doors opened, Arkka got out, without waiting for Demi. In the middle of the hall was a large spiral staircase that led to the next floor. There were 3 large oak doors, the middle was a double. This was the door Arkka went through, he left the door open for Demi, to follow him. Walking to a large, industrial steel cabinet, he opened a door, grabbed a bottle of cognac and poured himself a good glass of it. He heard Demi come in, closing the door behind her.

“I’m sorry, Arkka…, for the yelling and accusations.” This wasn’t something he saw coming, and he turned around to face her, trying hard not to show his surprise. It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard apologies before. A lot of people apologized when their lives were on stake. They got on their knees and begged to accept their hones apologies. He never cared, hell, it was rather annoying. But Demi’s apology, was different, it was sincere. Not pathetic, or submissive, no, it was clear and genuine.

He turned around slowly and looked at her with his grey eyes. Usually they were cold and void from emotions, but slowly she began to see the small differences in his gaze, and at this moment she saw a hint of amazement, flashing through his eyes. It was gone in a flash, but it had been there all right.

Looking in her eyes, searching for any form of deception, he walked up to her. As he stood in front of her, he found himself towering over her. She was really short, he thought to himself, but her fierce behaviour more than compensated for that. His anger, though, hadn’t quite subsided yet, and while he was holding his glass of cognac, he grabbed her chin and bent forward, so their noses almost touched.

“At this moment, I couldn't care less about your apologies. This is the second time you disrespect me in front of my men!” He growled.

“Disrespect you for the second time? What the hell are you talking about?” Demi felt her anger resurface.

“I never disrespected you in front of your men, besides, who do you think you are, The godfather?! Disrespect…, my ass!” His hand grabbed her chin even more tightly, to the point where it became pretty painful. Although he hurt her, she didn’t give in an inch, on the contrary, she only became more belligerent. If Arkka thought he was dealing with a weakling, he was wrong!

“Me ragging on you in the car, you call that disrespect? If I'd hit you, called you a loser, a weakling, or whatsoever…, that would be disrespectful! Calling you a lying bastard was a true statement!! And I only apologized because, when we had sex during my kidnapping, I cheated, too!” Her eyes were blazing.

The cognac glass shattered on to the floor, when he threw it aside. With his hand firmly grabbing her face, he pushed her back against a wall with full force, not caring whether he hurt her or not.

“God…, I’d like to hurt you so bad right now!” His face was inches away from hers, he had her standing on her tiptoe’s. Her hands were around his wrist, her nails, again, pressed deep into his skin. Her body was wiggling to get away from his iron grasp, and although he was furious, her temper, and the feeling of her body moving against his, turned him on badly. And without thinking twice, he pressed his lips hard on hers, only this time Demi wasn’t so willing, she bit him hard on his lower lip. Arkka growled, that fucking hurt! He pulled his head back, and released her chin, only to take a firm hold on the back of her neck.

“Don’t, fucking bite me!” He growled, and before Demi could respond, he pressed his mouth on hers again, slipping his tongue inside hers. Before she could sink her teeth into his tongue, he pushed one of his knees between her legs and moved the hand he had on her neck to her ass. With both hands firmly holding her behind, he hoists her up, and wrapped her legs around his waist. This sudden move, made Demi grasp for air, allowing his tongue easy access. His dominant behaviour really turned her on. Having her legs around his waist, she could clearly feel that he was also quite excited, although she didn’t want to give in, she couldn’t help but kiss him back roughly. She grabbed his head, to deepen the kiss. Because his body pressed hers firmly against the wall, he was able to use one of his hands to slide underneath her shirt and grasp one of her breasts.

But before they could go any further, the door flew open, and a woman marched in.

“Arkady- kulta. Olen yrittänyt tavoittaa sinua muutaman päivän.”

Arkady, darling. I’ve been trying to reach you for a few days. She walked up to them, and only as she came close, she noticed Demi.

“Is this your latest catch? She’s a bit plain… I thought you were more into the glamour kitten?”

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