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Like he’d been bitten by a snake, Arkka let go of Demi, turned around and strode towards the woman. He lashed out, and grabbed her by the throat.

Before both women realized what happened, he threw her on the ground, one hand around her throat, pinning her down to the ground with his knee on her chest.


This was the first time Demi saw the other, terrifying, side off Arkka. A couple of minutes before he had been angry with her, it had scared her a little, but now…, seeing him like this, scared the shit out of her.

The anger he felt before, was nothing compared with the rage he felt right now. Where did she get the guts to come in uninvited and especially to ridicule Demi?

Seeing the rage on his face, his hand squeezing the woman’s throat, Demi knew she had to do something.

“Arkka…, Arkka calm down…, please…” Carefully, Demi walked up to them, not sure if he would lash out to her as well.

“STAY… OUT… OF… IT…!” He didn’t look at her, when she crouched down next to him. His eyes were focussing on the woman he was strangling.

Gathering all of her courage, Demi touched his arm.

“Let her go, Arkka, you’re killing her!” Her plea grew louder.

Without taking his eyes away from Elli, he grabbed Demi’s wrist roughly with his free hand.


Without turning his head, his eyes shifted from Elli to Demi, she saw the rage and swallowed hard, he was really hurting her.

“You’re hurting me…” Her voice, still hoarse from the attack, was not more than a whisper, but it brought him back to reality.

Arkka let go of her wrist, then turned his eyes back to look at his suffocating wife again, and drew his hand away from her throat.

With his body still tense from all the boiling rage, he slowly got up. He turned around to face Demi, her face was pale, and her eyes were enlarged, fear was clearly visible in her eyes.

“I told you before, I’m not a nice man, Demi…” Seeing the fear in her eyes, made his guts churn, but this was who he really was, a dangerous and nasty asshole. He knew this could go two ways, she either accepted him for what and who he was, or she would run away, never to look back.

Looking at the man standing in front of her, Demi swallowed, again. He scared the hell out of her, and, yeah, his firm grip had nearly crushed her wrist, although she knew, his anger wasn’t meant for her, he really frighted her, even though, he immediately released her, when she told him he was hurting her.

She heard the woman on the floor coughing and gasping for breath, but couldn’t bring herself to pay her any attention at this moment. Her focus was on Arkka, could she trust him, never to hurt her and the boys?

He saw the doubt and fear in her eyes.

She was going to go, no doubt about that, he'd frightened her so much with his rage. The years should have made him milder, less hot-tempered, in his case though, this was not the case, and that's what cost him the love of his life.

Then, against all odds, she raised her hand, he braced himself for a slap in the face, and cupped his face, her thump stroking his lower lip.

“I know…” Two simple words.

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