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Slowly his anger subsided, she was giving him a chance. Now it would be all up to him, not to mess it up, but that was easier said than done, with his temper.

Arkka inhaled deep, then turned to the woman on the floor.

“Get up!”

Hearing his voice, made Elli crawl back a little, away from him. He’d been violent towards her before, but never to this extent. Elli knew she was lucky, this strange woman had such an influence on her husband, otherwise she wouldn’t be alive right now.

“I said, get up!” His patience with her, had gone years ago.

She scrambled to her feet as quickly as possible, making sure not to get too close to him.

Arkka saw she was shaking, probably from fear as well as booze, he could smell it even from this distance, he wouldn’t be surprised if she used cocaine as well.

She used to be beautiful, Arkka thought, but nowadays, she just looked old and wilted, despite all the cosmetic procedures she had undergone, hell..., maybe precisely because of that...

“What do you want, Elli?” Looking at her.

That moment he made up his mind. Whatever happened to her, or whomever she would talk to, tomorrow he was going to file for divorce, Demi gave him a chance, and he wasn’t going to blow it because of his, soon to be, ex-wife.

“I need money.” Her voice trembled. “I’ve incurred a lot of debt, and now they want their money back, which I don’t have... Please, Arkady, I need help, I will do whatever you want...”

He looked at her, not able to hide his disgust any more.

“You’re telling me, your monthly allowance of 12,000 euro isn’t enough? You’re kidding me, right?”

Demi couldn’t hide her surprise, and burst into laughter. Both Arkka and Elli, turned their heads towards her.

“I’m sorry, I’ll leave you two. Where’s can I find toilet?” It took a few seconds for Arkka to answer, he wasn’t sure what to think of her reaction.

“Main hall, left door.” He finally said.

As quickly as possible, Demi made her get away.

When she was done, Demi waited in the large toilet room, until she heard Elli’s high heels clicking on the marble in the hall, making their way up to the elevator. When she finally heard the elevator going down, she got out and made her way back to Arkka.

He was standing in front of a large window, when she came back inside, turned around and walked up to her.

“That was a joke, right, 12,000 euros a month?” She asked him, he saw the disbelief on her face.

“No...” Just the simplicity of that one word, made Demi burst into laughter again.

“Who the hell needs 12,000 a month and still gets into debt? You realize, I have to work at least 5 months to earn that kind of money?”

This was totally beyond her, and the only thing she could do was to look sheepishly at Arkka. Who, in turn, did not expect this reaction at all, sure he knew 12,000 euros was no small change, but her stunned reaction surprised him anyway.

All the women, as well as the men he knew, were the same. Money was made to be spent, one way or another. Cars, houses, drugs, surgery, you name it. But now, as Demi noted, he realized that the world he lived in was pretty fucked up and materialistic. All of them, including him, had lost touch with reality.

“I’m sorry, it’s none of my business, it just surprised me, that’s all.” Demi knew it wasn’t her place to criticize their agreement.

To be honest, she hardly didn’t know anything about the man standing in front of her. She wasn’t even sure any more if his name was Arkka to be honest, his wife called him Arkady, right?

Arkka, just looked at her, her eyes showed all kinds of emotions. If he wanted her to trust him, he had a lot of explaining to do, but not right now. Now, the first thing he wanted to do, was to finish what they’d started before Elli came marching in.

Arkka walked up to her, and reached out for her hand. He took the wrist, he almost broke, and saw the redness. This would definitely turn blue. He brought her wrist to his lips and gently kissed it, surprising Demi with this gentle gesture.

“I’m sorry...” His words made her speechless. Arkka, saying sorry? Where had she missed something?

He saw her stunned face, and grinned.

“Didn’t expect to hear me say that, did you?” Demi just shook her head, still perplexed.

“Where were we?” and took another step towards her, so their bodies were only a mere inches apart.

His grey eyes were not watchful or cold, but waiting, she realized he was waiting for her to make the first move.

Slowly she brought her free hand, to his chest and slowly slid upwards, until she came to his jaw. Feeling the stubble under her fingers, she continued, teasingly slow, to the back of his neck and pulled his head towards her.

Their lips found one another, and started to kiss, very light and gentle. Gradually, their kiss deepened, and they both let their hands slowly roaming each other’s body.

Arkka pushed her back, step by step, until they reached the desk, that was close to the big window, he had been standing in front of, when she came back in, after she visited the toilet. He wanted her to sit on it, so she could wrap her legs around him and finally do to her, what he had been trying to get out of his head for all these months.

As Demi slips her hands under his shirt, Arkka unzipped her pants and tried to pull them over her hips, which wasn’t an easy thing to do with those damned skinny jeans. After a few attempts, though, during which Demi could not fail to laugh, he finally got it done, and the pants dropped, along with her briefs to her ankles, so Demi was able to kick the remnants to the side.

With both hands, he grabbed her hips, and put her on the edge of the table. His thumbs teasingly slid forward between her groin and began to caress her lips, slipping further until they regularly touched her clit.

Meanwhile, Demi’s hands were in the process of loosening his belt and pants. Fortunately, this went without much effort, and when she was done, she let one of her hands slide inside his pants and pulled out his swollen cock.

With one strike of his hand, Arkka emptied the table behind her, and pushed her on to her back, challenging Demi to guide his cock inside her, herself.

Although Demi, initially wanted to tease him a little, the feeling of his dick against her core, aroused her so much, she hooked both her heels one after the other, pushing him deep inside her with a thrust.

Arkka could not suppress a grin, and kissed her hard on her mouth. He grabbed both her hands and fixated them, above her head with 1 hand, his other gripped her hip firmly in order to control both their rhythm.

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