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Instead of trusting hard, like he wanted to do, and knew Demi liked it, he rocked his body teasingly slow. It took him a lot of effort to hold back. He wanted so badly to let go of all the frustrations of the past few months, in which he thought he would never see her again, on her body.

The only thing that stopped him was her expectant face, the look in her eyes that seemed to force him to hurry. He wanted to enjoy that look on her face a lot longer, to long for him as much as he did for her, and to see her cum hard. Basically, he wanted to enjoy her body as long as he could, she felt so warm, so willing.

Although he was the one holding her pinned down, Demi had her legs firmly wrapped around his waist, and became frustrated with his slow rhythm, she knew he was teasing her and was fighting to give in to his own eagerness.

She arched her back, so her pelvis was pushed closer to him and her heels slit a little lower on his ass. This way, she was able to regain more control, and started to push his hips against her body faster.

Because her heels forced him to move faster, Arkka wasn’t able to hold back on his own desire any longer, and he surrendered to his lust. His grip on her hip and hands tightened, and he rammed into her without holding back. Her back curved even more, her mouth screamed soundlessly, and her body squirmed, he saw tears running down her cheeks. The muscles in her grabbed his cock tightly, and he felt her orgasm pull through her whole body, his own body followed within seconds.

The trembling of his arms made him succumb on top of her, slumping down on her with his full weight.

Two warm hands gently grabbed his face, she gently pulled his forehead against hers.

Demi had to laugh a little. His jagged breathing and pounding heart gave her a small, victorious feeling. Arkka was always the one in charge, now she’d been the one who, temporarily of course, had taken control, and he hadn’t resisted. Her smile grew a little more.

With his hands on both sides of her head, he pushed himself up slightly, so he could see her face. He saw the grin on her face, and his own smirk appeared.

“Don’t get too cocky, sweetheart, this time I let you take control. So enjoy it, now it’s still possible, it won’t be happening any more, anywhere soon.” The smirk became a little more devilish.

Now he admitted, she was in control for at least a short time, Demi pulled his head back to her and kissed him hard, her hands wrapped tightly around his face, her legs still firmly clutched around his hips, reminiscing his closeness.

Meanwhile, downtown, Simon had taken the two boys to Stockmann, a large shopping mall. First they had to get the boys some clothes, and all the necessary basics, maybe even an Xbox for the youngest one.

While shopping, Simon shook his head, trying to fully understand what was going on.

Arkka had never, ever sent him out to babysit, this was the weirdest thing his boss had ever done. To be honest, that little lady was quite something, if she was able to make his boss tick like that.

Although, Simon wasn’t pleased to babysit her two boys, her fierce attitude toward Arkka, was refreshing, and he couldn’t deny he felt a little admiration towards her. You needed to have some balls to go up against his boss, he was curious about her

Ian was walking close to him, the boy had a calm and relaxed appearance, the complete opposite of his brother.

Simon had long since noticed Viggo was a hothead, probably just like his mother. He also noticed Timo, regularly, laid his eye on the oldest lad. Timo was gay, he knew that, and he personally had no problem with this, but he needed to have a conversation with him about Viggo, Simon wasn’t so sure if Arkka would be happy about it.

The kid reminded him of his boss, and if he thought so, well, then probably Arkka saw it to, and his boss still wanted an heir.

After Jari’s death, Arkka had alluded to take over, a few times, but Simon had no need to take over his boss’s business. As a second man, fine, but not being the boss yourself.

That job was far too tiring and demanding, for his likings.

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