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The days and weeks that followed, were tough on everyone. Demi had to contact Rik, her ex-husband, to tell them that she and the boys were going to live in Finland temporarily, logically this was not without problems.

Although Rik was busy with his new family, after their divorce, he now stood up and demanded that the boys return to Britain, threatening with a lawsuit.

Even though he had no parental authority over Viggo any more, the boy was of legal age, Ian was still a minor, and Rik wanted to assert his parental authority, much to Viggo and Ian’s chagrin. What their mother couldn’t accomplish, they both did, they threatened to destroy his new life and that of his new family if he continued to harass their mother.

Rik knew his oldest wouldn’t hesitate to do so, and after and after a very intense video conversation with both boys, he finally gave in but demanded both boys would be with him at least during the holidays.

This also meant that Demi had to look for a school for Ian, luckily there was an international school in Helsinki where, after some persuasion and a large donation from Arkka, he could go to.

Viggo was a different story, he didn’t feel like studying any more, the world of Arkka really attracted him, and although Arkka liked the idea of having Viggo as his successor, this was absolutely not the case for Demi, she didn’t want her son to get involved in his criminal world, and despite all of Viggo’s pleas, Demi persisted and wouldn’t hear of it. Out of sheer frustration, Viggo secretly enlisted in the British Army and left.

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