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"I've been doing business with the North Koreans for more than 10 years," He said.

"And I'm not going to stop with my business because you, allegedly, can provide them with weapons, one third of the price." Arkka's face stayed emotionless, but inside he was losing his temper, seeing the smirk on Almeida's face getting bigger.

"I already gave you a warning," Arkka said. "But you don't seem to take it very serious, do you?" He added.

"Meu querido senhor Jokinen," Almeida replied.

"Give me one good reason why I should listen to an old man, who thinks I'm quivering and stay hidden in my house, just because he chopped of my right hand's head? I have more men I can rely on. Does a hydra die, when you chop off one of it's heads? Of course not! My dear Arkka, it just grows back a double head." Now Almeida was laughing out loud.

Arkka's face remained emotionless. He had already anticipated such a reaction from the tosser. Therefore, he'd taken some precautions.

4 of his men shadowing Almeida's wife, Sofia and their daughter, Carolina. At his signal, they would set off a series of explosives inside the house. Arkka already knew how many guards would be there to protect the women and child.

Almeida didn't know that Arkka had been planning this, for months, and had already planted a few cameras that would show the bastard's family and could also be used as an explosive.

"I know you don't give a shit about your men," Arkka said.

"But I doubt you would want anything happening to your lovely family." Arkka said. "Jari, could you please hand mister Almeida the iPad." Jari handed the Portuguese his IPad, which already was showing the inside of Almeida's living room.

"I've taken the liberty to install a few devices at your house that will be detonated at my command." He said, took his phone out of his pocked, and send a message to one of his men. He watched the face of his opponent for any reaction, but to his surprise, the man just looked at the screen like it showed an image of a puppy. His face softened a little as he was watching his little girl play. Arkka new Almeida must have noticed there was an explosion at his house, but the man didn't even blink an eye, he just handed the IPad back to Jari, but then, with a swift move, Almeida suddenly pulled out a gun from underneath his blue jacked and pointed it on the right side of Jari's head.

"I love my wife and daughter, really, I do," he said, looking straight into Arkka's eyes. "But I would never let them be my weak spot. That's the difference between you and me, my dear Arkka, and before anyone could react, he pulled the trigger, forcing Jari's head to collapse to the side, leaving a massive hole on the left side of his head.

Arkka watched it all happening in slow motion, unable to move. The second he was able to move again, he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head. One of Almeida's man had managed to sneak up behind him when his son was shot.

Only because of the years of living the life he did and the physical pain he endured, he was able to stay conscious and react immediately to the threat behind him. His three men, remaining at the entrance of the room, ducked away for shelter as Almeida's men started firing their guns.

Down the hall, Demi and Ian were watching the field below them getting more crowded by the minute when they heard the loud shots coming from their floor. There were people shouting and screaming frantically.

Slowly, Demi moved to the door and crouched in the doorway to take a sneak peek. But all she saw where people coming out of the other VIP rooms. Everybody was trying to find out what was going on. She saw security men coming around the corner of her left side, where the elevators were, that same moment she heard a gigantic bang. A huge ball of dust and debris came from a room, two doors further.

Two of the big men she'd seen earlier at the elevator, flew straight into the opposite wall of the small hallway due to the blast, and moments later another one. She had to close her eyes for a brief moment, of a cloud of dust reached her.

The moment she opened her eyes again, she saw a slender, dark haired man sprinting out of the room followed by a hail of bullets, fired from inside the room. She saw that he had a gun in his hand, aiming at her, and before she could even react to it, the man had already fired it.

Demi expected to feel pain from the bullets entering her body, but there was nothing. She hadn't noticed there were security guards behind her, the man wasn't aiming at her, but at them. He rushed past her, three other dark haired men following close behind. As he was passing her, he was looking directly at her with a devilish grin.

Another explosion boomed through the hallway, this one came from the security room. Loud screams of pain entered her brain and she immediately wanted to react, only to realize Ian was still with her.

She turned around and saw him hoovering over her back, trying to see what was happening in the hallway.

"Ian, get back. I'm going out to see if I can help somebody. You stay inside and lock the door, do you understand?" Demi tried to sound confident, although she's scared as hell. He didn't respond immediately.

"IAN!" Demi, yelled. "Do you hear me?!" Ian looked at his mum and nodded.

"Then go inside and close the damn door...!" Finally, Ian stepped back, giving her the space to get up and for him to close the door behind her.

"Be careful, mum." Ian says, before he closed the door.

Getting down in a crouching position again, Demi takes a good look around, seeing several bodies lying everywhere. On the right side of her, she hears a man moan. It's one of the bouncers from before.

Carefully, she crawls up to him and sees he has a massive head injury. Demi looks around to see if there's something that she could use to press against his head wound, but she can't find anything, and decides to take off the tank top she's wearing underneath her sweater.

Luckily, her sweater is big enough to take off her tank top, underneath. When she was done, the guy already lost consciousness, this meant he couldn't help pressing the shirt against his head. The only thing she could do was to lay him onto his left side, so his head would rest on the ground with her shirt firmly pressed against his wound.

After she was done, she moved to sit up straight, in order to see if anybody else was in need of help, when her head was painfully yanked backwards by her hair. She screamed out in pain and terror.

"Shut the fuck up!" A harsh voice sounded right behind her. Demi looked at the man hoovering above her, holding her hair in a tight grip, his face just inches away from hers. It was the bald man from before. Blood was running down his face from several wounds in his face and scalp. He released her hair, but firmly grabbed her by the back of her neck instead, and hoisted her to her feet.

"Let's go." His voice had a thick foreign accent. "If you don't make a scene, and do as I tell you, you might get out of this alive." He said, already dragging her to the emergency stairs.
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