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Arkka saw the woman bending over one of his men, to tent to the wound on his head. His vision was still blurry from the blow to the back of his head and the two explosions that went off several minutes in a row. Looking at the place where his son was lying in a pool of blood and brain mass, his blood ran cold. This was never supposed to happened, he had been tricked before, but never to this extent.

He wasn't expecting a man that didn't care whether his family was killed or not. Sure, he was a cold-hearted asshole too, but not as cold as this Portuguese son of a bitch. Almeida was going to pay dearly for this, one way or another.

As he was looking around, he saw Marko, one of his most trusted men, torn to pieces by the explosions. Only by the colour of his jacked, he was able to recognize him. The man's body had multiple gaps, his left arm was torn of by the shoulder. His left eye hung out of its socked and his right hand was missing, so were both of his legs. He'd been standing right in front of one off the explosives. Arkka knew he had to get out of here as quickly as possible before some wise guy would figure out who he was. That meant he had to take an innocent woman hostage.

Trying not to make a sound, he sneaked up to the blond woman, which wasn't an easy task, due to of all the glass and debris lying around. But she was far to busy taking care of his man to notice him. When he got a good grip on her short hair and yanked her head backwards, he saw the dread in her eyes, realizing she wasn't the only one still alive. Arkka, yanked her up by her hair.

"Shut the fuck up!" He told her when she screamed out of pain, and dragged her to the emergency stairs.

Demi almost stumbled several times when they headed downstairs, and if it wasn't for the man holding her up by her neck, she surely would have fallen.

As they were heading down, she could hear alarms going off and the screams of frightened people coming from both the first and ground floor.

After a couple of minutes they reached the ground floor, and Demi saw people running around towards the exits, not caring if they walked over each other. The man still held a firm grip on her neck, pushing her through the frightened crowd of people until they reached one of the main gates. It was the same gate she came in, because she saw Ryans substitute, standing behind one of the counters.

But as they approached the exit, Brian came into sight. He saw her and called her name. Before she was able to answer, the hand on her neck was gripping her even more tight. Demi saw Brian trying to get closer to, her through the crowd of people. But moments before he reached her, she heard a shot and saw her best friend go down in the crowd. The man that replaced Ryan at the gate, took a shot at Brian. Unable to see if he was dead or just injured, Demi started to scream, the only thing she could see was Brian flying backwards by the impact of the bullet.

The crowd heard the shot, and wend completely insane, people were pushing each other away, not caring if the other would fall to the ground and got trampled on, she heard screams of pain and sheer fear.

Somehow the man, holding her by the neck, managed to stay upright and keep her steady on her feet as well. Miraculously, they made their way out without getting hurt.

"Where's your car?" He asked, as they made their way over to the car park. She pointed in the direction where her car was, too shaken up by what she just had seen happening in front of her, to answer.

Arkka kept a firm grip on the little female's neck. Although she had a round figure, at least as far he could see through the baggy clothes she was wearing, her head and neck were small and slender. It didn't take much effort to keep a good grip on her. Strangely, it turned him on. He cursed to himself for having even this kind of feelings at this moment. His son had just been murdered by some asshole, just like his men, and he was getting turned on while holding a complete strangers' neck. Probably due to the head injury, he muttered to himself.

When they finally reached her car, he got a glimpse of his face in one of the car windows. Realizing he was lucky the woman hadn't freaked out just by looking at him. His face looked like he had a massive fight with a wild cat and afterwards rolled his face in glass. Pieces of glass were sticking out of most of the wounds, the blood had stopped running but had dried up on his face and clothes, giving him a homicidal appearance.

"You, get in the driver's seat." He ordered her, while he, himself, took place behind her in the back. "Start driving." Demi wanted to take the car keys from her pocked, but felt his fingers press firmly in her neck, to warn her not to anything stupid. She started the car and drove out of the car park, not knowing if she would ever see her sons again.
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