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They drove silently for a while, both of them stuck in their own thoughts.

Arkka still tried to figure out how he could have missed the Portuguese's stone-cold personality. He was a cold killer himself, he had often met maniacs, and most of them, at least in his kind of business, didn't have a family. As a father he could never have let his son get hurt, his own blood, neither did most of the criminals with families he knew. Almeida didn't care about anything but himself.

Suddenly, Arkka found himself breathing in a warm, spicy but sweet scent. He leant a little to the seat in front of him, only to become fully aware that this scent came from the woman in front of him. Surprised by his own actions, he pulled himself back, finding himself wanting to put his nose in the crook of her neck to breath in her warm scent.

What the fuck was going on with him? He'd never been this way before, it freaked him out a bit. He looked in the rear mirror to get a glimpse of her face. It was the same women that stood in front of the elevator this evening, before the whole thing went wrong. He remembered her, because he noticed she had a kind face with beautiful eyes, and he was curious how old she would be. She looked young, in her thirties, but there was something about her that said she was older.

Looking at her face, he kept wondering. It wasn't that she was particularly beautiful, neither did she have any special features, and yet there was something about her, he couldn't pinpoint what it was. He saw that she was looking back at him through the rear mirror.

"Where do you want me to go? Are you going to kill me?" He didn't hear her last question.

"Just keep on driving." He saw a flickering in her eyes, but couldn't make out if it was out of fear or confusion. They were driving on a small road between two villages, when suddenly she swung the steering wheel to the side, got off the main road and drove into a secluded country road.

What the hell was she doing? Arkka was taken by surprise by the woman's sudden action. A couple of miles back, he had taken his hand of her neck. Therefore, she was able to get out of the car before he could react.

Arkka threw the car door open to chase after her. But she just stood there, next to the car. He saw that her legs were shaking, and she looked at him with big eyes.

"Are you going to kill me? Because if you will, then do it now!" She shouted at him. "I don't want to go on driving to god knows where and not knowing whether you're going to kill me or not!" Her voice was laced with fear.

Although her words caught him by surprise, Arkka stepped up to her and grabbed her by the throat, and yanked her face towards his, so their noses almost touched.

"Do as I tell you, and you might live to see another day." He growls to her. But to his utter surprise, she didn't give in. "No! Are you going to kill me?!" Her voice, laced with fear, was stuttering. He felt her legs tremble and tears were pooling up in her eyes, but she didn't back down this time either, although he knew she had to be scared as hell.

Arkka couldn't do anything, but admire the little woman's courage. She probably wasn't even taller than 5.5 ft, and now standing so close to her, he could see she was probably somewhere in her forties. But had nice features. Her eyes were a greyish green, her lips were full but not too much, she had a few freckles on her nose. She was cute, scared of him and yet feisty, that turned him on.

Standing so close to her, feeling her body pressed between the car and him, Arkka felt something in his pants come to life.

"No... I'm not going to kill you." He told her, creating a space between them. "But for now I'm keeping you close, until I get a chance to get out of this county. After that, you're free to go, got that?" He looked at her and saw her nod.

The moment he told her to keep on driving, Demi knew she had to do something. She couldn't just sit and drive and not know if she would ever her kids again. Although she was scared as hell, her mind was made up, and the moment she saw that small country road, she acted. The moment she got out of the car she felt the man behind her act, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of her.

She felt her legs tremble frantically, and she was afraid her bladder was going empty in her pants that same instant, but with all the strength she could muster, Demi asked him if he was going to kill her. To her surprise, she saw a flash of confusion in his eyes, but it was gone the next moment. He grabbed her by the throat and yanked her face close to his, she asked him the same question again and when he gave her an evasive answer, she didn't give in, but asked the same question again.

She saw various emotions flashing through his eyes. He stayed quiet for a while, and the only thing Demi was aware of was his hand on her throat and his body pressed to hers. The moment he answered her, he pushed his body away from her, but not fast enough. Demi noticed the change in his pants. Although she terrified of him, this surprises her, it also gave her a swirling feeling in her lower abdomen, something she hadn't felt for a very long time.

After they got back in the car, Arkka took Demi's phone and called Simon. Simon was one of the three men he trusted and relied on, two..., now Marco was killed. He assumed that Simon had already heard the news and was waiting for Arkka to contact him.

It didn't take long for Simon to answer the unknown number.

"Joo? Oletko se pomo?"

Is this you boss? Simon asked.

"Joo, Saitko mitä tapahtui?"

Did you hear what happened? He asked Simon.

Simon had, and he had already taken a number of measures to provide Arkka with a hideout for the next couple of days. They both knew that it would be a matter of time before the police would find out that Arkka was one of Europe's most wanted arms dealers, and that he had got away with a hostage.

If they already hadn't.... What a fucking mess I've gotten myself into. Arkka thought to himself.
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