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After he finished his phone call, Arkka gave Demi back phone, so she could use it as a roadmap. He had already turned on the GPS and inserted the address, he wanted her to drive to.

Demi wondered where the man came from, she hadn't understood a word he had said when he was on the phone, the language was so foreign to her, she had no clue. She decided to ask him later, after they arrived at the address, hoping it wasn't a long drive, she needed to pee very badly. To her relief, it was close, just a 10-minute drive.

Indeed, 10 minutes later, they arrived. It was a cabin at the edge of a small town. The nearest neighbours were at least 1.5 miles away. There was no way anybody would know they would be there, because the cabin lay behind a 5 feet stone wall and was surrounded with dense vegetation. Only if they would drive out of the narrow road that led up to the small bungalow, and only if somebody would pass by, at that exact moment, only then someone would know...

As soon as she put the car in front of the house and turned off the engine, the man held out his hand from behind her, in order for her to hand over the car keys. He got out of the car first, keeping his door open, probably a precaution, in case she would lock the all the doors behind him.

"Phone." He ordered.

After she handed him her phone, he took her by the arm and led her to the front door. There he knelt on one knee, and with his free hand surged for something under a ledge, next to the door. It took him a couple of second to locate the key. He got up, opened the door and stepped in first, taking a look around the small corridor in search for the light switch. After he found it, and switched on the lights, he pulled Demi in and closed the door.

"I really have to go to the bathroom." Demi told him once he had closed the door behind her. She saw him take another look around, and pulled her with him into the living room to take a look around, after he made sure nobody was inside, they went up. All this time he didn't say a word.

The first floor had one big bedroom and a huge bathroom. He took her in to the bedroom, and only then he started talking again.

"Take your pants and shoes off." He ordered her to her surprise.

"What..., why?" She asked and felt her heart starting to beat frantically.

"Because it's freezing outside, and you won't try to pull a stunt like you did earlier this evening, without pants or shoes." He said with an emotionless face. Her cheeks started to blush remembering the scene that happened a short while ago, as she was taking her shoes and pants off she heard him moving around the bedroom.

Thinking about it, it had been a bolt move she pulled.

I really wasn't thinking clear, when I did that. Demi thought to herself.

After she finished taking of her pants and shoes, she saw him standing in front a wardrobe taking out some clothes. He turned to face her again, and threw her a few things.

"Get yourself cleaned up, and put these on." He told her, walking past her and getting into the bathroom to check it out.

There was a small window, but it could only open a little, just enough to let fresh air get in. Not nearly big enough for someone to get through. It wasn't even possible to force it open because it had iron bars in front of it. The owners probably did this to prevent burglars to enter the house this way.

Demi stepped in as well and also took a good look around. The bathroom was very spacious. It had a separate shower and bathtub, a hidden toilet and a large double sink. The whole bathroom was plastered in light grey. The furniture was a mixture of white porcelain and light oak, it was modern but warm. He left the bathroom, so she could clean herself up.

"Don't lock the door, 'cause if you do, I will force my way back in, and you're not going to like what I'm going to do to you." He warned her.

Arkka closed the door behind him. He didn't make a false warning. A part of him hoped she would lock the door, the punishment that just popped up in his mind made him turned on again. God, he would love to bent her over the bed and fuck her hard from behind. He rubbed his hand over his face, what was he thinking, and muttered to himself when he remembered he had cuts and glass all over his face and head.

Looking around the bedroom, he saw a huge mirror next to the wardrobe, he walked up to it and began to remove the pieces of glass from his face. In the bathroom, he heard the woman turning on the shower. She didn't have the guts to lock the door...

After a while, he had removed most of the glass from his skin. At first, he'd tried to take out the glass with his fingernails, but that didn't work as well, so he looked around for a tweezer, which he found in a drawer of the bedside table. He almost finished removing the glass from his face when he heard the shower been turned off.

In the wardrobe he saw several ties hanging inside. He took a few of them, and placed them on the bed, chose some clean clothes for him to wear, and waited until the woman came out of the bathroom.

When she finally came out, Arkka told her to get over to the bed. She walked up to bed when she saw the ties lying there, she hesitated. She hadn't looked at him before because she was busy rolling up the sleeves of the large sweater he gave her, but now she did. But before she was able to ask what he was planning to do with them, she saw his bloody face.

He saw the shock on her face and then the realization hit him, he probably looked horrifying with his bleeding face.

Then, to his surprise, she took a step towards the bed, keeping her eyes focused on his face. Arkka turned her around, so he could tie her wrists behind her back, and made her sit down on the bed.

"Lay down, so I tie your ankles together." He told her. She did and when he tied her up, he had a good view at her legs. Because he was so close to her, he could smell her as well, and damn did she smell nice.

With his eyes he followed the curve of her legs, all the way up to the hem of her sweater which barely covered her ass. Damn, he was getting harder by the second. He had to get away from her this instant and take an ice-cold shower, or else he wasn't going to hold himself back, and he would force himself on her.

Demi looked at him while he was tying her ankles together. She noticed him looking at her legs when he was done with it, not only that, but also saw his eyes travelled upwards to her ass, feeling her southern parts growing very warm below his gaze, his jaws clenched together, he got up so abruptly, it scared her, although she did notice a big bulk in his pants.

He didn't look at her, but just disappeared into the bathroom without looking at her. A couple of minutes later, she heard the shower been turned on.
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