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When he got into the shower, Arkka made sure the water was freezing, he had to get rid of this boner. How the hell could this be happening to him, he muttered to himself. Usually it took even a gorgeous girl, half this woman's age, a while to turn him on. Heck, even when he was younger, he didn't get turned on this quick, and she turned him on without even making an effort.

The way she looked when she got out of the bathroom... not wearing make up, the blood and rubbish were washed off. Her hair was cut in a cute pixie style, wearing nothing more than that oversized sweater... He had hoped it would be a huge turn off, but it didn't, it just made him images more what she was hiding underneath.


Hell! What was he thinking. She probably just saw him as an old creep that took her, and feared for her life. He leaned his head against the wall and sighed, and stayed like that for a while, until his muscles started to become stiff from the freezing water.

He turned the temperature up a little, but not too much, he didn't' want the cuts on his face to start bleeding again. After his body had warmed up a little, he turned off the shower and dried himself. Luckily, he found clothes that would fit him. When he finished dressing, he took a look in the mirror and was relieved to see that the wounds hadn't opened up again.

Demi was lying on the bed, waiting for the man to come back in. She'd heard him mutter to himself once, and was curious why, she knew she would never find out. When he finally entered the bedroom again, she took a good look at him. He wore a black, long sleeved shirt that made his upper body look even bigger, and grey pants. Although his face was completely covered with cuts, somehow he still looked attractive to her, maybe even more so, it gave him a more aggressive appearance. She found herself staring at him and quickly looked away, her cheeks were turning reddish, she could only hope he hadn't noticed.

Was she nuts? Demi thought by herself. She ought to be terrified of him, knowing he'd been at the VIP room where the shooting and explosions came from, and jet, here she was, getting turned on by this complete stranger! How insane could she be?

Arkka saw the woman staring at him, quickly looking away the moment she became aware of her own staring, her cheeks started to get red as she averted her eyes. He walked up to the bed to untie her.

Here we go again... He thought to himself. Don't look at her legs, just don't look at her at all!

Thankfully, the knots were easily to untie, and after he was done, he took her downstairs. Arkka didn't know if there was anything to eat at the house, he hoped there was, though, he was hungry, and expected the woman would be as well.

They made their way up to the kitchen, where he told Demi to sit down at the kitchen table, that way he could keep an eye on her while he surged the cabinets for something to eat. The kitchen was spacious but cosy. It had a concrete countertop and the cabinets were a light oak, just like most of the furniture. At the large table, the were leather chairs. It had an industrial look, he liked it.

In the freezer he found a few prepared meals. "What do you want to eat? They have pasta and some kind of stew."

"Pasta, please." She answered him with a soft voice. He turned around to put the meals in the microwave.

"You can call me Arkka." He told her, when he turned back to face her.

"Arkka..." She repeated his name.

"Demi." Giving him her name as well. "Can I ask you something, Arkka?" Her voice sounded a little nervous. He nodded.

"What happened at the stadium?" She looked at him and cocked her head a little.

"The less you know, the safer it is for you." He replied. Her response, was something, he definitely didn't encounter. She huffed and rolled her eyes at him, then got up from the table and walked over to the sink to get herself some water. Arkka was too flabbergasted at her reaction to respond immediately.

But his astonishment last long, with a swift move, he stood behind her and whirled her around, so she would face him and grabber her chin forcefully.

" What did that supposed to mean?" He asked with a growl. She looked at him with big eyes, Demi knew she made a mistake.

That smug look she gave him when she was sitting at the table and the fear she had in her eyes right now, turned him right on again. This definitely was a little spitfire, he liked it. Slowly, he pulled her face closer to his.

"I don't like it when people roll their eyes at me..." He said with a chilling voice. "It makes me want to hurt them..."

Demi shivered. She was afraid of him, but he also made her insides swirl when he grabbed her by the throat like that.

Arkka heard her breath hitch a little when he pulled her face closer to his. He felt his heart making up speed and dick growing harder. When she moved her body a little, he felt her belly rub against his dick. Her eyes widened even more, and her cheeks flushed reddish. He lowered his left hand to her pelvis and slowly slid down her panties. He felt heat and wetness between her thighs.

Demi shivered when she noticed his hand going to her southern parts and when his fingers touched her slit she felt a spark of electricity running through her lower abdomen.

Arkka felt her body react to the touch of his fingers on her slit. From that moment on, he couldn't care less if he would force himself on to her. The only thing he could think about was how her body would clench around his cock. Without holding back, he pressed his lips on her mouth and to his utter surprise, she opened her lips, so his tongue could slip in to kiss him back. He released her chin and put his hand on the back of her head, that way he could firmly press her mouth on to his. With his other hand, he ripped panties, so he had better access to her pussy.

Demi felt the fabric of her panties being ripped apart and falling between her feet, his thump started to play with her clit and his middle finger slowly entered her and slid out again, slowly repeating this movement again and again. She let her hands, that had a firm grip on his shirt, slowly sliding down his chest until they reached the hem of his shirt, pulling it up a little, so her hands could touch his bare skin, then she moved her hands upwards again. Softly scratching his skin with her nails.

He moaned in her mouth when it felt her nails scrapping his bare skin. His cock twitched with every movement she made with her body.

Grabbing her hips with both hands, he sat her down on the edge of the countertop, feeling the heat radiating from her pussy, against his pants. He unbuckled his belt and pulled the zipper down.

Demi felt his cock pressing against her thigh, before she could adjust her body, he had already taken a hold on her ass and pulled her towards him, making his cock pressing against her throbbing core. Her breath hitched when she felt him pushing inside her. It had been such a long time, since she'd sexually intimate with her husband, it hurt a little. Rik hadn't touched her in more than a year, maybe even more, besides, Arkka was bigger than he'd been, so it took her a few seconds to adjust to his size.

Arkka felt her body stiffen a little when he entered her, he wasn't expecting her to be so tight, but this only made his excitement increase even more. As her body began to relax, he felt his cock being pulled into her body more and more. He placed his hands underneath her thighs and slowly started to move.

Demi grabbed his face with one hand and with her other she held on to his shoulder for support, her ankles connected behind his ass, so she had a little control as well.

He started slowly moving in and oud, with a steady pace, gradually increasing to a rougher rhythm, their mouths fighting for dominance. Suddenly, He withdraws, and pushes her legs down. In the blink of an eye, Demi finds herself facing the counter top. Roughly, Arkka grabs her hips, parting her cheeks and lining up her wet pussy with his throbbing cock, and pushes inside with force. Then takes a firm hold on her neck and bends her further down the counter, making her stand on her tiptoe. She moans when he thrust in and out of her with violent pace. Her whole body go's rigid for a second as she's climbing rapidly to her climax, then he feels her pushing her ass back, and her walls start to spasm around his cock. Her moans are soft, and her body wants to shake frantically, but he won't let her. He presses her down hard and pushed back inside for the last time when he gets his own relief.

He releases her neck and puts his hands on the countertop next to her head to steady himself as he tried to regain his breath and his heart beat eased down.
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