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Arkka took a dishcloth from the counter and wiped his dick before putting it back in his pants. Meanwhile, Demi had straightened up and was facing him with flushed cheeks.
"Looks like we both got a nice relief from tonight's events." He said with an emotionless face. The moment he spoke those words, he regretted them. Hurt flashed through her eyes, she quickly slipped past him and headed for the door.

Demi shrunk inside, the moment he said those words, they hit her like a hammer. She knew that men thought differently about sex, but somehow she thought this was different. But as she fled to the door, anger came over her, and she turned around walked up to him and hit him in the face as hard as she could, bursting open a few cuts and leaving a handprint on his cheek behind.

"ASSHOLE!" She turned and ran away, up to the bathroom.

STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, how stupid could she be! He'd abducted her, threatened her, he was a criminal for crying out loud, what did she expect, it wasn't like he'd been very kind to her!
Tears fell down her cheeks from embarrassment and hurt. She closed the door with a bang and locked it, then walked over to the sink, trying to clean herself up. Her hands were shaking and there was a big lump in her throat, her stomach churned in agony, she never felt so horrible. She took a washcloth to clean herself, it felt sticky between her legs.

Nobody had ever hit him and got away with it, but he was so taken aback by her action, it took Arkka a few moments to react.
He rushed up the stairs and by the time he had reached the bathroom he was furious. No woman ever had the guts to hit him like that, not even his wife had.

The door was locked from the inside but that couldn't stop him, and without a warning he slammed his body into the door. It took him three times, before the door handles gave in.
She was standing by the sink trying to clean herself, when he barged in, looking at him with big eyes and a tear stained face. Arkka saw fears flashing through her eyes, but then she raised her chin and braced for what was about to come.

Demi stepped back a little when she heard him slamming into the door. She knew the door wouldn't hold out very long and by the effort he made by trying to get in, she knew he was livid.

She was terrified, but managed to held up her chin as he came up to her, his eyes were raging with fire.

"Go ahead!" She said with a shaky voice. "Grab me by the throat, break my neck, beat me up! DO IT!" Yelling at him, when he walked up to her.
His hands were itching, eyes blazing pools of fire and his head was bending forwards like a raging bull, but instead of backing down, she stepped forward closer to him.

"I AM NOT SOME WHORE U CAN USE IF YOU'RE STRESSED OUT!" Arkka stood there listening to her, yelling at him, and becoming more and more furious.


"MY OWN HUSBAND HASN'T TOUCHED ME FOR A VERY..., VERY LONG TIME! FOR A SECOND I THOUGH THAT I REALLY WAS WORTH LOOKING AT, stupid, stupid me..." the last two words came out as a whisper.

Tears were now streaming down her face.
Arkka's hands had already been balled into a fist, not able to hold back, he swung his fist her way, missing her face by inches and smashing it straight into the mirror behind her. It shattered on impact, spreading glass all around them.

Those last words, she had whispered them, and her tear stained face made his gut churn.
He drew his bloody hand back and grabbed her face, she flinched out of fear. Then pulled her face close to his, he was breathing heavily. Suddenly he released her chin, turned around and walked out of the bathroom, leaving drops of blood in his track.

Arkka walked up to the window, placed his hands on the windowsill and rested is forehead against the glass. His body was completely rigid from the ragging anger he had felt a couple of minutes before, he had to calm down.

Demi just stood there, frozen. Her legs began to shake violently, and she sank on to the glass stained floor. She cried silently, realizing what just had happened. She looked up at the broken mirror and saw blood spattered everywhere.
After a while she tried to get up, at first her legs weren't willing to cooperate, but after a few attempts she finally was able to stand up, legs still wobbly.
She took a towel, dried her face and blew her nose, then picked up a clean one and walked, carefully trying not to step on the broken glass with her bare feet, into the bedroom.
Not expecting to see him standing there like that, head pressed against the window, blood dripping from his hand, Demi hesitated an instant, then cautiously walked up to him.

Arkka heard her come into the bedroom. His body was still tense, but the rage he felt before was gone.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He growled softly, his head still leaning against the window.

"I just wanted to bring you a towel, your hand is bleeding." She said with a timid voice.

"Nobody ever had the luxury to hit me and not been beaten up afterwards..." He said with a raw voice and turned around to face her.
"... no one but you..." Without taking his eyes away from her, he took the towel.

"Go to bed and get some sleep." He said and walked away, wrapping the towel around his knuckles.

Demi was too flabbergasted to react. She followed him with her eyes as he walked past her. Only after he had left the room, she realised what he had just said.
After a while just standing there, not able to move, she decided to clean up the mess in the bathroom first and then go to bed as he told her.
It took her half an hour to clean up most of the glass and blood, after she was done Demi felt exhausted.

There was a small alarmklok on the bedside table, and saw it was already 3.30 in the morning. She surged the wardrobe for a t-shirt and panties, the sweater she was wearing was far to warm to sleep in, but with the events of tonight still fresh in her mind, she didn't want to sleep naked. There was an oversized tank top and panties, and although the panties were a little to big for her, she didn't mind, at least she wasn't naked.
Lying in the strange bed, her thoughts went to Ian, she assumed he'd be alright, hoping he hadn't been to scared when he couldn't find her. She drifted off to sleep while thinking of both of her sons, Rik didn't appear in her head once.

Downstairs, Arkka had found himself a bottle of cognac and had just started with the second glass. He was peeling out the pieces of glass from his knuckles.

"Fuck.." He muttered to himself.

"Fuck.." What was happening to him?

Nobody ever had the privilege of hitting him without being returned the favour.
Not even a woman... His wife hit him once, he had hit her back hard, after that she never had the guts to try this again.
But this woman, Demi, this little spitfire, not only turned him on, but he admired her courage as well.
Although she had been scared as hell, she stood up to him, literally, twice this day.
What surprised him even more, was feeling like a complete asshole when he had said she'd been a nice relief, after the fucking events of that night.
He liked her body, he didn't know her. Arkka kept telling himself. Then why did he feel guilty? He never felt guilty...

There was a big clock hanging on one of the walls of the living room. He saw it already turned 4.15 and decided to check on Demi.
When he entered the bedroom, he saw her curled up in the middle of the bed, sleeping peacefully.
Standing in the doorway, he watched her for a couple of minutes, then felt his own fatigue hitting him.
He carefully walked up to the bed, sat down and took off his boots and shirt and quietly lay down. First, he was on his back, but then he decided to turn to his side and carefully pull her against his body, they had already fucked, right? He fell asleep not long after.

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