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Demi woke up because she couldn’t move on to her back, there was a heavy arm on her waist. Immediately she remembered the events of last night and looked at the arm that lay there. His hand was big and callous, he had an old school tattoo on his lower arm, but she couldn’t make out what it was. His skin had the warm colour of somebody that worked outside a lot. She found herself stroking his hand softly. Quickly, she pulled her hand away, hoping he hadn’t noticed. But there was no movement from behind her, she only heard his steady breathing in her ear. She decided to cautiously get out of bed to take a shower. It took a little effort to carefully and silently get out of bed. But when she finally had managed to do so and stood in front of the bathroom, she remembered that the door had been ripped of its hinges. It was hanging there sadly. Carefully, she entered the bathroom to wash her face and make herself a little more appealing, only to remember he had also smashed the mirror. She decided to wash her face and do her hair by mere touch and memory. Although she had to go very badly, she decided to go to the toilet downstairs.

Arkka woke up when Demi softly went downstairs. He decided to listened what she would do. Would she try to leave? Go and search for her phone? He was curious. So he turned to his back and just listened. He heard getting in to the toilet, when she finished she entered the kitchen, he heard her rummaging through the cupboards and after a couple of minutes he smelled coffee. Although he was hungry he wanted to wait a little longer, only then he heard her turning on the TV. He looked at the alarm clock and saw that it was nearly 11 o’clock, the news was almost about to start. He was curious if they would say anything about the events that had happened the day before, so he went downstairs, as he entered the living room the news had already started and was showing a picture of his face, underneath there was a message saying armed and dangerous, don’t make an attempt to make a citizens arrest but call 112. Arkka huffed, this made Demi jump up, she hadn't heard him come in. Together they watched the rest of the news.

Demi saw Ian walking by in the background of an interview that was given by the police, this gave her the insurance he was alright. She hadn’t expected, though, to hear that Arkka had a son that had been killed. She turned around to him to see his reaction, but he didn’t show any emotion when the death of his son was brought up. “Did you already know that he had died, or don’t you care?” Demi blurted out, without thinking. The moment she had blurted it out she already regretted it, he was a violent man, she had already found out yesterday herself. And although she didn’t think he would hurt her, she was still a little afraid of him.

“I already knew.” He said. “I’m an asshole, but I’m not that cold.” And with that he turned off the TV and walked to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Demi followed him and watched him getting something to eat. She had taken some bread from the freezer, but he took the pasta from the night before instead and put it in the microwave.

“You do know it’s not really healthy to reheat it twice, right?” Demi ask him, he raised one brow and just looked at her, waiting for his meal to be ready.

“What will happen next?” She asked him. “Are we going to stay here, do we move to another place? Can I call my sons to let them know I’m alright?”

He heard her questions but didn’t react, he just kept on eating his pasta. Although this irritated Demi, but she didn’t want to push him, last night was still fresh in her memory. So she decided to go upstairs to take a shower.

He saw her leave the room to go upstairs. Years ago, he had made a sure that if anything like this would happen, a protocol would be put in place to get him or his men back to safety. He had no doubt Simon was already taken care of it.

Hearing the shower starting to run, Arkka couldn’t resist and made his way up to the bathroom. He stood in the doorway for a couple of minutes, just to look at her, she looked so nice, it only took him a second to decide to get in the shower with her.

Demi hadn’t noticed him at first, then she heard the soft rustle of clothes and knew instantly he was coming into the shower as well. This made her a little nervous. Last night she had worn a baggy sweater, but now she was completely naked, and she didn’t like her body very much. She’d lost quite a few pound the last couple of months, but she was well aware that her body wasn’t as tight any more. Feeling his hands rest on her hips and slowly sliding to the front to her belly, her insecurity faded away. She felt his hardened cock pushing against her lower back, this made her stomach flutter, and she felt her core tense. The feeling of his cock against her lower back made her, she stood on her tiptoe and wiggled her ass a little, so his cock could slide in a little between her cheeks. He groaned a little when he felt her being so responsive to him. His hands climbed up to her breast and started to play with them, feeling her nipples harden, she moaned softly and arched her back a little, so her ass was pushed back on his dick.

Her hands held his as he played with her breasts and followed every move they made. “Put your hands to the wall.” He said with a husky voice, sliding one hand between her legs, his other hand shifted to her mouth and stroke her lower lip, pushing his finger in her mouth. Her southern lips were already hot, swollen, and extremely sensitive, so when he pressed his fingers against her clit her breath hitched, and she moaned out loud. His tongue drew circles on her neck, leaving her with goosebumps all over her body, making her grind against his cock even more. He drew back a little and took his finger out of her mouth and grabbed her by the neck and made her upper body bent forwards a bit more, holding her legs held in place with his other hand. He put one knee between her legs to part them, so he gained better access to her core. His dick twitched as he rubbed it against her wet cunt, she shivered as he did and bent forwards even more to give him better access. But he started to tease her a little more by pressing the tip of his cock to her core and pushing it in just a few inches, and then pulling it out again and sliding it down her wet slit and pushing it again to her core. She wanted to push back on him, but because his other hand had a firm grip on her hip, he was in control and didn’t let her. Feeling her getting needier and his cock throbbing hard, he pulled his cock back again and pushed back in with brute force. He felt her legs start to tremble, and started to fuck her hard.

Demi felt his cock pushing so deep it hurt a little when he hit her cervix, so she adjusted her body a little. He slit his hand back between her legs again and with each trust he stroked her clit.

The sound of their wet bodies clashing again and again in a steady rhythm made them reach their orgasm fast. Arkka groaned out loud, and he released deep inside her, that same moment Demi reached her peak as well, her breathing hitched, and her legs shook uncontrollably, her head wanted to bent back, but his hand was still holding it firmly.

Never did she have an orgasm like this. Well, that’s not completely true. Yesterday, he did the same thing... Demi thought to herself when she regained her breath again.

She shivered as he pulled himself out, the feeling of him inside her felt so good.

Arkka turned her around and took her face in his hands and started kissing her deeply. One of his hands slowly sliding down across her breast and further down to her lower back to press her body firmly into his. He had never done this with any other woman, he always pushed them away after his release. He didn't want to let go of this little spitfire thou, her body felt so good, with her, he didn’t feel like an old man, he knew his body didn’t look bad, he still was muscular, but he knew he wasn’t a young man any more. The women he had fucked until a short while ago were mostly half his age, and although they appeared to like him and loved to have sex with him, he was no fool. He damn well knew it was just because of his money and who he was. Most women got turned on by criminals, especially those with money and power. Demi didn’t know him, didn’t know that he had money and power, and yet she wanted him. It felt good, she felt good.

No man, not even her own husband, held her firmly after they had sex. This man, this violent criminal did, not only did he hold her firmly he also kissed her deeply, like nobody had ever done. She reached for his face and deepened the kiss even more. They stayed like that for a while, relishing the feeling the other gave.

When the doorbell rang, they both froze. Arkka quickly got out of the shower and rushed to the window. He carefully peeked through the curtains and saw a UPC-van drive off.

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