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Chapter 14 – Gazing into the Abyss

‘Don’t give up’, Kay raced through the sleepy town, every dark road seemed like it was watching and listening to the heartbeat of this car driving in desperation. There were faint voices, which Michael heard coming from a distance so far it could have been from another galaxy.

‘Just hang on Michael, just stay with me’, Kay shook Michael as he remembered the evening they had and the blood that followed.

‘I need a doctor, NOW’!!!! Kay banged the counter with her hand repeatedly as the woman on reception, looked dazed and confused seeing Kay covered in blood. ‘Are you ok, Ma’am’?

‘It’s not my blood, it’s Michael’s. He is in the car, outside’.

Paramedics rushed outside as they brought Michael into the hospital, straight into the operating theatre. Kay rushed behind as she watched the doors close in front of her.

She sat on the bench, still shaking, trembling as she looked at the blood on her hands and clothes.

‘Ma’am, are you sure you are okay’?

‘Yes, I am fine, will he be okay’? Kay’s voice trembled as she was trying hard to be calm. The doctor sat down next to Kay, ‘We don’t know, Dr Rogers will be operating, but it doesn’t look good’.

Kay dropped her head, thinking of her father when she was a young girl and seeing him rushed to hospital with a stroke. She felt the same way today even though Michael was still a stranger to her. ‘The sheriff’s office have been informed, officers are on the way and you will have to give a statement’.

Kay walked towards the bathroom slowly as she thought about the events that took place, trying hard to remember why she had driven towards the barn and suddenly saw Michael lying on the roadside. He murmured that he had been shot but didn’t know how many times. Kay washed her hands and her face, scrubbing her hands again and again to get the blood of. There was a knock on the door, ‘Ma’am there is an officer here to see you’.

Kay walked out and saw a young man in uniform, ‘I am from the sheriff’s office, are you okay to speak’.

‘Has someone told his mother’? Kay looked around at the nurse and doctor present as she thought of Michael’s mother and his sister who was in the same hospital but on a different ward. ‘We have sent a patrol car to the house’.

Kay sat down next to the officer, ‘I’m fine’.

‘I just need to ask you a few questions, later you will be asked to give a formal statement but at the moment I just need to know what happened’.

Kay looked down as she remembered sitting on her bed in the room and speaking to Michael,

I think I’ve figured out, what that means’.

‘Ok, so tell me’?

‘It means when you fight bad men you end up becoming the same as them’. ‘That’s good Michael, I hope you remember that’.

‘Kay, can I call you back just got another call’.

The officer, took out a notebook and waited on Kay, normally she is the one getting out the notebook. Her voice still trembled ‘I don’t know what happened, don’t even know who shot him’.

’It’s okay ma’am, what is your name?

‘Kay… Kay Winters. I am a journalist from Chicago’.

The Officer looked up at Kay for a moment, ’So Miss Winters, tell me where did you find Mr Martyn and what were you doing there’?

‘Kay, you know what I gotta go somewhere now. I really wanted to talk to you but ……’.

‘Now’? ‘Where’?

‘It was a friend of mine on the phone, his wife has been missing for weeks, he says he found her. He wants me to come to the barn’.

‘What barn’?

’It’s at the edge of the forest, down ‘Linall Lane’.

‘Why there’?

‘I don’t know Kay, but I’m scared that he has hurt his wife or he will’!!

‘I was speaking to him on the phone, he said he had to go and see a friend’. ‘Which friend’?

‘I don’t know, I don’t know his friends, don’t even know him,… that well’.

The officer looked up at the doctor, agitated and uneasy as he looked back at his notes, ‘Ma’am how did you get to that place where you found him’?

‘Just give me some time, okay’. Kay glared at the officer as he closed his notebook, ‘I’m sorry Ma’am, maybe you are in shock and you need to rest’. ‘Don’t patronize me, I have seen more victims then your mama has cooked you hot meals’. Kay was coming back slowly, maybe she had been in shock but now her instinct had taken over, and she was coming back to being the same defiant woman living in a man’s world.

‘Mrs Martyn’, the doctor walked past Kay, as she looked up watching Ethel walk slowly followed by two officers, ‘My son, is he okay’?

‘He will be okay, he’s in the theatre Mrs Martyn’.

Kay stood up as Ethel sat down slowly, not even noticing the journalist who had questioned her belief in God so many weeks ago. Kay looked at Ethel as she walked away from the bench, trying to understand how a person can be afflicted with so much pain, her husband and son, daughter and now the only person left in her life also on the verge of going. Kay walked slowly towards the reception area when the same officer came running behind her, ‘Ma’am, do you need a lift’? ‘No, I have a car that’s what I brought Michael in’.

‘I would appreciate it, if you could come to the station tomorrow or Monday even and give a formal statement’.

Kay looked back at the dark corridor where there was nothing but silence, but she could feel a chill, and sensed a malevolent presence lurking. Maybe it had just been a long night and she was tired. Lights began flashing outside as more police officers came into the building, there was also an ambulance, and moments later a stretcher was brought in being rushed through the corridor in the same way as Michael was. Kay walked out into the night, where many more people had gathered, she walked towards her car.

‘Miss Winters, sorry but we have some information, do you know Mr Hugh Charles’?

‘I don’t know him’.

‘His body was found not so far from where you found Mr Martyn’.

Kay’s mind went blank, not even understanding what this officer was saying, ‘I…..I don’t know him’.

‘Mr Charles worked with Mr Martyn, was he that same friend who you mentioned’. Kay said nothing as she sat in her car, the officer stood there for a moment before walking back towards the hospital. Kay sat for a moment looking ahead, trying to figure out what had happened, when suddenly she remembered ‘the abyss’. She had talked about it earlier that evening with Michael, that dark place, where she had looked into many times herself. Now something from that dreaded place where there is only death and destruction was reaching inside her, is that what it meant? Kay had never seen tragedy, but she had been around it alot. After all, it was her job, her bread and butter but she always tried to focus on the people, remembering people are not stories but they are real, they are real victims. Today, she felt like the victim, something happened to her and she wanted to cry. Kay felt weak, like she had been eaten up by this treacherous town and spat out, it had taken something away from her and she wasn’t leaving on Monday morning.

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