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The Beam Behind The Black Mystery

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Being a detective was Lauren’s biggest dream since her early childhood. She dreamt of dozens of things about her career. But all her dreams were smashed when her parents rejected her idea and forced her to study medicine instead. What will happen when one of her beloved people suddenly disappears? Will she be able to solve the case and persuade her parents she’s as sturdy as required for such a job, or will she fail in her mission?

Thriller / Mystery
Menna Wael
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Chapter One

Lauren's POV:

I gawked at the wall clock waiting for this tedious lecture to end! It's not a good beginning for my first day at college at all. But I already knew it. I rolled my eyes. The clockwise passed as slow as a turtle. My biology professor "Madison" is so sweet and helpful, but she's so monotonous! Anyways, I'll try my best to listen to her.

UGH! I can't do it. I hate biology. I hate this college. I didn't want to become a doctor or to study medicine at all! I always dreamt of being a detective. It has been my dream since my early childhood. But I couldn't do anything. This is my dad's desire, and I don't want to oppose him.

People always think it's kind of weird that I want to become a detective. But that was my dream because I used to watch a lot of TV programs about crimes. I also knew a lot about crimes that happened in London. My dad is a police officer, and I have always been so curious about his work.

Finally, my lecture is over. It's time for lunch. I wanted to go to the bathroom to fix my hair. I felt it was so messy, and I couldn't stay that way. I made my way towards the bathroom, wondering about my life.

I was exasperated that I have to study something I don't like. My parents had never done this to me before. They always permit me to do whatever I want in my life. Even if they are concerned about anything, they talk to me and convince me of their idea. But they never force me to decide my life in a certain way. Especially if it was a crucial decision like this one. I stopped thinking about it when I reached the bathroom. I pushed the door, and I got in.

I stood in front of the mirror doing my hair. I wasn't concentrating at all as I was thinking about my issues. I looked at the mirror, and I recognized the doorknob was being dragged downwards by someone. The door was opened, and a girl entered and walked towards me. I ignored her because I felt there was something wrong with this girl. Although I did not know why I felt that way, I decided to just ignore her.

She stood in front of the mirror and started fixing her makeup. She had light skin, long blonde hair, and grey eyes. She looked beautiful overall. But I still feel something wrong with her.

"Hey girl, what are you doing here?" She asked, pointing a gaze at me.
"As you see, I'm just fixing my hair." I rolled my eyes. Isn't it already obvious? Why does she need to ask?

"And….Why are you fixing that hair?" she asked in a mocking tone. I looked at her in curiosity, and I stayed soundless because I didn't get her question.
"Oh, I mean…do you think that if you fixed that hair, you would look good? Do you even want to compare yourself to an actual beautiful girl? Just like me." she asked in a proud tone.

"I...I don't think I said I'm comparing myself to anyone, did I?" I replied coldly. She is so freaking weird while I wasn't in the mood for fighting. Do I even know her? Why is she being so rude!

"No. You didn't. I just wanted to help, in case you're struggling with it." She rolled her eyes. I laughed under my breath at her words. This is getting weirder, and I don't know what to reply to.

"Hey. Calm down. I don't understand what you're doing right now, but I think you may be a little stressed or something. I am satisfied with myself, and at least, I do not bully others just to convince myself I'm beautiful" I rolled my eyes.

"How dare you?" She shrieked, pushing me against the wall.

"I'll forgive you just because you don't know me. I'm Scarlett, the prettiest girl in this college and maybe in the whole world. I'll give you a piece of advice for your life; don't ever try to mess with me. You don't know what I can do to you with the help of my dad and his partners. Oh yeah, my dad is the most important man in London too." She said in vanity.

I pushed her a little to move, and I headed towards the door without saying a word. I opened the door then I turned around to face her.

"Show me what you can do," I said, then I exited the bathroom.

While I was closing the door, I noticed a man walking towards the chemistry room. He was wearing black pants, a black shirt, and a long black coat. He was also putting on a large black hat on his head and black sunglasses. He looked mysterious. I can barely see his skin color.

I wanted to know who that man was and what is he doing here. Why is he dressed all in black? And why is he wearing sunglasses inside the building? This is so creepy.

Dozens of questions hit my mind at once. I took short, hesitant strides towards the man as I didn't want to be seen. He entered the chemistry room. WHAT! HE ENTERED THE CHEMISTRY ROOM! I rubbed my eyes in disbelief.

I was shocked because I know the chemistry professor here. She is Mrs. Lucy, one of my mom's dearest friends. She used to play with me when I was young. She also used to help me with my education.

Although she's much older than me, I always tell her about everything in my life. I consider her an older sister and friend. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw this man entering the chemistry room. Does he know her?

I looked through the window to see what was happening inside. I saw this man standing in front of her and talking. I couldn't hear what he was saying, yet I saw that her eyes had a terrified look, and she seemed so anxious.

I knew from her facial expressions that they weren't friends. But it seemed like this man is an enemy or something. She wasn't in her natural state while talking to him. She looked terrorized.

I left the window not to be noticed by them. I headed to the college cafeteria. My mind was going to explode from thoughts. Moreover, I didn't have an appetite to eat. I just ordered a smoothie, then I sat down alone on a table. I was still thinking about that man.

My brain was tied into a knot. I wanted to shout out loud from pain! I tried my best to stop thinking, and I started to drink my smoothie. I supposed that drinking something cold would help me get rid of my headache. I took a sip from the smoothie and thought about what happened. I finished my smoothie after some time. I felt so much better after drinking it.

I headed to my last lecture that was physics. I sat down and waited for the professor to come. Finally, the professor arrived.
"Hello everyone, I'm David. Your physics professor. Sorry for being late. Now let's start our lecture." He said. The professor appeared stern. I decided to concentrate on what he was saying. Although it was no way to be relished, I could understand everything clearly.

Finally, the lecture has ended. It was time to go home. I grabbed my backpack and left the building. I stood outside and called a cab. During my wait, I recognized Scarlett standing one meter away from me. She flashed me an evil look then she looked in front of her again. I didn't give her much attention and just waited for the cab to arrive.

I recognized a long, black limousine coming towards us. It was so clear that the owner of the limousine was so wealthy. I saw a man getting out from the limousine. He was dressed all in black and was wearing the same as the man I saw inside the chemistry room. But he wasn't the same man. This man had a different skin tone and height.

He was the car driver and not the owner. I recognized Scarlett approaching the limousine. He rushed towards her and opened the door for her. She got in, then the man shut the door. He went back to his seat and started driving.

I knew that Scarlett belongs to a prosperous family. Nevertheless, this is not an appropriate justification for her rude behavior. The cab arrived after ten minutes. I got in, and the driver started driving me home. I was so surprised by what I saw earlier. Who's Scarlett? And who's the black-dressed man?

I kept thinking about dozens of stuff till I arrived home. I opened the front door with my key and got in. My mom was sitting on a couch reading a book. My mom is a reader since her early childhood.

I went to her and sat in an armchair. "Good evening, mom," I greeted her.

"Good evening honey, how was your day?" she asked with interest while closing her book and placing it beside her.

"It was fine, mom. I just went into a fight with an annoying girl." I rolled my eyes.

"Why did you fight with her? You don't often create problems with anyone." Mom asked curiously.

"I didn't do anything to her. She's so evil. I was doing nothing but fixing my hair, the girl came towards me and started saying some stupid stuff about my looks!" I said in anger.

"And what did she say?" mom asked calmly.

"She told me that I shouldn't try to fix my hair because I will still look bad. I know it is something stupid. But I just can't let it go." I explained.
"I can understand from what happened that this girl is a bully." Mom stated.

"I mean, yes she is," I replied.
"Oh honey, never take bullying seriously. Psychologically, bullying isn't just for fun. A bully is someone who's been through some circumstances that led him to become a bully. There are a lot of reasons for bullying. Jealousy, lack of self-confidence, house problems, and they could've been bullied themselves. So if you believed them and gave them the attention, they're the winners. You have to ignore them. And then you'll win." Mom said with a smile.

After my mom's words, I felt much better. I already knew this, but I needed to hear it again. "I got it! Thank you so much, mom. You made me feel so much better!" I stated with a smile.

"Awe, you're welcome, honey. Glad you are better!" mom said and hugged me. I hugged her back, and then we heard dad entering the house.

"I'm back!" Dad said and came to sit with us.

"Hello, dad," I said. "Hey, Jacob." Mom said.

"Hello, guys! How was your day?" dad asked us while sitting down.

"It was great. I spent my day at home reading my beloved books!" mom stated with excitement.
"It was good, dad!" I said with a smile. Mom smiled at me when she heard that.

"That's great, guys. So Lauren, how's your college?" Dad asked in a worried tone.

"My day was good. But my college is not good, dad, you know it all. I don't want to study medicine at all." I stated.

"Lauren, you know we've discussed this before. I insist this is better for you. I have my reasons. Please don't talk about this again." Dad semi-yelled at me.

"Ok, dad, I'm sorry," I said in a hopeless tone. Dad sighed in sorrow.

"Honey, I know what's best for you. I don't mean to force you to study medicine, but I know this is better for you. Please don't be sad. I'm sure you'll love your college as time goes on." Dad remarked with a smile.

"Thanks, Dad. I hope so," I said with a smile.

My dad's phone started ringing as he received a phone call. Dad took his phone and picked it up.
"Hello, Mark. How's everything?" dad greeted him.

The other man replied in almost two minutes. It took so long, and my dad was silent. His facial expressions changed, and he looked so frightened and angry.
"Are you serious? How did that happen! Do you even know how much this is dangerous? I can't believe that." Dad yelled in anger.

The man replied, and with each word he said, dad went angrier than before. "You know what, Mark, goodbye. I'm coming right now." Dad said, then he ended the phone call.

He exited the house without saying a word. I was astonished. What did this man say? Who's Mark? I never heard his name before. Mom looked at me and found me already looking at her. Silence filled the room that I could even hear the wind outside the house.

"Mom, I'm so tired. I'm going to take a small nap. And when dad returns, wake me up, please," I broke the taciturnity, then I went to my room.

I changed my clothes then I lied in my bed. I kept thinking about the phone call. What's happening? Why did dad go out without even saying goodbye to us? And why did he say this is dangerous? What happened? I kept thinking until I fell asleep.
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