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When Olivia got home that day she saw Alyssa sitting on the couch crying “mom what’s wrong” Olivia said “why didn’t you tell me” Alyssa asked crying “tell you what” Olivia asked “Leo rapped you” Alyssa cried Olivia started crying “I’m sorry mom I’m so so sorry” Olivia said “hey baby I’m not mad you just need to tell me when something like that happens” Alyssa said as she leaned over and hugged her “I love you mom” Olivia said “I love you to Via” Alyssa said.

Olivia decided that a month after the rap and still no period she would take a pregnancy test Olivia really hopped she wasn’t pregnant not cause she didn’t want kids but because she was only seventeen when she got home she did everything and only to find out “god damn it no no” Olivia screamed she’s pregnant “mom”Olivia said “hunny everything okay” Alyssa asked “um not really mom” Olivia said “okay what happened” Alyssa said “mom he got me pregnant” Olivia said she wasn’t as upset about it as she thought she would considering she’s seventeen and doesn’t want kids yet “what” Alyssa asked as Olivia handed her the positive pregnancy test “mom from the rap” Olivia said “Oh my god baby what are you gonna do” Alyssa asked “I don’t know mom can I keep the baby” Olivia “your choice via it’s not my body your just my daughter” Alyssa said “okay then I’ll keep it” Olivia said as she hugged Alyssa.
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