He can’t be trusted

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You aren’t safe

The next day at school Olivia thought about telling but since he rapped her and was abusive she didn’t want to tell him so instead she looked for Mia and found her out her locker “hey Mia” Olivia said “hey v what’s up” Mia asked “can i ask you an odd question” Olivia asked “yeah hit me” Mia said “ha um okay so how would you feel if you found out I was pregnant” Olivia asked “I d- wait what” Mia asked in confusion “okay well you know when it happened” Olivia said “could you get to the point”
Mia said “okay we’ll he got me pregnant” Olivia said “okay are you gonna get an obartion” Mia asked “no I’m gonna keep it” Olivia said “why so you can tell your kid that you never met to have the kid” Mia said “ you know I told you because I thought you would be supportive but apparently I was wrong” Olivia said and walked out of the school.

After school Mia met up with Leo “so what she tell you” Leo asked as he put his arms around Mia’s waist “you got pregnant she’s keeping it” Mia said then out of no where Leo grabbed her arm and pulled her into a private area “what are we doing” Mia asked “ why didn’t you talk her out of keeping the baby” Leo asked angrily but before Mia could answer Leo pushed her down to the ground and started kicking her “no please stop I’m sorry I’m so so sorry” Mia cried then Leo picked up a rock and threw it on her leg and one on her rib “ahhh” Mia screamed and cried as Leo walked away Mia took the rock off her rib and sat up took the rock off her leg stood up slowly and limped away.

Once Olivia got home she sat on the couch to talk to Alyssa “so mom I was thinking once we find out what I’m having we could paint the old office and then the baby’s room” Olivia said “yeah that works liv um do you want a baby shower or do just wanna go out sometime to buy stuff yourself” Alyssa asked “um o think I’m just gonna by my own stuff for my baby” Olivia said “okay then” Alyssa said “k I’m going to my room now” Olivia said and walked out of the room.

When Mia got home her mom (Ava) was standing in the living room “mom” Mia said in pain “Mia my god what happened baby” Ava said “mom Leo attacked me” Mia said “baby” Ava said “mom I don’t feel safe” Mia said as she started to cry “that’s because you aren’t safe” Ava said.

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