He can’t be trusted

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Eight months later

After eight months of being pregnant it’s summer break Olivia found out she’s having a baby boy “hey mom do you think these letters of his name look good on the wall above” Olivia asked Olivia is going to name him Oliver “yeah it’s cute” Alyssa said “hey mom” Olivia said “yeah what’s up” Alyssa said “can you help me pack” Olivia asked “yeah no problem Liv” Alyssa said.

Mia went back to Leo again her and Leo met up in the woods “hey baby” Leo said “hey babe why did you want to meet me out here in the woods” Mia asked “so I can put you in seven positions for seventy minutes duh” Leo teased as he pushed her against the tree and stood with one arm pushed up to the tree Mias eyes fulled with tears as she got flash backs from what he did “hey hey what’s wrong” Leo asked “I’m so so scared” Mia said as she broke down “of what baby” Leo asked “you Leo you’ve done such horrible things” Mia cried but that really pissed off Leo and he punched her “maybe you should learn to be a better girlfriend” Leo yelled “yeah because I go around punching and abusing and raping people” Mia yelled back “screw you Mia” Leo yelled and walked off “no please god help me” Mia cried as she slid against the tree and cried.

As Olivia and Alyssa packed Olivas phone rang “who is it” Alyssa asked “Mia” Olivia said “ well aren’t you gonna answer it” Alyssa asked “hell no not till she stops her game” Olivia said “what game is that” Alyssa asked “mom the same game I played run back to Leo every time he screws up” Olivia said “oh I see” Alyssa said.

As Mia sat in the woods and cried all she could ask her self is why she kept going back to Leo what was her obsession unless there wasn’t one and she just needed to feel good about her self and like someone actually loved her then she heard footsteps it was Mason Leo’s best friend “ Mia what are you doing out here” Mason asked Mia stood up as she wiped her tears “I um” Mia said “hey are are you alright” Mason asked “um yeah” Mia said as her voice shaked and her eyes filled with tears “hey what’s wrong” Mason asked as he grabbed Mias arm “I can’t do it anymore I can’t I can’t I can’t” Mia yelled as she broke down “you can’t do what” Mason asked “your buddy I can’t do it anymore Leo he won’t stop I just can’t get away he’s like a magnet and I’m the metal he just pulls me back” Mia cried “what are you talking about Leo’s not my friend” Mason said “he- he’s not” Mia asked “no I told him I don’t want to be friends with an abusive” Mason said and hugged her.

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