He can’t be trusted

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Knew baby and wrong plan

Mia decided to go to Leo’s house and tell him she didn’t want to be with him anymore when Mia got to Leo’s house she knocked on the door and Leo let her in the house they went up to the bedroom “didn’t think you’d come over today since you know you don’t feel safe with me” Leo said “could you stop I have to talk to you” Mia said and continued “I don’t think this is working anymore I’m done” Mia said “what” Leo said “I’m breaking up with you” Mia yelled just then Leo reached for his screw driver he had on his desk “what are you doing” Mia asked in fear Leo raised the screw driver and plunged it in Mias side “ahhh” Mia yelled in pain as she ran out of his bedroom and down the stairs “get back here you phsycotic b*tch” Leo yelled as he chased her out of the house “help me please someone help me” Mia screamed Leo grabbed Mia from behind “nooo please no help me someone help me” Mia yelled and cried Leo picked her up and carried her as she bled out.

Oliver had finally come he was finally here and Olivia was thrilled “so how do you feel as a knew mom” Alyssa asked “scared but I’m really happy mom” Olivia said as she fed Oliver he had dark hair just like her he weighed five pounds and was twelve inches “alright is it okay if I leave I have to go to work” Alyssa said “of course mom he’s my baby I got it besides I’m still in the hospital” Olivia said “alright by” Alyssa said “by mom” Olivia said just then Olivia’s phone rang it was Mia well at least her phone “nope I’m spending time with you my beautiful baby boy” Olivia said as she held him tight in her arms.

Leo had patched up Mia and then tied her to his desk chair “now are you going to tell me why in the hell your leaving me” Leo asked “because you scare me you do things that other guys wouldn’t do” Mia cried “oh yeah well I’m not other guys am I” Leo asked just then his phone rang it was Olivia “what” Leo yelled “just wanted to tell you your sons born his names Oliver James Joe” Olivia said “okay” Leo said “help help me please call the police help me he’s gonna kill me” Mia screamed “what was that” Olivia asked from the other side of the phone Leo hung up.

After the phone call with Leo Olivia put Oliver in his crib at the hospital and called 911 she told them all she knew and the police traced the phone call and rushed to Leo’s house Leo was arrested and Mia was taken to the hospital.

A week later Olivia was home with Oliver and Mia came over “you wanna hold him” Olivia asked Mia was spaced out thinking about all the bad things that happened to her “hey” Olivia said “oh yeah” Mia said and held Oliver “oh look Mason and Carson are here Carson is Olivas knew boyfriend and and Mason is Mias knew boyfriend.

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