He can’t be trusted

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Seventeen year old Olivia starts to notice a change in her seventeen year boyfriend Leo behavior as things start go down hill she realizes something is going on

Thriller / Drama
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“Hey liv” said Leo as he ran up behind and put his arms around her as she stood and talked to her friend Mia at her locker “hi baby are you still coming over” Olivia asked “actually me and Mia have to study tonight actually come on Mia we should go get books from the library right” Leo said as he kissed Olivia and started to walk off “hey I thought we hanging out tonight” Olivia said “tomorrow night” Mia said as she started walking off to Leo “Mia” Olivia said her voice cracking “Via its fine” Mia said Mia walked over to Olivia and gave her a hug “fine my a**” Olivia said as she slammed he locker shut and walked off.

Later when Olivia was at home she couldn’t stop thinking about what was going on between Mia and Leo she noticed that Leo kept looking at Mia like he used to look at her but the thoughts went away fast when Olivias older brother kale came and stood in her door way as soon as Olivia saw Kale standing there she jumped up and hugged him “I thought you weren’t coming back till Saturday” Olivia said “eh I decided to come see you today” Kale said “cool” Olivia said “yeah” Kale said.
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