He can’t be trusted

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Don’t trust him

The next day at school Olivia went to find Mia but instead ran into her old friend Maggie “hey via” Maggie said “hey, you haven’t seen Mia have you” Olivia asked “um actually yeah she went in the library with your boyfriend” Maggie said “thanks” Olivia said as she headed to the library, in the library she saw Mia and Leo they were kissing “what the hell is wrong with you” Olivia asked with tears In her eyes “I can explain” Leo said “no you can’t because no matter what you say I won’t believe you” Olivia said as tears streamed down her face she ran out of the library Mia followed her out “Via wait” Mia said “why so you can tell me it’s fine like you weren’t just making out with my boyfriend” Olivia said “no because I was but it’s not what it looks like meet me in the bathroom after third period” Mia said and walked off after third period Olivia walked in the bathroom and saw Mia “okay what do you want” Olivia asked “ I have to tell you something and you can’t tell anyone please” Mia said as she cried “Mia what’s wrong” Olivia “I didn’t want to with Leo but he made me he was gonna rape me Via” Mia lied as she faked cried “oh my god are you okay” Olivia asked “yeah can I go to your house after school please” Mia asked “yeah no problem” Olivia said Mia walked out of the bathroom and around the corner “so did she by it” Leo asked as he smirked “yeah she did baby” Mia said “ good” Leo said and kissed Mia “she can’t ever no k” Mia said “I know” Leo said.
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