He can’t be trusted

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It was all a lie

After school Mia went to Olivias house “oh hey hunny” Olivias mom (Alyssa) said “hey mom can I talk to you” Olivia asked “yeah why not” Alyssa said “Mia go ahead go to my room” Olivia said “okay” Mia said and started heading to Olivias room “mom I have something very important” Olivia said “okay baby what is it” Alyssa asked “mom Leo tried to rape Mia” Olivia said but before Alyssa could say anything Mia came out “what the hell Via I told not to tell anyone” Mia yelled and walked out of the house Olivia went after her “why don’t you want me to tell anyone” Olivia yelled “because Olivia I lied” Mia yelled “what” Olivia said as her eyes filled with tears “ I lied about everything” Mia said “ so what your really with Leo he’s cheating on me and you just lied to me twice” Olivia yelled as tears streamed down her face “yes Olivia that exactly what happened I lied and your right once again Olivia is right” Mia yelled “you know what Mia you are just the same pathetic girl you’ve always been so go f*** your self” Olivia yelled as she cried and stormed off “liv are okay” Alyssa asked “yeah mom perfectly fine also leave me alone” Olivia cried and went in her bedroom.

“Im so sorry but Olivia found out” Mia said her voice breaking “how did she find out” Leo asked angrily “I told I’m so sorry” Mia said but before she knew it Leo punched her in the side of the face Mia gasped “stay away from me got it” Leo said and walked away Mia dropped to the ground and cried
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