He can’t be trusted

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The bruise

The next day at school Mia walked up to Olivia “hey Via I need to talk you” Mia said “there is no Via anymore” Olivia said “what” Mia asked “I’m not your friend anymore you lied to me twice” Olivia said “okay but I’m not gonna lie to you this time” Mia said “what happend to your face” Olivia asked “Leo hit me” Mia said “hm bummer” Olivia said “do you believe me” Mia asked “why should I” Olivia said “hey Via ready” Maggie asked “yeah” Olivia said “really Maggie” Mia said “yeah because she doesn’t lie” Olivia said “screw you” Mia said and walked of crying “maybe she wasn’t lying” Maggie said “I don’t know are you coming” Olivia said “yeah I’m coming” Maggie said.

“hey Mia wait” Leo yelled “what” Mia asked “what’s wrong why didn’t you call me last night” Leo asked “well as I recall you slapped me and then told me to leave you alone” Mia said “okay I’m sorry I didn’t mean it do you forgive me” Leo said “yeah” Mia said “okay good give me a kiss” Leo said Mia stood on her tipy toes and kissed him “there” Mia said and smiled “hey you wanna come to a party with me tonight” Leo asked “yeah sure whatever” Mia said.
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