He can’t be trusted

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The party

That night Mia and Leo went to the party but they didn’t know that Olivia and Maggie were going to be there “hey what’d you tell your mom” Leo asked “about what” Mia asked “your face” Leo said “I just told her it was a pe injury” Mia said “good hey I’m gonna grab drinks k” Leo said “k” Mia said.

“Where’d you find this party Mags” Olivia asked “someone just invited me” said Maggie “oh cool I’m gonna go grab a drink want one” Olivia asked “yeah sure thanks” Maggie said.

“Hey Mia guess who I just ran into” Leo said “who” Mia asked as she grabbed the drink out of his hand “Olivia” Leo said “what she doesn’t even like party’s” Mia said “look who’s lying now” Leo said “yep” Mia said.

“Hey Maggie” Olivia said “yeah what’s up” Maggie asked “Um is it okay if I go outside to get some fresh air” Olivia asked “yeah no problem” Maggie said as Olivia started to head out she ran into Leo “Leo” Olivia said “oh hey Olivia” Leo said “where’s Mia” Olivia asked “I don’t know after a whole bunch of drinks she left if you find her will you let me know” Leo asked “yeah sure whatever, hey one more thing” Olivia said “yeah what is it” Leo asked “did you hit Mia” Olivia asked “no why would even ask me that” Leo asked “never mind I’m leaving” Olivia said.

As soon as Olivia left the party got closer to the end of the sidewalk she saw Mia throwing up “great” Olivia said to herself as she walked over to Mia “hey you wanna ride” Olivia asked “and puke in your car I’ll walk thanks” Mia said and stumbled away.
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