He can’t be trusted

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The attempted kidnapping of Mia

As Mia walked home from the party she sat down because she was getting dizzy she sat there for about twenty before standing up to vomit again as she was vomiting a man pulled over “hey need a lift” he asked it was Mias knew neighbor “yeah thanks” Mia said and got in the car but as soon as she did she felt like something was wrong. “Um this isn’t the way home” Mia said “I know” the man said as soon as the man said that Mia jumped out of the car and ran as best as she could she ran to Olivias house and banged on the door “hello” Olivia said as she answerd the door but Mia could say anything Mia vomited Olivia drove her home.

Mia never told anyone what happend that night.
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