He can’t be trusted

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He won’t stop

The next week at school Olivia would often talk to Mia but one day when Olivia was looking for Mia she went in the bathroom to see Mia crying “Mia what’s wrong” Olivia asked “ um nothing I was just leaving” Mia said “hey I wanna talk does this have something to do with Leo you have more bruises everywhere” Olivia said “he won’t stop” Mia said and fell to the ground crying “he won’t stop what Mia” Olivia asked “he keeps abusing me and if he found out I told you he’d be so mad” Mia cried “well you have to tell someone Mi” Olivia said “I can’t Via” Mia said as she stood up “why are you lying again” Olivia asked “no I promise I’m not but it’s like he knows everything Olivia” Mia said “okay I won’t tell anyone” Olivia said.

That night as Olivia layed in her bed she heard glass shatter from the kitchen and then her bedroom door opend and shut and locked she knew who it was it was Leo he walked over to her bed and sat on it “don’t scream or I’ll have to do something worse” Leo said he got on top of her “no please don’t I didn’t do anything” Olivia said as she sobbed but Leo kept going.

This wasn’t the Leo she knew.

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