He can’t be trusted

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Few weeks

A few weeks had passed and Olivia was terrified of being at school “hey via wanna hang” Mia asked “yeah” Olivia said “hey are you okay v” Mia asked as they walked down the hall “yeah why” Olivia asked “I don’t know you just look different” Mia said “oh I’m fine no worries” Olivia said “good so do wanna hang out tonight or on the weekend” Mia asked “weekend” Olivia said “k see ya later” Mia said.

When Olivia got home she started to go to her bedroom “Olivia get back here right now” Alyssa yelled “what mom” Olivia asked as she walked back “I don’t know why you have been hiding in your bedroom for the past eleven weeks but I can’t help you if you don’t tell me” Alyssa said “nothing happened mom okay so just leave me alone” Olivia yelled and ran in her bedroom she slammed the door shut and ran to her bed where she cried she couldn’t tell her mom.

The next day at school Olivia was In the bathroom when Mia came in “hey via are you okay” Mia asked “can I tell you something” Olivia asked as she started to cry “liv what’s wrong what happened” Mia asked as she walked closer “he rapped me” Olivia sobbed “who who rapped you liv” Mia asked as she grabbed Olivias arms “Leo” Olivia cried “hey it’s gonna be okay” Mia said and hugged her.
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