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Ríona is far from the usual woman. Living in a man's world, she's put fear into every man that every crossed her path. Though she's still a woman, and every woman has needs. Raziel had been a long time friend, and he had always been attracted to her subtle beauty. With him just now taking over his family business, he wanted to be seen as her equal if not more. "Emotions, makes people weak. I separate each emotion so that I'm not weighed down. You understand? They look at me as an emotional bitch because I'm a woman and now they fear me." Ríona stated as she stared off to the side. "So you can't love me because you think it'll make you weak?" Raziel laughed dryly. "I don't get attach, Raz. I've let go of everything so that my enemies don't have nothing over me. I rather mourn our relationship than your death." She claimed. Raziel shook his head, he left the room silently while Ríona stared out the window. Hearing the door slam behind him she smiled. He didn't understand at the moment but she knew it was the best thing to do.

Thriller / Romance
India North
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Looking out the glass sliding door, Ríona stared at the black Lamborghini that was engulfed in flames. She turned back to the five guards that sat lined up on her couch with a cold, emotionless stare. If she hadn’t had a servant bring her car around the front of the house, it could’ve easily been her inside the burning vehicle.

“So, who’s the fucking rat? Hmm? Don’t sit there looking stupid.” She placed a hand on her hip while the other gripped her gun.

All five men stared at the ground as if they didn’t hear Ríona asking a question. She stared at them as a small chuckle left her lips. She was not in the mood for any fucking games.

“Yall think just because I’m a woman, that I’m weak? Yall got me fucked up, I am to be feared and fucking respected. I’ll shoot all five of you right now and won’t give a damn about a white couch.” She stated as she walked up to them.

Only one man made eye contact with her and she approached him first. She leaned down and got into his face. Breathing uneven and his eyes immediately left hers as she smirked.

“Weak,” she sneered as she pointed the gun against his temple.

Pulling the trigger released only a bit of her stress, she looked down the line as the man next to him flinched from the gun sounding off. Ríona shook her head in disappointment and released a shot to his head as well. Apparently, she was standing too close as blood splattered against her sheer, mint, robe.

“Now, don’t think that I haven’t watched my surveillance cameras.” She smiled, turning to the last three, “Just because one camera was sprayed over doesn’t mean I don’t have other angles.” She said.

One man visibly gulped, his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. Ríona took note of the sweat trickling down his forehead. She turned towards them fully and folded her arms over her chest, she didn’t care if she had to lose a few guards. If one covered for the other then they were all guilty in her eyes.

“Are you fearing me now? Hmm? Cause you know that your life means nothing to me. Do you fear me?” She questioned with narrowed eyes.

She was met back with silence as they all quaked in front of her. To think that men are thought to be superior to females. Ríona fears no man but God and yet she still questions him too.

“Oi, are you all deaf? Get on your knees.” She instructed.

Seeing that not one moved a muscle, she sent a bullet through the wall over their heads and then they all scrambled to the ground. They faced her as their knees touched the floor. Ríona strutted behind the couch, leaning against the back of it.

“Once you get to hell, tell the devil that I send my regards as always.” She smiled, aiming at their skulls.

Sending the last three bullets, she watched each body fall against her floor either slumped over or off to the side. Now she was at peace once again, living on the throne was hard to do with everyone after her blood. She paid it no mind because she was rightfully in her place, right where her father wanted her to be and she’d be damned if she’ll be removed by any man.




Hearing the door of her second living room open, Ríona spared a short glance at the uninvited guest. Blowing out the smoke from the blunt, she narrowed her eyes at her acquaintance that she so sadly called her younger sister. Pushing up from the couch she stood up with her head tilted to the side.

“What do I owe this not so pleasurable meeting, Chiara?” She questioned.

“I need to borrow some money.” She said with the roll of her eyes.

Ríona scoffed as she slowly approached her, “Little girl, why do you need money this time. You’ve been cut off because of that nasty coke and gambling habit you have.” She reminded her.

Her sister huffed her hands on her thin waist. “I don’t have a problem. I just need a million.” Chiara muttered.

A short laugh fell from Ríona’s lips as she turned away from her sister. She was her mother’s pride and joy, while Ríona was just a stand-in for the eldest son that their parents couldn’t achieve. Shortly, three years after birthing Chiara, their mother had found out about her cancer and it took her fairly quickly.

“You are getting nothing from have a man, oh but wait, he’s just a neighborhood drug dealer.” Ríona rolled her eyes.

Chiara scoffed, “I don’t have time for you to keep putting him down like that. He’s come a long way!” She snapped.

Ríona plopped down on the couch and crossed one leg over the other as she looked up at her baby sister. She could have any man she wants, she had just turned twenty but yet she’s still going so hard for a little boy that barely knew what the fuck he was doing.

“Why do you keep coming back then? You know exactly what’s going to come out of my mouth but here you are. Leave, let him take care of you.” Ríona flicked her wrist dismissively.

Chiara glared at her and Ríona stared right back uncaring. The shell of a woman is what her sister was, abusing drugs, and who knows what else. She was tired of trying to help but if she wanted to throw her life away then so be it. Ríona washed her hands of her six months ago.

“Rí, please. You know I don’t like to beg.” Chiara pleaded with her.

“ChiChi, I don’t have time or energy. I gave you two choices, walk away and get help or you can stay the fuck where you’re at with him. It’s that simple.” Ríona shrugged.

“I can just take it...” Chiara gritted.

Ríona raised a brow at her, “Is that a threat? Because taking anything of mine will get you killed, sister or not. You want to try me?” She questioned.

Chiara didn’t respond but turned her back, she rushed out of the door and slammed it behind her causing the walls to shake mildly. Ríona chuckled and shook her head, she was sure that her sister had finally lost her mind if she even thought about crossing her.

Reaching over to the side table next to the couch, Ríona grabbed her phone and dialed up a friend so that she could keep tabs on Chiara. As much as she loved her sister, nobody, not a single soul would be her downfall.

“Yes, Princess.”

“Hello, love. I need a small favor from you.” Ríona hummed staring at the grey-toned wall.


“Keep some eyes on Chiara, I’m not very trusting of her at the moment. I want to know every move she makes, importance or not.” She stated.

“Your wish is my command, lovely.”

“Thank you for your service.” Ríona smiled as she ended the call.

She leaned back placing the blunt between her lips, inhaling softly. Her head fell back against the couch and exhaled letting the smoke cloud her vision. She was ready for the pending bullshit.




Raziel leaned against the railing of the bridge, he looked up at the sky and the sun that was hiding behind the trees now. He was finishing up his evening. Pushing himself, he finished across the bridge and headed towards his car.

Once he arrived back home he was welcomed by his father’s shouting and things being thrown and shattering. It was a normal day in his family’s household. Walking upstairs he entered his bedroom and got a change of clothes ready before he hopped into the shower.

Turning on the faucet, Raziel let the water heat up to his liking before standing under the head. He leaned his head back and stared up at the shower ceiling and groaned happily. He washed up, doing what he needed before stepping out and wrapping his towel around his waist.

“Alright, now I gotta get to work.” He muttered to himself walking back into his bedroom.

He patted his body dry and tossed the towel away, he layered his body with each layer of clothing. His black sweatpants and black t-shirt clung to his body, he slipped on his sneakers before jogging out of his room.
Raziel’s next destination was the underground basement. As he passed by the living area, he saw that his parents were calm and having a normal conversation now. He entered the code into the elevator that would take him underground.

Tapping his foot he hummed to himself, the doors opened and he picked up a metal bat that was right at the exit. The sounds of a chair scraping against the floor and muffled screams swept through his ears.

“Ah, I see you still have the will to struggle.” He grinned.

The man in question rocked the chair that he was bound to back and forth, he glared at Raziel with full-on hatred and cursed him through his muffled mouth. Raziel chuckled and tapped the bat against his shoes as the man-made a commotion.

“Look, I’m already fed up with this song and dance. You’re not a snitch, I get that but what if I told you that I don’t need you any longer because I know all that I need to?” He taunted.

The man’s eyes widened as he began to rack frantically and practically scream. Raziel’s smile grew bigger at his reaction. It was true, he didn’t need him any longer but playing games with the damned was always an enjoyment for him.

“Oh, do you want to talk now?” He questioned and of course, the man nodded furiously.

Cautiously, Raziel approached him and pulled the grey duck tape from the poor man’s mouth. He stepped back and leaned on the bat with a smirk. The victim breathed heavily as he looked up at him through slits in his eyes.

“Whoever is giving you information, it’s all fake! All of it!” He sneered.

Raziel laughed inwardly, after the weekend he just had he knew for a fact that the idiot was spewing lies. His job was already done and he only kept the poor sap alive for games and a good laugh.

“So, tell me what’s the truth. Don’t keep me waiting but as soon as I find out that you lied to me, I’m smashing your skull in.” Raziel told him, staring straight into his eyes.

As the man opened his mouth and started spouting lie after lie, Raziel smiled and nodded as he went on and on. Chuckling, Raziel raised the bat and patted it into the palm of his hand before lifting it over his head and swinging into his victim’s face. His head went around with a strong force and a loud snap. Blood splattered onto his shirt and shoes.

“Damn, did I swing too hard?” Raziel asked himself with a smirk.

He could see the crater on the side of his victim’s head and the blood poured out pooling in the man’s lap. Raziel huffed and threw the bat over his shoulder as he headed back to the elevator. Pressing the intercom next to it, he let out a small sigh.

“Come clean up this mess, whoever is up there.” He rolled his eyes.

Tossing the bat back into the corner, he entered the elevator and went back to the surface. Upon entering his room, he threw off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.

“It never fucking fails, the shit always gets on everything.” He complained, throwing his sweatpants off as well.




His mood was dampened so he crawled into bed and pulled his phone from the charger. He decided to check on his best friend to see how she was doing. He propped a pillow behind his phone and called her on facetime.

He waited for her to answer as he made himself comfortable. Her face popped up on the screen and he grinned.

“Hey, Rí.” He greeted her.

She rolled her eyes at him and smiled, “Hey, Raz. What’s up?” She sat up a little bit.

“Where are you?” He questioned, noticing that she wasn’t in her bedroom.

“Why are you always in my business? I’m out of the country at the moment.” She scoffed.

“I see you took your attitude with you.” He chuckled.

“Never leave home without it,” she said, laying back down on her side.

They just laid there and stared at each other for a while, not needing to speak just to be on the phone.

“I’m closing my eyes.” Riona yawned.

“I’m watching you.” Raziel grinned.

“Creep.” She muttered.

“You love it, good night,” Raziel said as he laid down as well.

Soon all he could hear was her light snores while he stared at the phone, he quietly wondered why she never wipes off her eyebrows. She had some weird quirks and he loved that about it. His eyes were slowly drooping and he gave in to his own sleep.

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