Agianst All Odds

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Life was quite a gamble for twenty-eight-year old Harley Glenn. She was just never a good judge of character which usually led her to trouble on numerous occasion from boyfriends to friends she was just a magnet for trouble. Her life got twisted upside down one fatful night when she ended covering up a crime she didn't commit, with the help of her best friend, girl/friend and sister they must continue life as they normally would with the occasion lies and deception all they had to do was keep quiet, what could go wrong? One by one her family started dying all by suicide could this possibly have anything to do with the crime she commited, read the book to find out. (Inspired by the Netflix show 'You')

Thriller / Romance
Fiona Keogh
Age Rating:

Chapter 1:

This isn't how the night was supposed to go. It was supposed to be a chill get together with my boyfriend and our friends. Not cleaning up blood on the floor making sure no evidence of me being involved was left behind, I hated blood truly I did it made me nauseous. I had already emptied my lunch and breakfast on the tiles yet I felt like puking my intestines out, I didn't like the idea of conflict to the very core of my being so how I ended up getting into a physical fight with the dead girl I was going to burn later I had no clue. When I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me it was fair to say I saw red, after everything I did for him, constantly being there at his beck and call like a damn maid, constantly caring for his needs first this is how he repays me. But I guess this is what I get for being such a nice person, I honestly thought we were going to be together for the rest of our lives turns out I was barking at the wrong tree.

It wasn't my fault that she died, I just stood at the top of the stairs listening to her criticize and degrade me while emphasizing how amazing my boyfriend was in bed. I was infuriated any sane person would but again I never enjoyed conflict so I bottled up my anger like the well-mannered person I was, on the other hand, she got annoyed with me seeming emotionless and so she decided to take the laws of life and death into her hands and tried to push me down the fleet of stairs, quite honestly it would have been easy to cover up my death or attempted murder accusations since her family was extremely rich.

Luckily for me, I had fast reflexes so I stepped to the side and she tripped on the first step the force of her push carried her pummeling down the stairs, I was pretty sure she broke something by the loud crack of a bone-breaking. She laid sprawled on the floor eyes wide open and blood seeping out of her head forming a small puddle around her head. Panic overtook me as I sped down the stairs two at a time which was a terrible idea as I ended up nearly tripping over my own feet and ending up like her.

Damn it

Stupid rich people and their harry potter stairs, no offence to anyone. Why couldn't they just make them straight not like Maury's sexuality from Big Mouth that creature would fuck anything that had a hole it was oddly an amusing show to watch.

What have I done?

The first thought that came to mind was calling the police but that quickly went out the window when my logical side kicked in. From a logical point of view, this seemed like a crime of passion, for one because everyone knew my boyfriend cheated on me with her so jealousy is my motive and two to add fuel to the fire our earlier fight turned ugly pretty quickly if my friend didn't break us up we would've killed each other and I did happen to threaten to kill her a couple of times. Since i was a black woman it didn't help much either, I mean it was hard enough for a woman of my colour to report a crime and have it been investigated properly without some sort of personal payment to the cops and if you refused might as well pretend whatever crime you want to report never existed.

So basically the law was not in my favour and going to the police was a no go so I had to fix this myself fast before someone came to wonder whether we were still alive or at each other's throats again so in the end my paranoia got the best of me. I've watched a lot of crime shows and movies and by a lot I mean an unhealthy amount because I was a sucker for a good murder mystery so I wasn't completely in the dark but that didn't make me feel any less terrible for what happened. Veronica was a beautiful woman for sure, with her petite perky five-foot six-figure with curves in all the right places it was only natural she attracted a lot of male eyes everywhere she went. With a cute heart-shaped face, icy blue eyes and fair skin, it was no surprise she was a very lively girl and always up for an adventure. In every sense of the word we were the complete opposite of each other from the tone of our skin down to our personalities, so when I found out this is the girl my boyfriend was cheating on me with it was only reasonable that I flew off the rails I mean who wouldn't it was like infinite bitch slaps to the face by Mike Tyson.

...An hour ago...

"Thanks so much for inviting us Cole," I smiled at my childhood friend while doing our little secret handshake. A lot of my friends and family assumed Cole and I were going to end up together but we didn't see each other like that, Nora Ephron once wrote "Men and woman can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way" but Cole and I made it work sure there was a time I developed a small crush on him and when I told him he said he only saw me as his little sister which stung like a bitch but other than that we kept it platonic. Cole was basically a six-foot greek god with a bronze complexion, curly hair that I loved to ran my fingers through, his most attractive feature apart from his dazzling smile and lean muscular body was his hazel eyes that trapped your soul and shone brightly whenever he was happy. In a nutshell, he was basically a golden retriever who never got mad easily thanks to his laid back attitude but mention anything bad about his family, say your prayers because he will be on your ass like a jacked up aggressive pitbull.

"Like I wouldn't invite you to my own party" he chuckled a scent of nicotine surrounded him. Cole's only problem was his addiction to drugs, marijuana, coke, bath salt you name it and he probably had it stashed away on his body or backpack he never leaves alone. I tried to stray him off this addiction but I failed and each time after every attempt we would have a huge fight so I left him be not wanting anymore conflict between us.

"Right," I said rolling my eyes since there was a time he did forget to invite me to his own party because he was high af before the party even began.

"The crews at the back getting wasted" he informed us and whipped out a bud that he lit. This was his usual way of telling us to make ourselves at home just don't get lost in his huge mansion he calls a vacation home.

"He's bound to od anytime now" My boyfriend Liam muttered under his breath making me grit my teeth. Liam never liked Cole and vice versa and quite frankly he didn't truly understand how much I cared for Cole as if he were my own flesh and blood. Liam was what you would call a pretty obsessive guy, he just had to have everything his way and if he didn't he would play the, my dads, the mayor card and could make your life hell. True his dad was the mayor and he sure loved reminding everyone that, he was about the same height as Cole only an inch shorter with seafoam eyes, a built figure and a chiselled face with black hair. I have been told time after time that I got quite a catch or I found the one or better yet my favourite Liam was a bootylicious angel from the heavens who came to bless me an old lady actually called him that, sure he was good looking and said all the right words in public but once we got to his flat he would do a one-eighty and be a completely different person. He would constantly be laughing on his phone or laptop, The 'I love you's didn't feel like he meant it nor the bland quick pecks he gave me. It was like I was a dog he got but didn't want to get rid of so he gave it the bare minimum which included not loving it the same way he did when he first got it.

He wasn't the kindest man I've ever dated and sometimes I wonder why I was still with him I knew I deserved better than this yet I couldn't leave, he manipulated me into thinking he couldn't live without me and every time I tried to have a meaningful conversation about our future together he would shut me down with fake promises of love and I would fall for the bullshit and we would end up having sex and forget that whole conversation ever happened.

"Eyy here comes the couple of the century" One of Liam's friend greeted us practically stoned

"Sup Bobby" Liam greeted his friend with a bro hug

"Harley Quinn and the joker woohoo" Another stoned guy whooped excitedly raising his arms in the air

"Hey Liam" Veronica seductively purred at my man but I held in my rage because believe it or not they were high school friends as well and I had no right to be jealous because Cole and I were childhood friends and Liam never got jealous of him but that didn't mean I liked Veronica anymore then I like the idea of drinking a shit smoothy. Veronica was your typical barbie girl always trying to outdress every girl and flaunting her assets everywhere she goes even though her rich dad bought everything for her, I doubt there was anything in her life she bought for herself. At the age of twenty-seven, she was still a spoilt brat and had to have everything her way hence how she always tries to hit on my man even though he told her he wasn't interested in more ways than I can count.

"What took you guys so long?" Chad our native American friend asked

"Batman ain't no easy foe my friend" Liam joked plopping on an empty camp chair motioning for me to sit on his lap with a lazy smile, this was all a ploy to make it seem like we were such a cute happy couple even though we weren't. I sat on his lap and accepted a bottle of beer he handed me because I needed to be buzzed in order to tolerate being here for half the night. The night began quite normally with us all just chilling as we do every time we hang out together, our group consisted of me, Liam, Cole, Veronica, Michi, Chad, and Lila(Chads girlfriend) but Lila couldn't join us today and Cole invited some of his smoking friends. You could say Lila was kind of like my best friend we just got along so well and I was really disappointed she didnt make it, I was going to give her a mouthful when I give her a call for leaving me alone with a pack of wolves.

"Guys we need more drinks," Veronica said with a gasp like it was the greatest idea in history, she was a very light drinker, one bottle and she was already floating on cloud nine. I swear she got drunk by just the smell of alcohol

"Yess more drinks" Bobby happily slurred over his words trying to keep his head upright but gave up and rested his head on the chair.

"Someone come with me cause the basements kinda creepy" she whined with a pout that got everyguys attention.

"I'll come with you" Liam volunteered, of course he would go with her he always came to her defence like a night in shining armour. Sometimes I felt like something else was going on between them other than being just friends as they claim or maybe it was just my paranoia getting the best of me.

"Ten bucks says their going to fuck in there" Bobby laughed with Michi once Liam and Veronica were out of earshot, since I wasn't a lightweight and watched my alcohol consumption carefully I'd often be very silent and observe everyone like a hawk, sometimes the gang would forget I was even there because I was silent and pretty easy to forget about but mainly because I was small and made myself invisible.

Thanks for letting me know Bobby, I just knew something was off with those two.

I abruptly stood up attracting the attention of Michi and Bobby who looked like a fish out of the water with their jaws all the way to the floor.

"Harley, when did you get here?" Michi asked awkwardly, I didnt answer as I stormed into the house

"You imbecile" Bobby smacked Michi as I entered the house.

The pure rage that fueled me was unbelievable I never felt this rage before, I felt like a war machine set on the maximum speed with no safety breaks. To my most utter surprise, Liam and Veronica weren't in the cellar and so I thought of going upstairs to check the bedrooms only to stop short when I saw them making out at the top of the stairs not even having the decency to get a room, unbelievable. Veronica was pressed against the wall with her legs wrapped around Liam's waist as he grinded against her pelvis, her arms were around his neck with one hand roughly pulling at his hair. The pure passion they shared in the kiss made me sick to my stomach, she was kissing him so roughly and hungrily but he seemed to enjoy the rough treatment as he moaned into her mouth. I angrily ran up the stairs and pulled Liam away from Veronica who fell on her ass with a loud thud.

"Shit" She cursed when she saw me glaring daggers at her

Shit is right

I could not believe what I just saw, they couldn't even wait to keep their hands to themselves till I left. How did I even manage to get myself in this mess, maybe I should've stayed with Michi and Bobby and not ventured to find them because the pure hurt I felt was like a hot knife to the heart, I shouldn't have come here this isn't what I wanted to happen honestly being ignorant was absolute bliss. Now that I knew the truth I had no choice but to leave him and find myself alone in a small apartment waiting for the day I die, I didn't like being alone nor did I like the deafening silence I endured when I'm alone that's probably the reason why I stayed with Liam because he provided me comfort even if he was exploiting my emotions wasn't I doing the same thing by wanting only his presence at all times.

If I pretended to look the other way about their affair I would still have Liam making my flat a little less lonely, he would continue with his affair using me when he needed me and I use him to fill the void inside my heart. It was a good composition after all of us, who would be hurt if we knew what the other person truly desired if all the cards were laid on the table, isn't that how marriage works? If you fall out of love and don't want a divorce you find the little things to love till eventually, they're enough to keep a marriage together.

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