Desert Rain

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Chapter 10


Helquest watches the screens in the control room, making sure all is going smoothly, waiting. A heat image moves on the screen in the top left corner, shifting to a sitting position.

“Well, good morning,” he says under his breath before touching his earpiece. “Go in, Agent Sharp. It’s almost time.”

If this works out, he anticipates great things from the girl, but with the newest development, he may not need her. The sisters showing up at their mansion was a treat; he expects the data to reach him very soon. These girls are so breakable he knows they won’t be able to hold out much longer. And to think, the legendary Cadmar Morros trained them all. What a joke.

The image shifts in the dark again, bringing a smile to Helquest’s mouth. This will work out nicely.

Right before he gives Agent Sharp the go-ahead, the door bursts open, Agent McKennon storming in.

“Sir, a moment?” she asks, breathing heavily. Helquest nods. “The girl destroyed the files right before someone rescued them. They are no longer at the mansion. Fifteen agents lost, all shots to the head, and we don’t know where they’ve gone.”

Helquest stares at her for a long moment. So they will need the girl, but they’ll need to work her over. He could have used the sisters as persuasion if they hadn’t escaped.

“Get me the footage and send Marks in. I’ll need him to adjust it,” he snaps, receiving a nod in return before the agent leaves as quickly as she came in.

He’ll get what he wants, one way or another. He presses his finger to the earpiece again. “It’s time.”

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