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Mafia Queen

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When a mafia princess becomes queen and on the way to becoming the only mafia queen in the world she comes face to face with a Russian mafia boss what will happen? Let's see. stay tuned and know about it and when her life took turn and become a supernatural what do you think happens follow me to find out

Thriller / Adventure
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You might know me and you might not. I am scarlet the soon-to-be queen of the german mafia.
I am the firstborn some may say I am a killing machine, I am known to be cold, and brutal but with family, I am the most lovely creature. my father started my training when I was 11 years and tomorrow I will be 21 and officially become the leader, here I was trained really hard and prepared to never show mercy, to stay really alert.
I retained I don't know how many languages and I understand how to handle a situation this is me.
Now let's talk about my mom she is a real beauty. she has violet eyes very irregular and beautiful. She had red hair, my father is the most handsome man I have ever seen in my whole life, he had green eyes and perfect kept black hair, last but not least my bro his name is carl real troublemaker but I love him I trained him personally, his eyes are from my father green they are like grassland.
this is my family hey you forgot to tell me how I looked it is not fair: scarlet
Author: sorry scar how about you tell them huh?
Scar: why do I have to do everything? okay! I will tell them, I have dark black hair and have dark purple streaks in them and my eyes are not like my family I have red eyes and I am known to be the only one who has red eyes in the world I also have a tattoo on my wrist and chest.
Author: now can we continue?
Scar: yes! why not.
as I was saying before she interrupted I had the plans what I will do after crowning and I will become the CEO of my father's company

here are a few thing about the character of the start more are on the way.

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