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The Ripper's Blood Bath

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Darcy is more afraid of what's happening than anyone else. Before he knows it, he's being tortured by a psychotic vampire known as the Ripper. For him there is no escape; he will eventually lose everything to the infamous murderer.

Thriller / Horror
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The Ripper himself.

I didn’t know where I ended up, or how I got here. All I knew was that I was somewhere I’m not supposed to be, and I need to find a way back.

I was terrified, not because I was lost. I killed someone.

I killed someone and I didn’t feel regret for what I did to them, or how I did it. I was just so hungry, and I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.

It has never occurred to me that I could kill someone the way I did, but drinking their blood was the only way to make the pain go away, and I loved it so much. I wanted to keep doing it, to keep killing people, to have their blood, to taste it. There was no other way than that. I couldn’t get passed that.

That girl’s body was there on the ground, pale and not moving; there was blood everywhere, even on me. I knew she had a life and a family and friends, and now she’s dead. I killed her, and I wanted to find someone else who could get rid of the pain in my throat. I was still so hungry. I pulled on my hair as I sat there, shaking and burning up. I couldn’t make the pain go away.

I was still so hungry.

I heard someone coming this way. Immediately I wanted to go to them for help. This girl...I didn’t mean to...I need help.

They didn’t smell like this girl, they didn’t have a smell at all. I was hoping this was someone who could help me or tell me what to do because I’m terrified. The figure came out of the dark and came towards me, completely passing the body. My teeth were causing me pain; the closer they got, the more I wanted to pull my teeth out.

They’re like me!

They know how to fix this.

I got to my feet, more than happy to find someone that was like me. They could explain everything that’s happening because I have no idea what’s going on.

“Please help m-”

This man pinned me against the wall, his hand gripping my neck to keep me from talking. The pain felt different, like my head was almost ripped off. He was going to kill me. I grabbed tightly on his hand as I tried to pry it away but he kept his strong grip. His red eyes showed that he was angry, he even bore his teeth at me, making me feel threatened. I tried to get him to stop choking me but he wouldn’t let go.

“What do you think you’re doing, sweetheart?” he asked me through his teeth.

“P-please-” I choked.

“Last time I checked, you don’t belong here.” his hand got tighter on me as his glare thickened. I didn’t think I could feel anymore threatened than I was. “I’m going to kill you, just like you did to that girl.” he said and gestured down to the girl I killed.

I panicked.

“Stop!” I screamed before he could bite me. He did stop but he still stayed close to me. He growled lowly, his hand tightening around me as I choked on my shallow breath.

I couldn’t let him kill me.

He would bite my head off.

I ripped her head off. It was so easy. It took a second. Yet, I knew that wasn’t supposed to happen. I couldn’t stop myself enough to let her die in one piece. Now I don’t want to die.

“H-help me.” I begged.

His hand didn’t loosen. He stared at me, still showing me his fangs in his mouth as he thought of a good reason why he owed me. He doesn’t, but I need help, I need a lot of it. I want the pain to go away, I want it to stop. But I don’t want to kill anyone, I just want help.

“You want my help, sweetheart?” he asked me. “Do you really want my help?” he asked me, and I knew it was the worst thing to ask for from him.

He started to smile a bit.

“I will turn you into a monster.” he said and let go of me. My feet touched the ground and I could finally stand on my own.

I didn’t want to be a monster, I don’t want to be like this at all. I was scared that he was thinking this way. He pushed me forward, not giving me time to say anything else. I wasn’t sure if I should go along with it, but I know he won’t hesitate to kill me the first chance he gets.

I have to go along with him or he will kill me.

“Where are we going?” I asked hesitantly, my voice shaking as I looked up at him. He didn’t pay attention to me though, his eyes flashed red as he kept me walking.

“Somewhere fun.” he said and pushed me forward again.

I wasn’t sure about this, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go with him.

I just met him.

I have never seen him before. He is more intimidating than I could imagine a person could be. All the black he wore made him seem more terrifying. I don’t know why I was going into this, but just looking at him made me do the smart thing and go with him. I noticed that his fangs seemed larger than mine, that his eyes glowed redder than mine. I was scared to know that he has the power to control me.

We walked quietly down the dark street. The people passing me by made me hungry, made me want to kill someone. My throat burned as I desperately tried to control it. If anything, I wouldn’t make it that long. I need blood.

I saw so much blood in my vision. It was everywhere and I could have it all.

My throat burned as I smelled them, all of them having different scents. It scared me how much I wanted to kill them. I wanted their blood. Everywhere.

I want to drink it all.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as my teeth pulsed in my mouth. All I could see was red. I wanted all of them.

“Calm down there, sweetheart.” the man put a hand on my shoulder, stopping me from snapping. I came really closing to killing the lady that passed right by me.

Should I be happy this man stopped me?

I was furious. I was so hungry and I didn’t want to be stopped. If I had the strength to kill him, I would have, but he stopped me from trying to. My hands balled up by my sides and I tried to calm down. This behavior isn’t like me. I don’t...I’m not violent. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to kill everyone.

“You’ll have plenty of time to kill later.” The man said, moving his hand under my chin so he could move my head up to look at him. “Don’t give yourself away.” He said quietly, just enough for me to hear.

I didn’t breathe so I would snap and go on a rampage. I tried so hard to control myself. The pain in my throat was just getting worse and worse. He wanted me to have patience; I don’t know why I was trying so hard, but I continued to hold my breath so I wouldn’t smell anything.

He wanted to turn me into a monster.

I don’t...

I kept quiet.

We ended up walking to a crowded place. There were so many people here, and I couldn’t take it. I could hear so many heart beats, hear so much blood pulsing through veins. I couldn’t fight it. I felt my teeth in my mouth. So many of them were pressed together, dancing together under the humid air. All I could see was the blood. I don’t care what these people look like, who their friends are, or what family loves them. I just wanted blood, I wanted so much of it.

There were so many, and I will have them all.

“Take your pick.” The man said to me.

“I want all of them.” I didn’t hesitate to answer. My fangs were throbbing in my mouth. I wanted them all.

“You can have anyone you want.” he whispered lowly to me.

Everything in my mind went away, I just wanted someone that I could suck dry.

I could smell everyone. And with people moving so close around me, I wanted to grab them all. The man wasn’t near me anymore; somehow, he was gone. And I knew he was going to take his pick somewhere else.

I was free to do what I wanted.

Deep down, I shouldn’t be so thrilled to kill someone. I used to be human, too. I never had the thought of murdering someone just to keep me alive, but I was so hungry and the pain in my throat was killing me. I absolutely wanted blood. I wanted a lot of it. As much as I know its wrong, I need it more than anything.

A brunette girl picked me off. She was smiling and laughing and dancing near me as she held my hand, pulling me back with her. Her perfume smelled like oranges and vanilla. And her blood... I let out a hesitant breath, holding back my urges.

I let her take me with her. She was a carefree person. I could tell by the way she didn’t think before taking a complete stranger back into a private place with her. I couldn’t hide the way I looked. I was a mess. It was hard enough to hide the blood stains on my clothes, but human eyes are weak in the dark. She could barely see me, the fangs in my mouth, my strained eyes, the way I struggled to fight my hunger, but I could see her. She had short hair and it curled around her face, her sweet face. And her skin was pale and flawless. Her skin was hot, too, and I could feel her blood boiling underneath.

My teeth throbbed violently as I took in her scent. I was seconds away from biting her but she was taking me somewhere to be alone, to have a good time with me, and until then, I can’t do anything. The pain in my throat was driving me crazy, but I had to get through it, just so I could have her blood.

Beyond her perfume, I could smell how sweet she was naturally. My mouth was watering. I needed her now.

“Come here often?” she asked me as we were far enough away from the party. I could still hear the music just as loud as before, but she can’t; she thinks its quiet.

I can hear everyone from here.

Everything else wasn’t distracting enough. Every time I took a breath, I could smell her. I bet her blood tasted good.

“Not really. I just came for some fun.” I said and smiled; it was hard to keep my fangs from showing, but I just needed to hold it for a few moments longer.

“Well you found it.” she said as she pulled on my jacket.

I can’t believe that I’m going to end this girl’s life. I’m sure that if she hadn’t took me on first, it would have been someone else, I would have picked someone that smelled even better than her. I can’t even believe that she was still alive now. I should have killed her the second she touched me, I should have killed everyone the second I got here.

I can’t believe I’m not sorry for this.

I should be so sorry, I should be very sorry. I am about to suck the life out of someone that I don’t even know. I am going to kill her. That did make me sick to my stomach but at the same time, I didn’t care, I wanted to kill her, to drink all her blood and leave her here to rot. I just wanted her blood.

I am so sorry.

I pulled on her hair just as she was about to kiss me. Her neck was probably the greatest thing I’ve seen in the last thirty minutes. “I’m so sorry.” I said, hoping this might make her keep quiet. My grip on her head got stronger just as I bit into her skin.

She struggled but didn’t scream. She was hitting me with her fists but it only took a second to stop. I just wasn’t done yet.

Her blood was so hot in my mouth. I drank from her like it was the thing I needed most, like my life depended on this, and it did. I couldn’t have enough of her. Her blood dripped from my mouth as I tried to take more than I could hold. I desperately tried to get all of her blood, as much as I could drink at once.

Just like before, I kept digging my teeth into her neck, biting so hard into a body that could snap at the flick of my wrist. I didn’t care. I will squeeze this body of all its blood if I have to. I need to.

And as I got to the very last drop, her head fell off her body. Just like before. I stopped, prying my teeth from her skin as I saw her head on the ground, laying there.

I tore her neck with my teeth.

“No, no, no.” I said quickly as I got down on my knees, setting the girl’s body down against the wall. “This is not supposed to happen.” I panicked.

Her head won’t stay on her body.

I tried hard to get her head to stay on her neck, but it just rolled off every single time. This is just like before. I did the same to the body before. I didn’t want this to happen. I just wanted her blood, not to pull off her head.

I was scared, so scared. I was a terrible mess. Her head wasn’t with her body, it just rested between her legs as if it was meant there when it wasn’t. I ripped her neck and now her head won’t stay.

Behind me, I heard laughing. The man came back, and he was laughing at me. I didn’t understand, this was not funny. I turned to the sound of his bleak laughter. The sound of his voice gave me unsettling chills up my spine. He was enjoying every minute of this.

He...liked this.

I was confused. Why would this be funny to him? I just ripped another girl’s head off!

“Oh sweetheart, that was perfect.” he laughed loudly.

Why would he say that?

I just killed a girl because I couldn’t contain my hunger. He shouldn’t like this. He thinks its funny but it isn’t. He didn’t stop laughing as he clapped his hands. I didn’t understand why he would do this. Is this what he wanted from me?

He walked over to me and got down beside me, still laughing lightly, almost sighing. He took my face in his hand, making me look at him. His grip was strong to make sure I wouldn’t pull away. He wants me to be obedient.

“My beautiful ripper.” he said and smiled widely, his green eyes turning a bright red. I stared at him, confused.


I felt sick.

“You’re still hungry, right, sweetheart?” he asked me quietly, getting close enough to lick the blood off my mouth.

Hearing a question like that made me want to eat more. The guilt in my mind was still there, but I wasn’t satisfied with only two girls. I wanted everyone. I wanted to drink from everyone.

This man laughed as he licked my lips, sensing my body tense as I thought of getting more blood. He smelled just like blood, too. I wanted more. My teeth hurt and my throat was on fire. I could smell more blood somewhere else. It was everywhere.

I was so hungry.

He calls me Ripper because I rip my victims apart.

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