The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter Nine☽

Vixon makes me scared to live my own life.

No one knows about the Ripper the way everyone in my home city does. No one knows he’s here, or that he’s been killing people the way that he’s always been. One thing that Vixon is not, merciful. People think that the bodies they’ve been finding around have been committing suicide.

I want to know why Vixon is pushing people off ledges and making it seem like suicide. Does he still want to hide himself? Its not like anyone knows who he is. Does it matter if they did? No one can escape him.

Now that I have responsibilities, I have to own up to them. Vixon has yet to bother me the way that he usually does. I wasn’t grateful because he has been killing so many people.

I’m not afraid to go outside, and be a human like I should be, but I was scared that I would be dragging people down with me, innocent people. The last thing I want is to cause someone the pain that I feel but worse. I can’t help it if I have things to do, but the more I shut myself out, the more people are curious and ask me things.

I don’t like talking about the Ripper. Vixon should be the last thing on my mind, but he isn’t. I’m always thinking about how many ways he can kill someone. He can suck the blood dry from people, but now he’s experimenting with fake suicide. What’s next for him?

Its better if I’m not around people, but I don’t say no when I’m invited to events. I suck it up and go like I’m supposed to.

When it has to do with work. I can’t say no.

Dinner parties are not my thing. They say its for business, I know its only for pleasure. I don’t really believe that people do this over business. I wasn’t sure if I should be going, but I was invited, and I won’t say no because of my fear. There’s a lot of people here, so I’m sure it would be okay if I go. Vixon, doesn’t usually act around large groups of people.

I doubt that he won’t do anything however. He tends to amaze me with his...talents. Tonight, I’ll try to at least be human. Lately, all I’ve seen is death, but I need to at least try to live again. I can’t be depressed.

There was a lot of talk about Katie’s death. I tried not to say much. As far as everyone is concerned, I was not with her on her dying breath, she was depressed and committed suicide.

That’s not what happened. The rumor spread like wild fire though, and I had to go a long with it.

I was found the same night and immediately everyone found out about who I was. I’m the only person that survived a Ripper attack.

The police have tried to talk to me but every time I tell them it’s no use, that I can’t talk because I will get killed and it will be their fault. So Katie died by suicide, and I was the bystander that thought he could save her and ended up falling after her.

I didn’t want to be here because of that.

The brightness of the large room made me a little timid, I haven’t been in a place so bright and happy in a long while. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or frightened because of how unusual this is for me.

I felt like my tie was too tight on my neck. The pain of my bruises was making me wince every time I moved my head. I didn’t fuss with my tie. I just held my glass as a black haired woman approached me.

People know I had to be moved, that I was a survivor of a Ripper attack. I’m not technically a survivor, he’s just playing around with me. I won’t be showing any scars as proof. People have been asking me about it, but I don’t feel like conversing over something as dreadful as my recent past.

But the black hair woman in the blue dress came to me anyway. She probably thought it was her turn but I’m not as entertaining as she thinks. I wasn’t going to be hostile because she smiled at me, and I felt so warm to know that she wouldn’t hurt me, she only wanted to talk.

“I hope you don’t mind me coming over. I’ve heard you’re a bit timid.” she held her glass up to me.

Everyone talks.

“I don’t mind.” I answered.

She seems older than most people but not a grey hair was found on her head.

No one is ever interested in talking to a boring old associate, but they come to me because they know I have something interesting to say.

This woman was very interested.

I shouldn’t have come tonight, but I’m getting paid to be here, which I don’t understand. My fingers held on tight to the glass I was holding. I didn’t want to answer anything but I also swallowed my panic so I could talk. This should help me get over it. This should help...

“If you know what this murderer looks like, why don’t you report them?” Was her first question, and its always everyone’s first question.

If I know something, why don’t I say it? I have descriptions, I could save a lot of people. So why not talk?

“Its complicated.” I answered vaguely.

I’m trapped by a vampire but she wouldn’t believe that. Her eyes flashed in a very unsettling way, and it made me tense.

“Sibling?” She asked.

“No.” I answered.




I hesitated with that one. There’s a bunch of meanings to that word nowadays. Vixon has done a lot to me. Its not hard to draw a line because he’s done it all.

I would never show positive feelings toward someone like him. All I have inside me is fear and hatred.

I should find offense to this woman’s pestering but I didn’t. I pursed my lips tightly as I focused. She was watching me with her green eyes, and I bet she thought my hesitation was a give away when its not. I’m just intimidated by the fact she was so interested in a murderer.

“Not in the slightest.” I finally answered, sipping my drink as I looked around.

“I wonder why he would keep you alive.” she said. I glanced down at her. I wasn’t going to take offense to that either. I wonder why he keeps me alive too. “Not to be offensive, but he brutally murders his victims, its quite odd to see that he’s left someone alive.” she keeps getting more offensive, like she really wants me to feel something.

I don’t. Its hard to feel anything now.

“He’s probably watching now.” I said plainly. “He’s always watching. And I don’t want to get killed, so I don’t say anything about him.” I answered and looked at her.

I bet she thinks I can sacrifice myself to save a lot of other people. And I would love to tell her that’s not how things work. It’s not how Vixon works. He kills me, then he’ll go off being as violent as ever. It doesn’t matter. If I slip my tongue, I’m sure he’ll cut it off.

She doesn’t know I pay a price every time I say something I’m not supposed to.

“He’s always watching.” She repeated to herself as she looked away, drinking from her glass.

Now what does she want to know.

I would have responded but I just had half a mind to spit my drink out in shock.

Vixon was doing it again. He’s pretending to be human so he can fit in. I was going to be so sick of seeing him like this.

He did look like everyone else did. He blended in perfectly. He wore a tux, like every other guy here. His hair was slick back, and shinier than normal. His skin wasn’t even so pale under the black light. And he had a smile on his face, but that’s because he saw me, and it wasn’t a happy smile either, it was his normal devious smile. Its like I was looking into the devil’s face. My heart jammed in my chest out of fear. If he’s blending in, that only means he will mass murder every breathing thing in this place regardless if I say stop. He can look as fancy as he wants to, but he will still be the dark murderer that I know.

I almost crushed my glass from fright. My hands were automatically clenching, and it won’t take long to have wounds with glass in it. The woman thought I was listening to her, but I honestly wasn’t. I was too preoccupied with Vixon mixing in with other people.

I had to excuse myself. My nerves were jittery and was causing me to have anxiety. I have never been so scared in my life. What will he do here? I knew he would just amaze me. This made me dull. I wasn’t even in the mood to stay here anymore. I walked over to Vixon quickly, getting passed the nicely dressed people to the murderer in disguise.

“What are you doing here?” I asked quietly as I got in front of him. He smiled at me, wanting to answer that question badly.

“I’m hungry,” he said, and showed me his line of white teeth. No fangs, not yet. I panicked, feeling my heart twinge in my chest as I thought of any way that could make him stop torturing me. I don’t want him to kill these people. Its not fair.

“Please I’m begging-”

“Nothing you say to me will stop me, Darcy.” he said, laughing. “You know me better than that.” he seemed disappointed that I tried to bargain with him.


“You should maybe keep quiet and enjoy the show.” he said, and took my drink from my hand, sipping the champagne as his smile still lingered on his lips. “I’ll be sure to keep everyone entertained.” he said lowly in my ear as he handed me my glass.


When I blinked, he was gone, and I was standing by myself in fear, trying to comprehend what just happened. What is Vixon going to do?

I wanted to hide, I wanted to leave and lock myself up in my apartment. I thought my heart would never slow down; it wouldn’t. I was left clutching at my dress shirt till I wanted tear it off. It was too hot for this jacket too. I burned from fear.

I was so afraid of what Vixon would do.

I was frightened enough to pass out. Maybe even lose my sanity right here and cry harder than I usually do. I bring bad luck with me constantly. If I didn’t go out and swear that I have to live my life, people would not have a death wish tonight. Vixon was going to make it happen.

He might just be stringing me along. Vixon tends to keep his word, however. His actions will always speak louder. He says he’s going to keep everyone entertained tonight. Who is he going to hang? Would he do his worst? I was getting a little hot. Vixon doesn’t just trick me, he makes everything real. This is about to become my worst nightmare.

I went upstairs to the restroom to splash my face with water because I was becoming so sickly pale. My eyes were blood shot and sweat was pouring on my face. I used the water to cool me off and calm me down. It took me a while to let go of my nerves. My hands were shaking on the bathroom counter.

The fear finally got to me.

If I don’t leave now, I will only get sick. Vixon will kill these people whether I’m here or not. It would never matter for him, he would kill regardless of where I am or if I’m alive.

My nerves finally worked up and I was ready to just leave. I have to get out of here before I witness something I shouldn’t. I walked out of the restroom, finding myself alone in the hallway. Before, there were people chatting quietly, but it was quiet and it was only me. I continued to walk in the hallway, realizing how the walls were painted a blood red color. It was unsettling to be up here, but I held it down.

I passed one of the many rooms that had a door slightly open, but what made me stop walking was that I heard a thud in this room.

I should have ignored the sound, but my curiosity took over my mind. I know what I’m about to get into. I know. My hand moved to the wooden door, and I pushed on it lightly, opening it so I could see into the room.

There were people sitting around on the couches and chairs in the room. Their hands were on their laps and their eyes were open to look towards me. They barely even shifted as I peeked into the room.

To me, they looked like dolls how they were sitting.

Some were sitting on the floor, some were against the wall, some were on the table, and too many were sitting on the golden couch in the middle of the room. I continued to look around but I realized what happened.

The room was cold as these bodies sat there quietly.

Death lingered in the air.

Vixon killed these people. This was hunger, not for fun. When he’s hungry, he sucks them dry and places them back together for the torment.

This wasn’t the only thing he was going to do.

There was definitely more.

I turned and left, running towards the stairs before I could see something I didn’t want to. Already, I was breathing heavily, but that was from pure terror. I had to get out of here. I ran down the main stairs quickly, being flood by a bunch of people; no one noticed me gasping and sweating.

There were too many people dancing and drinking.

It was hard to make my way around.

I was trapped between everyone around me who were enjoying themselves. They have no idea what is about to happen to them. I spotted the entrance to the dance hall and was about to push my way there.

But then the lights were completely turned off.

I was hit violently as people screamed.

It was immediate.

Everyone was in a state of panic.

Too many people were running in different directions; if I were to fall, I would be trampled on. I was pushed around as others tried to get around in the dark. Flashes of lights were coming from phones all around the hall, but they weren’t on for long.

The screams were causing me to go deaf; if these people could calm down for a second, maybe someone could direct us to an exit.

Then again, Vixon won’t let anyone leave so easily. This was the entertainment, his entertainment. I was pushed against a table, and my first thought was to just get under it. There was nothing else I could do with everyone running around and screaming. They were like animals.

I hugged my knees close to my chest, rocking as I whispered that everything would be okay. Everything was going to be okay.

Blood curling screams rang through my ears, and soon I could hear bones breaking, and blood being spilled everywhere. They were being mutilated. All these people being completely destroyed all by Vixon. Bones were being crushed, blood was spilling, limbs were being pulled off. I’ve heard the sound too many times. I covered my ears tightly, hoping to distract myself from the sound of killing and death.

I could still hear their screams and cry for help as their blood was spilled onto the floor, and the table, and the walls. In the midst of it all, I could hear Vixon laughing. It wasn’t dark. It was like he was enjoying himself; it was the sound of fun. His laughing continued, not being drowned out by all the screaming. I could hear him. The sound made me shake with fear; would it make me cruel if I said that I didn’t want to hear anyone’s scream of pain anymore? Would I be terrible if I pretended nothing was happening? I was too scared to go out on my own now, I just wanted the fear to go away. I wanted every thing to stop.

Tears left my eyes as my hands clutched tighter over my ears. I told myself everything would be okay , that I was just being paranoid, and crazy. Vixon isn’t doing what I think he’s doing. Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay.

I can keep lying all I want, but I’ll be able to see everything once its done.

It was quiet, dark and quiet, and I was still crying like it mattered. Its not like I could stop the tears, but the screaming had dwindled down to none as everyone was brought to their painful death. No one was alive. I knew that. Vixon would let no one survive just because that’s how he is. It was silent and I was left sitting under the table as I cried silently to myself.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I wiped my tears. Could this be my get away? Or maybe I should just stay put for now. The silence became chilling. Vixon wanted me to come out. I moved out from under the table, not hearing a sound as I stood up straight. I didn’t try to find my way around in the dark, but I knew I needed to get out of here.

I was scared to take the first step.

All these people screamed for a reason.

The darkness fled once the lights on the chandeliers were turned on.

My hands were shaking as I stared at the blood bath.

Everyone was dead. There were bodies piled up on the flooded floor. There were body parts everywhere, organs everywhere, blood everywhere. I couldn’t think even think of how many were spread out. Vixon tore these bodies apart.

Blood was on the walls, the knocked over tables, ceiling, the chandeliers, everywhere. People were draped over the furniture, their flesh torn up to expose holes in their bodies. I couldn’t breathe in the iron scent of the large hall. I was so frightened by the chilling silence. I took a few steps back only to see I was walking in a sea of blood.

When I turned around, there was more blood and more bodies.

A head was laying on the ground right in front of me. A man’s head with black hair and brown eyes. The face that I saw was the last face he could show before he had his body torn from his head. His eyes were glazed over and his skin dripped blood on to the floor.

I could feel blood dripping on to me. I looked up slowly to see where it was coming from. On the chandelier above me, there was a woman in a blue dress hanging. It was the woman who talked to me earlier. She was impaled by the shards of the chandelier. Her blood dripped slowly from her fingers and it was getting on my suit. Her head barely hung on by a sliver of her skin. It was enough that the pieces of her body swung with the chandelier.

What do

I couldn’t move anymore.

The more I looked around, the more blood I saw.

There was no way out of this. I would have to step over bodies to leave. But as the sea of blood got bigger at my feet, I knew that I couldn’t stay here alone. I panicked, feeling beads of sweat form on my forehead as I breathed quickly, looking for my way out. If I don’t just run, I’ll be stuck with the dead until someone comes, and it will take a while for anyone to help.

I staggered back, looking for a way out. A man’s body had rolled over from the table, to the floor, landing in the pool of blood. It splashed around, staining what wasn’t already red. And his head rolled slightly away, stopping next to a chair. I covered my mouth, stepping back; when my feet didn’t completely touch the floor, I turned back to see what was blocking me.

I was stepping on someone’s arm.

It was a ripped off arm just laying under my foot.

My fingers clutched tightly on my face as I moved again, stepping right in front of another body part that was bleeding out. I was on the verge of crying.

Is there no where for me to go?

I hesitated, looking around until I found one way out.

I ran towards the bloody exit sign, splashing blood beneath my feet as I had to go over all these bodies. I was stepping all over the mixed up pieces just so I could leave. I tripped and staggered around but I was in a rush to get the hell out.

All these people are dead because of me. If I didn’t come, they wouldn’t be dead; in fact, Vixon wouldn’t have been drawn here.

I set everything up for him.

I ran with my life.

Tears kept blurring my vision, and it wouldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried. I could still feel other people’s blood on me, like it was all over my body, like they were creeping up on me to kill me for what I did to them. It made me run as fast as I could to get away from them, the feeling of guilt was strong enough to make me see things. But I kept running.

Outside was cold, but the squeamish feeling I had still under my skin didn’t go away even if I was freezing to death. As I ran, I tore my jacket off me. I didn’t want to be held back or stopped. I let go and kept running on the sidewalk, getting away from all the people and cars and everything. I didn’t care where I was running, I needed to get far away from everything.

My chest burned, like I was breathing fire, and I could taste the blood in my mouth. That was going to make me sick. All I could think about was the giant puddle of blood I had to run in, and how I accidentally stepped on arms and legs, and how organs would be squished underneath my shoes. I had to pass so many heads just to get out of that building with my life, I had to pass so many unrecognizable bodies and pieces, and step in so much blood. I wiped my eyes as I ran as fast as my legs would push me.

I have to get far away, I don’t care how tired I was.

My body was sore from days ago. I was weak from how Vixon treated me before. I undid my tie as I ran, letting it slip from my fingers and fall behind. My chest burned and my stomach was sore from the pain. My throat tightened, and I could already feel Vixon’s hands around my neck. I know what it’s like.

He’s nearby.

I feel it.

My escape was stopped when Vixon had me by my arms, pushing me against the wall. I only cried harder, feeling the tears mix with my sweat as air burned my lungs.

Vixon was drenched in those people’s blood. His hands got me soaked and it made me cry so hard as I begged him to stop touching me. I can’t take this, I can’t have him do this to me. It was hurting me too much to know that he was getting blood all over me.

“Stop it.” I sobbed, not able to control myself. He shushed me as he touched my face with his blood stained hands, making me shiver uncontrollably.

He hates it so much when I cry, but I can’t stop it when he keeps horrifying me. He was still getting blood on me, on my face and neck as he got me to shut my mouth. He pressed me harder against the wall as I felt his breath on my neck, like he was about to kill me. I was still crying, but I kept my mouth tightly shut when he licked my skin. I wanted to scream so badly.

But no one would hear me even if I blew out my lungs.

Vixon kept his mouth on my neck till his teeth scraped my skin. Then he pinned my arms on the wall again, biting me with all the force that he could. I almost choked as I tried to breathe. The pain was making me black out. My vision blurred and I was left shrieking weakly from the pain.

After all that, he can still drink my blood, too.

He did say all of that was for entertainment. Me being horrified was enough to entertain him. This is why he has fun with me, because when I’m scared, I’m the most entertaining.

I tightened my hands as I tried to get him away, but his grip on me was like being held down by iron chains. I wasn’t going anywhere.

He pulled his teeth from me but the torture didn’t stop there. He put his mouth on mine roughly.

Blood. I tasted blood.

He filled my mouth with my own blood. I was resistant, not wanting to swallow. I wanted to spit it out, I even tried to get away just so I could. I coughed and resisted him. But he pressed his fingers on my neck, and the shock of him grabbing me forced me to swallow. All of it.

It was hot, and I could feel every last drop going down my throat. There was a bitter taste left in my mouth as he licked my lips. My stomach flipped uncomfortably, making me sick. Vixon just made me swallow my own blood.

He let me go and threw me down to the ground. I tried to find my balance but he kicked me all the way down, and made me stay down. His foot pressed on my neck, keeping me down on the dirt ground as he laughed.

“I hope you were entertained, Darcy.” he laughed at me.“And I really hope you liked how you taste, because I love it.” he said lowly and got off me.

I was almost sick.

He made me drink my own blood. I hated the taste, I was tempted to throw it up, but I was too weak to do anything. My hands were shaking on the ground. I could only stare up at the sky as I focused on the warmth that I felt in my stomach and the after taste of iron.

After everything that’s happened today, I just wanted to die here. When is he going to kill me?

My vision turned black, and I passed out in the cold dirt.

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