The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter Ten☽

When I woke up, I still on the ground where I was before. Nothing changed. I don’t even think I was out that long, everything was just like how it was when I passed out.

I pushed myself up on my hands and got off the ground, sighing as I felt the how uncomfortable I was. Nothing would be able to make me feel a little better. Maybe I should have drank more at that party, that would have at least made me forget what happened. I rubbed my head where I got hurt, feeling the soft spot.

This is terrible.

Before I could make myself feel worse, I took my first couple of steps forward, walking out of the alleyway and on to the sidewalk. There were still no people on this side of the city, and its not like I could get a taxi or a ride home. If anyone were to see blood on me, they’d have questions. And with a thought like that, I heard sirens off in the distance, a lot of them; they were still far, but in a sense, I knew there would have to be many of them. They’re going to where the party was.

I just wanted to find my way home, I can’t handle the questions and interrogations tonight. I know I was in the middle of a blood bath but I can’t go through with seeing anything; I need a break.

I want a break.

My head throbbed as I walked home. I wasn’t scared or frightened, or fearful; the only thing I felt was loneliness. I keep losing people around me even if I don’t know who they are. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know. Every time I get close to someone, even talk to them, they get killed. Vixon doesn’t waste any time with that.

That’s why I was lonely.

I have to endure what Vixon does to me until he kills me. If that didn’t cause a void in my soul, nothing else will. I trudged on home, not feeling anything except loneliness as I walked. Hearing all the sirens made me feel like that.

It was hard to move my body. I wanted to give up on everything because all this was useless. I continue to try and pick myself up only to be kicked down over and over again. I should just stay on the ground and never get up, because if I do, I’ll only get kicked down again.

It was dark in my apartment. I just unbuttoned my shirt as I made my way to the bathroom in my room. There was a little light coming from the window. It was enough for me to see myself in the mirror. I grabbed the edges of my sink, breathing heavily as I started to feel sick.

That’s right, Vixon made me drink my own blood.

How long ago was that?

I didn’t want to hold it down. The taste of iron that lingered on my tongue made me gag. Now I couldn’t hold it. I felt my stomach churn from the unsettling warmth. I hated this feeling.

I threw up in the sink.

My fingers tightened as I felt everything in my body try so hard to get back to normal. It hurt so much, but it wouldn’t stop. I just can’t hold it.

After a while, I got too tired, and I could barely hold myself up anymore. Sweat mashed my hair around my forehead and neck. The heat made me feverish. My knees shook as I grabbed tightly on the sink.

“Don’t want to hold down a little blood?” Vixon asked behind me. I wiped my mouth as I looked up into my mirror. He was sitting in the bath tub.

He’s been here the whole time.

“What are you doing here?” I groaned.

“Does it matter?” he asked as he got up and stepped out of the tub.

He walked over to me, and I didn’t smell the awful odor of blood. In fact, he changed clothes. I could faintly see the collar of his grey shirt as he walked in front of me. The brightest thing here were his red eyes. I breathed heavily, looking away as I grabbed tightly on the sink, not wanting to let go.

“You’re weak.” he said, and I knew it was an insult by how he said it.

I didn’t even respond.

“But you don’t give up that easily.” he added, lifting my head up with his fingers. I looked at him, into his eyes. He was not impressed. “When will you break, Darcy?” he said quietly, hoping that one day soon I will crumble by his fingers.

“You kill too much.” I said weakly.

“That’s what I was made for.” he laughed.

“No.” I said. I bet it wasn’t. “You’re choosing to do this. Don’t say you’re made for this because you weren’t.” I said to him.

He narrowed his eyes and let go of my face. I know I stepped out of line, but he’s under the wrong impression right now. I don’t know where or who told him all this was okay, but I bet there was a point in his life where he was just like how I was.

He was human at some point, wasn’t he?

I know he was.

“What makes you think you know anything?” he asked. I know nothing. “I consider you that painful piece of humanity that I still have kept hidden. When I break you, I’ll finally be able to do whatever I want.”

He puts his victims back together because there’s a part of him that cares. He says it’s small but it’s still there. When he finally gets me to snap, that’s when he’ll know that there’s no point to holding on to whatever he’s feeling. He’s been trying so hard to get me to lose it, and I haven’t yet.

He wants me to break.

He wants me to snap and go crazy.

I just...

He killed my family. He killed my friends. He killed people I talked to. There’s nothing more that he can do to me. There’s nothing he can make me see that I haven’t seen before. I want to give up. There’s no point to going on. It’s like being disappointed over and over again.

After seeing people die over and over again, I’m starting to get tired.

After what happened tonight, I realized that I’m weaker than I thought I was.

Vixon will win.

It doesn’t matter.

He walked by me, and put his hand at my back to bring me closer to him. He was hungry. By the way he breathed, I knew he was sniffing me, giving in to his hunger.

“Stop,” I uttered quietly, but he wouldn’t.

“I don’t know why I restrain myself around you.” he said bitterly, still breathing deeply. “You’re so lucky that you’re still alive.” he said through his teeth.

This isn’t being lucky.

I want to die.

“Stop.” I repeated but he didn’t. He breathed on my neck, giving me goosebumps all over my body.

Then he bit me. I didn’t scream, I’m smarter than that. My hands balled up against his shoulder, and I wanted to hit him with all my strength, but I would feel like nothing to him. He wouldn’t notice I was trying to get him off me. His teeth kept digging into my skin, creating a new wound over the ones that were healing.

My hands dropped to my side when I felt too weak. He was making me tired. He kept his hold on my hair, but it loosened as I started to give up. His teeth kept digging and digging into my neck, but the pain was fading as my mind slipped from me.

I was so weak that I could barely last a couple seconds of him drinking my blood.

I had to give up.

How much weaker am I going to get? My body felt the weight of the fatigue. I was just so tired.

Everything seemed like a blur at this point.

I felt when Vixon pried his teeth from my neck. The wound felt heavy but it wasn’t painful. Before I completely slipped away, he licked the wound on my neck. And again, his teeth cut into me.

I blacked out by then.

I woke up startled and confused. My body jolted up and I immediately started looking around to see where I was. My room hasn’t changed. Nothing was wrong. I was where I was supposed to be. Vixon was in front of me, watching me with his bright red eyes. He stared hard for some reason. He hasn’t done that before. I wanted to inch away but I didn’t move. He just continued to stare in silence.

What does he want?

“Do me a favor, Darcy.” he said, almost smiling as he came closer to me. I tensed when I felt his breath on my neck. The pain of him just breathing on me made me wince. “I’m hungry.” he said lowly.

How many times a day is he going to abuse me, use me, and destroy me? I just got up from passing out because he couldn’t keep his teeth to himself. What more does he want?

“Obviously you’re too weak, so instead of killing you now, I want someone else.” he said quietly in my ear.

He wants me to pick for him. He wants me to go outside and pick for him. I wasn’t up for it. I remembered last time, and how he killed the girl I picked at random. And even if I don’t pick someone, he’ll kill anyone.

He doesn’t need me for this.

He can find victims by himself.

“Help me, Darcy.” he whispered in my ear as his hand ran through my hair, his fingers tracing down my neck as he lifted my head up. “It’s about time you start killing people again.”

I held my breath.

I’ve always been leading people to death. Ever since Vixon targeted me, that’s how it’s been. Now he wants me to think that I’ve been the one killing people.

I just...I didn’t want to do this.

I didn’t stop him from pulling me forward; my body was too sore to stop him. His tongue traced my skin, licking across my cheek, then to my lips. My body shivered as I felt the adrenaline pumping again because of the fear. I thought he would leave me alone, but he wouldn’t.

I have to go outside with him.

I have to do what he says.

I closed my eyes, stopping the tears from overflowing. I’ve gone through this before. I’ve seen this before. If I just give in, he will leave me alone for at least a few days. I know I was hoping for too much, but thinking the way that I do is the only way I can keep going. Plus, Vixon doesn’t like it when I cry, I haven’t forgotten that.

He has a lot of control over me.

The Ripper was all over news. After last night’s blood bath, they finally realized that he’s been around all along. Everyone as dead. People investigating the matter decided that it wouldn’t be helpful to try and piece people back together to give to their families for funerals. With almost everyone in shreds, there’s a chance they would get the limbs to the wrong bodies. It would take too long to analyze their limbs as well.

Vixon made it difficult which he never usually does. He puts the bodies back together himself if he feels like it. This is the first time he has done something so flashy and extravagant; and as much as those are the wrong words to use, he did get everyone’s attention by doing what he did. It was horrific.

Now that it’s over, I think I was surprised that Vixon went that far. All those people had family and friends, and people that cared about them.

I was uncomfortable being outside. I wanted to stay in my own apartment, but for now, that’s my only safe place, and if Vixon starts killing people near where my safe place is, I will have nothing. Again. I have to do what he says so he doesn’t take his anger out on me.

Vixon wanted to me to pick someone for him to kill out in broad day light. He said he was hungry so I was expecting a clean kill. Nothing wild, nothing for show, he will get it over with.

So it shouldn’t matter who I pick.

However, Vixon is very picky.

“How about him?” I asked quietly, pointing slightly to a man with black hair.

He was visibly older; he had wrinkles and I could see his grey hair from here. Stood by a building, smoking a cigarette as people walked by.

“He’s a smoker. Try again.” Vixon told me.

I didn’t think that he would tell me no, but this is not the first time he’s rejected someone that I picked. It made me feel relief but there was something else that made me want to rip my heart out.

Someone else has to die.

I looked around again, getting distracted by all the people that were walking around. They don’t know what’s about to happen, they don’t know that I’m silently picking Vixon’s next kill. As I looked around, guilt filled my chest.

“Her.” I pointed to a woman with a big hat on. She walked slower than the rest, but she looked young.

“She has a heart problem.” Vixon said quietly. “Try again.” He said to me.

I can’t keep doing this anymore.


“How many people are you going to list before you pick someone that I can actually feed off of.” he asked me plainly.

I didn’t think he would care who he killed. He sure has shown that much. He doesn’t like smokers, and people with heart problems are crossed off the list. I have to remember that he’s feeding off these people. This is different. He’s actually hungry.

“I didn’t know you had a preference.” I spat out as I glared at him.

He does know that I can’t sense people like he can. I don’t know all his preference. I didn’t even know he cared. What does he want me to do? He’s the one that told me to pick people. It’s frustrating that he keeps telling me no. I just want to go home.

Vixon looked down at me, almost smiling. It was the devil’s face he was showing me. I shouldn’t have snapped at him. He put his hands in his pockets and turned to cross the street with everyone else. He left me in the shade without saying anything.

Yet, I instinctively knew what was about to happen.

He was walking behind the woman with the hat who was clearly occupied as she walked. And before I knew it, he moved his hands quickly. Then he was gone. No one was behind the woman, who fell to the ground, headless. Screams filled the air, as people saw her head roll into the street, in front of a stopped car. Her blood followed, soaking the black pavement in red.

I stood there, completely helpless.

He killed her, around so many people. If I hadn’t said anything, this wouldn’t have happened. hands balled up at my side as I searched for Vixon in the crowd of people, unable to find where he was. He could be near anyone, he could be killing anyone.

My hands shook as I took a step back, people were running by me quickly, screaming at others to get away as well. In the midst of it all, the Ripper was someone here in the streets, killing someone before they could see.

Vixon was behind the old man I pointed to before the woman. He was going to kill everyone I listed. His eyes were on me as he took the man’s head, twisting it in a way he shouldn’t have. This man’s head came right off without struggle, and Vixon dropped it to the ground without a care as the man gushed blood. His body fell against the wall, blood spilling from his wound onto the sidewalk, making people scatter as they tried to get away from the dead body.

Vixon was gone again.

I took another step back, feeling my heart pound violently in my chest as people in the streets began running for their lives. No one noticed that Vixon is doing this, all they cared about was getting the hell away from here.

As more blood spilled on to the street, more heads came rolling off, leaving bodies to fall to the ground. I turned to run with everyone else, to leave and try to find somewhere Vixon won’t be, but he was behind someone in front of me, tearing their head off with out a second of hesitation.

Their head stopped at my feet, their eyes were still moving in their head, and it made me scream with everyone else.

I can’t get out of here, Vixon will stop me from moving forward. There was no one that could even help me.

Vixon’s hands dripped with blood as he stood in front of me, smiling. All this to disprove what I said before. If I had kept my mouth shut, he wouldn’t have gone on a useless killing spree to spite me. I stared at him.

Will he kill me next?

That wasn’t my concern.

“I’m still hungry.” He stopped smiling at me as he stepped closer to me.

Why isn’t anyone...why would no one say anything... don’t they see him? Or maybe they’re too scared. Who was going to stop to help me?

I had to help myself.

I still hoped that I could make it far away from Vixon. I still hoped that I would never stop trying. Right now, I didn’t stop.

I just ran the other way.

I can run as far as I want, but I will never be able to get away. Deep down, I lied to myself and said that wasn’t true. One day I’ll get away. That was the only thing that kept me going.

I mixed in with the crowd, running down the street. Everyone was screaming nonsense. Parents tried to get their kids, siblings were calling out to each other, people just wanted to get out of here.

Behind me, I heard people being killed. I heard how their bodies hit the ground, how blood hit the walls of buildings and splattered on the sidewalks and cars. I could hear their screams too, their shouts for help. I didn’t turn back. Vixon was giving them a chance to scream on purpose so I would hear.

He’s killing everyone because of me.

I ran a different way, where the larger crowd wasn’t. Only a few people tried to get away this way. I kept running.

I had to keep going till I was alone.

I want to be alone.

If anyone else is near me, they’ll be killed because Vixon thinks its fun just to see my face, to see what I look like when I’m scared. I just had to get away.

He didn’t have to kill these people. He does that to mess with me. That’s it. If I had kept my mouth shut, none of that would happen.

I kept running.

Hands wrapped around my neck, and the next thing I know, I’m up against the wall of a building. I squirmed around, trying to fight Vixon and his grip but it didn’t work. His growling filled my ears as his hand tightened around my neck, making it harder for me to breathe. I tried so hard to get him away from me but it wasn’t working.

“You shouldn’t run away, Darcy.” he told me lowly. That’s what I’ll do if I have to. I can’t stay near him anymore. “You’ll just end up like all those bodies there if you do.” he said to me, letting go of me.

I fell to the ground, covering my mouth when I saw what he meant.

There was a pile of dead bodies. It was everyone he killed.

He piled them just so I could see.

At the top was a head. It was a girl’s head with curly hair. Vixon didn’t spare her. Her body was probably under the large pile. Blood dripped to the ground, forming a puddle that will soon flood into the street.

“Does it scare you?” Vixon asked quietly.

Of course it scares me!

I couldn’t answer him. I felt too sick to. My hand stayed clasped over my face. I was so hot, but I felt cold from seeing how many people Vixon killed today in the last thirty minutes. He’s destroying people for the fun of it.

“You’re​ always crying for people you don’t know.” he sighed, not liking the fact that I was tearing up. “Its honestly annoying.”

He hates it. I know that. But I don’t care.

“You’re killing innocent human people and you think its funny?” I snapped, feeling the rage in my stomach as I looked up at him. Tears streamed down my face as I yelled at him.

I made the second mistake.

“Of course I do.” he was right in front of me, holding on to my face tightly. His mouth was pressed on my neck and I know he was seconds away from biting me, maybe even killing me. “I can’t wait for you to be next.” he said quietly, as if he couldn’t hold his urges.

He’s always wanted to kill me, but messing around with me is more fun for him. The fun lasts longer if I’m alive.

I trembled slightly, feeling my scream in the back of my throat. His hand was over my mouth before I could hear my voice. He didn’t bite me, but he kept a tight hold on my mouth just to keep me from screaming too loud.

“After all this time, you still want to scream?” he asked in my ear. He sounded a bit disappointed in me. “You should know better by now Darcy, no one will ever hear you.” he said, his tongue tracing my skin, sending me in shock.

I was still crying. Every time I glanced to the side, I saw all those bodies in a pile. There was blood everywhere on their clothes and skin. I saw their heads poking out from underneath other limbs. And that girl’s head resting at the top was facing me. Her eyes were on me.

Vixon did this...

I just didn’t know how to handle it anymore.

He finally let go of me and got up, leaving me on the ground to sit there.

My first thought was to run. I was going to, I don’t care. I need to get away from the blood, these people, and Vixon. This is a nightmare and I can’t take it. After everything I’ve gone through, this was my breaking point. I can’t take it anymore.

He had his back turned to me, staring at the pile of bodies on the ground. Its not like he wouldn’t notice me getting up. But it didn’t stop me from trying. And he didn’t stop me.

“You can run if you want to Darcy.” he laughed as I made my escape. “I’ll just come find you.” his laugh got louder and I could hear him as I ran.

It was like he was still near me. I could hear him.

I can run, but he’ll just come find me.

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