The Ripper's Blood Bath

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The killings are still going on, and its worse than what Vixon could have ever done. More people are being found ripped apart, and dead. There’s blood being spilled everywhere, and everyday I go outside, there are police officials and investigators around every corner.

I knew all this was too good to be true. I should have known something like this would keep going.

That man must be on a killing spree.

But to me, he didn’t seem like the type to do something like this. Its like he doesn’t have time for humans or to just rip them apart. He reminded me of someone who would have other people do what he wanted. That’s what he struck me as.

Whoever is doing this is more violent than Vixon could ever be.

I have never seen someone treat the human race so cruelly. I can’t even watch the news to see what’s going on now because I’m too scared to know what’s happening.

As much as I really want to, I don’t stay locked up in my apartment. I had to get another job because everyone I worked for got killed in that blood bath Vixon did. I think the new Ripper is going to top him for most killed in a couple days. Vixon was a sociopath, but the new one has to have a more violent word to describe him. I really want to stay inside more, but nothing stops this new Ripper.

Nothing will ever stop him.

Unless that man comes back. But I doubt he will. There has not been one survivor of the new Ripper. Everyone is ripped to shreds, and no one can out live something as terrible as that. That man who killed Vixon is the only man who can stop this I suppose. He will never come back. No one will ever stop this new murderer.

People barely filled the streets now. No one wants to come outside.

And its really silent at night. But I can swear that I hear blood splatter in the far off distance. There wouldn’t have been a difference if I drove home from work, if the Ripper wanted to attack me, not even being in a car would stop him from doing that.

I always walk fast, sometimes even run.

Sometimes, I see people running too and all they want is to get home and not have to deal with being outside where its easier to get killed. It kills me to see that there would be kids out here, screaming and crying because they can’t keep up with their parents.

I don’t know anything about this new Ripper, but unlike Vixon, he really doesn’t have a preference.

He kills everyone.

Vixon had a preference. He had a distaste for anyone who smoked or drank. If their scent repulsed him, he would just kill them and find someone else to drink blood from.

But this new Ripper is more on the violent psychopath side where Vixon wasn’t. I bet he barely even drinks blood. Its always on the wall, splattered everywhere. Sometimes, there’s hand prints where people would try to get away, other times, there are body parts bleeding from where they were ripped off. Ripper would be written where victims are killed. There is always blood everywhere. The new Ripper is a psychotic mess.

Vixon was more put together than this new Ripper.

The Ripper is wild, he goes on rampages, it seems like he has tantrums. He’s a sporadic killer. Vixon wasn’t...well, on his best days he wasn’t like that. Vixon thought it was fun. He did it for entertainment, not out of rage.

This is why people run home, and never come back out. No one wants to have their body parts all over town, or their blood completely spilled everywhere. No one wants to die at the hands of a murderer.

I could hear it from here, skin being torn, bones being broken, parts being ripped off. I could hear it from where I was.

It should be paranoia, maybe traumatic stress, but I know the difference between what’s real and what isn’t.

I was in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

I ended up running just so I could get away, but as I ran, I felt like I was getting any further away from where I was last. My feet hit the sidewalk, but I felt like I wasn’t moving. The sound of blood was everywhere, and it wouldn’t stop. It just wouldn’t stop.

My tears mixed with my sweat as I tried my hardest to make it home. My lungs were burning as I breathed in the cold air quickly. My hands shook even if I had them tightly clenched. My legs were seconds away from giving out just because of my fear. I don’t want to get caught up in a mess like this.

As I turned the corner, I saw what I was hearing the whole time. The street light couldn’t reach far to the scene, but I still saw in the darkness.

Blood was hitting the wall as the murderer tore a person’s arms from their body. He was beating them violently as more blood hit the wall. It was drenched in blood, just painted completely.

The Ripper was angry.

This person was now nothing but a complete mush of organs and bone. Blood leaked from the alley, all the way to me. There was so much of it. As I peered deeper into the darkness, I saw that it wasn’t just one body he destroyed, it was more than one. Remains of more people were in the alley way in piles.

I covered my mouth to keep quiet and to stop myself from vomiting right on the spot. The Ripper was so occupied with this dead body that he didn’t notice me yet.

There were so many bodies that he had stacked up on each other. The light showed enough of torn flesh and body parts on the ground. The shadow was enough for me to see how big the piles were.

I wanted to make a run for it, but my legs wouldn’t move from fright. I was too scared to do anything. My fingers were tightening over my face as my body began to shake. I was terrified of being here, but I couldn’t move my legs. I was so paralyzed.

So much blood everywhere. It got to my shoes, and I didn’t even move back. I couldn’t.

The Ripper stopped and it was silent where I was. I couldn’t hear a single thing now. He sighed loudly and looked up at the sky as if he was bored. I didn’t even think of moving away. He knows I’m here, so he could stop me.

He looked my way, and in the midst of all the darkness, I could see his white teeth as he smiled towards me.

“Did you come to play with me?” he asked me.

My heart jammed in my chest when I heard his voice. He was serious about killing me. Just like Vixon, he thinks this is all some game he can play. He laughed when I didn’t answer, and when he started getting up, I backed away quickly, not wanting to get caught up in this.

He was in front of me in the blink of an eye, and he was still smiling, showing his perfect white fangs that weren’t stained with blood.

But every other part of him was.

His dark clothes dripped blood to the ground, right into the puddle he was standing in. His hands were covered in it. His face had drops of blood too; his blonde hair was dyed in it, the tips burning a bright red as it dripped to his shoulders. But his teeth were still pure white because he never drank any of those people’s blood.

He brought his hand to his mouth, licking his fingers, as he watched me with cold blue eyes before they turned red.

He was much taller than me, and broader too. His arms were bigger and stronger. He had a tougher, meaner look than Vixon had. They’re both crazy. This one just looks crazier.

I kept my hand tightly over my mouth as I felt myself shake from being watched.

“You smell good.” he said, and he licked over his fangs. “You wouldn’t mind sharing, would you?” he asked before he put his hands on my neck.

I’m still living a nightmare.

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