The Ripper's Blood Bath

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I woke up to silence. My room was clean and just the way I left it a few days ago. I didn’t know how I got here. For some reason, it feels like it isn’t real. Its not like I can remember what happened before or how I got here but it doesn’t seem right. I looked at the white ceiling and the white floor and the white bed spread.

Usually its a mess in here. Usually there’s blood in here. Usually there would be bodies and body parts here.

But there wasn’t.

My heart started to race. This isn’t real. I know it can’t be. I’m just not that lucky. I got out of bed, still looking around. This will become my nightmare. I won’t even be able to make it out alive. It was hurting my chest. I couldn’t breathe because I was so scared.

If this isn’t real, then why am I panicking? Why am I so scared for?

I walked to the door for the room and opened it. Everything was still clean. There wasn’t anything out of order in my apartment. Not one thing. For once, I didn’t have to see dead people around. I thought I should feel relief but I didn’t because I know this isn’t real. Just because there isn’t a mess, doesn’t mean its real. In fact, it just confirms that this is my nightmare. But it was quiet anyway.

In the middle of the room, Vixon stood quietly, his arms folded over his chest. His face was pearl white which is odd because he would always have blood on his skin. He watched me with cold brown eyes and waited for me to do something. I didn’t want to. Vixon should be dead. I was there when it happened. But he’s in front of me now and being patient and quiet. Its not like him. This is how I know it isn’t real.

Should I go near him?


I should stay here, where its safe. If I move he will kill me. If Vixon could rise from the dead, the first thing he would do is kill me on the spot for what happened to him. No. That’s too easy. He would make me suffer, but worse.

He would kill everyone I simply touched or smiled at. He’s already taken my family from me but he knows he can make me feel worse about everything.

I looked at Vixon in the eyes and I felt overwhelmed with his glare. If I move, everything will shatter and it will become a nightmare, but I won’t wake up unless I do something. I need to wake up. Vixon looked as unreal as ever but once I take this step, everything will change and become how I know it. Vixon will attack me and I will beg for my life. And when he kills me, I will wake up to the real nightmare. Was it worth it?

I’m probably dead.

But I want to get away from Vixon. I can’t take this every time I seem to pass or fall asleep. My heart was going to burst out of my chest from the terrible pressure. My hands were clammy, my breathing sped, and I could now barely think straight. I was scared of the monster in front of me.

“If you’re scared of me, why am I still here?” he asked me. I shuddered at the sound of his voice; I remembered everything he ever threatened me with, how he laughed at me, how he made me suffer. I was constantly being harassed by him and now this.

“You won’t leave me alone, even when you’re dead.” I was bitter and scared. I had this burning pit in my stomach that was making me sick.

“Dead? Darcy, do you really think I was killed?” he came closer to me slowly, uncrossing his arms. His eyes made the room colder, made me colder. I didn’t like his question.

I watched him get killed. I know it happened. He can’t tell me it didn’t.

He smiled at me when he was in front of me, and I froze. Everything froze. I was still as I looked into his eyes. He’s angry, he is very angry with me. I know his faces, I know everything about him, I just know. He’s angry. Its because I was the reason he was killed. He really could come back, he would torture me for eternity.

“I’m as real as ever.” he twirled a strand of my hair. “I could never leave you, especially when I haven’t had my fun.” he said.

His hand grabbed my neck tightly, his fingers digging into my skin. I remember this far too well. It hurt worse too. My hands held on to his wrists, trying to get him to let go so I could breathe, but he was too strong. There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t get air into my lungs no matter how hard I tried. He was choking me. His smile faded, and he bared his sharp teeth as his eyes turned bright red. This is him. This is the Ripper that I know so well.

“I will never stop torturing you, Darcy.” he said loudly. “You can’t get away from me. I will always be right next to you.”

I blacked out.

But when I woke up, I woke up for real this time. I wasn’t shocked to see the view of the black sky. And I wasn’t shocked to see things from the view from the ground. It was cold in the dirt. My body was numb too. I didn’t try to get up, its not like I would be able to stand anyway. I laid there, feeling the dull pain as I looked up at the dark sky. There were no stars tonight. I blinked slowly and breathed.

What if I stayed here all night?

I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to. I have to get this dirt off me, I have to treat my wounds, I have to get the blood off me.

Now I remember, this isn’t dirt, its blood.


I got up quickly, falling to the ground as I realized that what I was laying in was not dirt or blood. I felt the tears in my eyes as I got to my feet. My hands were bloody, soaking in the red substance as I looked at the pile of mutilated bodies. There were organs falling out from different places, limbs broken and

hanging by a thread of skin, people with miss matched pieces. I was on top of all that. I was soaked in their blood and other fluids.

Why was I on the top of that? Am I dead? No. Vixon would destroy me in the after life.

I’m dealing with someone else now.

I took off running, wanting to find my way home but I barely took enough steps to get out of the alley way. I hit a hard wall and stumbled back, almost falling.

The new Ripper was in front of me. For some reason, he spared me. Or he thought I was dead so he threw me on top of his pile of dead bodies. This is only one of them. He left more around the city. This Ripper looked down at me smiling as he licked his fingers that had blood on them. He killed more people. There was fresh blood on his skin, in his blond hair, on his clothes. While I was out, he went and killed more people. Why would he come back for me then?

“I thought I killed you.” he sounded so sure too. But he didn’t rip me apart. He left me the same. So did he really try to kill me?

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I backed away from him. There is nowhere I could run to. I can’t even run away from him. I shouldn’t beg for my life, it will only make him want to kill me more. No. I’m thinking about Vixon. He hated the weakness I showed but its not like I could help it. He was torturing me. This ripper listens, but he causes horrific damage. Its terrible.

I turned around but the blond Ripper was in front of me. I can’t get away from him.

He touched my hair and trailed a finger down my cheek before he pressed his hand to my neck. I was hurt here but he touched me anyway, making me wince from the pain. For some reason, he would seem kind and sweet, and when I least expect it, he would become the darkest person on the planet. He kills for entertainment, and he does it in so many different ways too.

Him touching me made the tears spill over my cheeks. I know he’s going to inflict pain on me. That’s why I’m so afraid.

He moved me to the wall. I blinked and I was suddenly there. My hands were pinned up to the wall so I wouldn’t struggle or fight him. Behind him was the pile of mutilated dead bodies. The one he ripped up that way. There was a pool of blood forming underneath and it flowed out into the street. I didn’t recognize any faces. But I did see a little girl’s head poking out from above some legs. I closed my eyes when the Ripper bit my neck. My fingers clawed at his skin as his teeth dug into my skin. It hurt. Just like when Vixon bit me. I opened my eyes again and more tears fell when I tried to hold in my scream. I didn’t notice how weak I was until now. I could barely hold myself up or see. It hurt to have the Ripper’s teeth in my skin. He could bite my neck off.

Next to the dead pile of skin and organs, Vixon watched. He didn’t seem that entertained but what could he possibly want to see? I’m being killed, yet he looks unhappy. Why?

“Why am I here, Darcy?” He asked me. Why is he here? I don’t know. I looked at him plainly, almost forgetting that I had someone much bigger and much stronger over me, hurting me, stealing my blood. And Vixon wants to know why he’s here.

If only I could answer that.

“Is it because of how he’s treating you?” he asked. “You’re thinking of me because you want someone to hurt you more.” he said, and shook his head at me.

Was it amusing? I don’t want to be hurt. I don’t want someone to hurt me. The Ripper was hurting me enough but Vixon thinks I like pain. I don’t. I’m hallucinating because I haven’t slept in days, I haven’t eaten, and I’ve been pushed to my limit.

“I didn’t think you would miss me.” Vixon said, walking closing to us. I wanted to hide but I couldn’t move. Goosebumps began to rise on my skin as Vixon approached us.

The Ripper doesn’t notice because Vixon isn’t real. I just can’t seem to think that though. He’s here in front of me but I know he really isn’t there. The more blood the Ripper takes from me, the more I think Vixon is actually real instead of a figment of my imagination. Its like before. And even in my mind, Vixon is just as terrifying.

“You should have said that you wanted someone more violent.” Vixon said beside me. I closed my eyes when I heard his voice in my ear. I was trembling under the Ripper. But soon I would lose consciousness. His hands tightened on my wrists, and it felt like he was going to crush my hands. “Do you like the pain?” he asked.

I didn’t. I was crying because I hated it so much.

My neck was hurting, but it got worse. It will be in a matter of seconds that I fall over unconscious. The Ripper’s grip was too hard but at least I won’t fall. Slowly, he pulled his teeth from deep in my skin, and turned my head, forcing his lips on me and pouring blood into my mouth. I’ve gone through this before. Its not new. But this time, I didn’t fight it. Well I couldn’t. I became nauseated from the taste of my own blood, I wanted to throw it up because its not something I’m supposed to be drinking, but I didn’t fight him. The warm liquid passed down my throat when I swallowed it and I could feel it in my stomach, making me burn uneasily. I hated the iron taste that I was left with from his mouth.

“That seemed too easy this time.” Vixon said beside me. “When he does it, its fine. But when it was me, I had to force you to swallow.” he seemed a bit angry about it. But then I caught on to his sarcasm. “Whose blood will you drink next, Darcy? If you can handle your own, then maybe you can kill someone else, maybe like that little girl in the pile of dead bodies.” Vixon said lowly.

I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t stomach it. Everything went silent in my mind.

Vixon hadn’t said anything for a while, then I realized that I did fall unconscious, but that wasn’t until I opened my eyes and found myself on the ground in blood.

The Ripper left me here alive, near a pile of rotting bodies. The smell of blood made me heave; I threw up even when I tried not to. I couldn’t stand the sight of what was around me. And I knew that I was forced to drink my own blood. I threw up because I was sick, I threw up because I didn’t want my blood in my stomach.

Sweat formed on my forehead quickly when my body was again pushed to the limit. I could barely even hold myself up but I had to get out of here. I can’t stay in this place. I breathed deeply as I pushed off my hands, and got to my feet.

Around me, people were sitting quietly. The little girl I noticed before was in front of me, pieced together, and staring at me with her glazed over blue eyes. All of them are put back together. Vixon did this. Only he would feel enough guilt for that.

“I didn’t do that.” Vixon said behind me. “You did.”

“I was unconscious.”

“True. You see what you see though. Its obvious you’re still thinking about me.” he said. I turned around and looked at his face. He was smiling at me. Why? I wiped my mouth with my wrist and looked away.

I can’t stop thinking about him because of what he did to me. I have two of the worst people on me. Its not fair. Vixon is a nightmare in my mind. He’s dead but he’s still hurting me. But he’s not real. He’s not real at all.

“Really?” He was right in front of me. I felt the piercing pain in my stomach. His eyes turned a fierce red as he bore his teeth at me.

His hand was piercing through my skin, and soon he would grab something he shouldn’t. I remember this. It actually happened. I screamed because the pain was real. It felt real. I watched Vixon’s eyes as his hand twisted into me. It doesn’t get anymore real than this.

“You’re imagining the worst of me, Darcy.” he said and pulled his hand out from inside me. He was holding something, an organ. I felt the pain when he ripped it out of me.

When I looked down though, there was nothing there. No gaping hole, nothing falling out, no harm. I was still in tact. When I looked up again, I was alone. Vixon was gone. But the bodies were still sitting, pieced together and watching me with their glossy eyes.

I ran out of there quickly, going anywhere I could as fast as I could. Anything would be better than this pain I felt. I didn’t try to think about the pain I was in or what I keep going through. I know I can’t handle it and one day I will have to give up. I just wanted to be alone now. I wanted this nightmare to end. I’ve been begging for peace and solitude but I won’t get it. No one will give it to me. I am stuck. I ran anyway. I ran until I recognized where I was. The only thing keeping me going was wanting to be in my own apartment, away from everything, but it won’t last like that. My legs burned but that pain won’t mask how miserable I was.

I can’t take it. How can I go on like this?

There will be no end to this.

I rushed into my apartment and closed the door like it would keep all the monsters out. I didn’t turn on any lights. I leaned against the door, gasping for air as I felt the fatigue from running too far. I almost fell over to the floor because my body was about to give out. I can’t take this anymore. Stumbling, I made my way around my apartment in the dark. I took hold of the furniture as I moved until I got to my bathroom. I pushed open the door and stumbled inside. The silence drove me insane.

My hands touched the white marble of the sink. It was the coldest thing here. I wanted to press my forehead on it, I wanted to press my whole body on it, but I stayed still, gripping the sink tightly. I turned on the water to drown out the silence. I was tired and sick and I could no longer move.

It hurt so much.

I looked up into the mirror, and I saw a glimpse of my face from the moonlight coming from the window. I had blood dried on to my skin, a lot of it. I hadn’t had the chance to clean off at least once today. I was such a mess and I could see that I looked terrible in the mirror. And then I saw someone behind me, a tall dark figure was looming over me. The red eyes came from nowhere and made me react fast. My fist hit the mirror, and the glass shattered around my skin. But the figure was still behind me; on each piece of broken glass, I saw Vixon’s face watching me, smiling. His laugh rang through my ears too.

But when I turned around, he wasn’t there.

I was going insane.

I pressed my hands to my ears, screaming from the pain in my head as I sank to my knees. He won’t stop laughing. He won’t stop laughing! I couldn’t scream over his voice because he was inside my head. This torture won’t stop. My fingers dragged across my skin as I screamed in dreadful agony, crying from being so miserable. No pain can be worse than what Vixon was doing to me.

“I told you, Darcy,” he laughed loudly. “You can never get away from me. I’ll always be right next to you.”

I cried and screamed because he wouldn’t stop, the pain wouldn’t stop. Nothing wouldn’t stop.


This is my reality. I’m stuck thinking that Vixon is still alive, haunting me, torturing me. He will never go away because he traumatized me so terribly. Vixon ruined my life, and he will continue to do it till some day I kill myself.

It won’t ever stop.

There is no end to my misery.

Vixon will be in my head and I will have to endure it while the Ripper is toying with me.


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