The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter One☽

Its not safe outside. It used to be, but it’s not anymore.

Lately, there’s been a serial killer out, and they are incredibly brutal. Their victims get ripped up, body parts everywhere, and there’s always blood splattered everywhere. These bodies are blood free, however. Whoever this psycho is, they are crazy. Really crazy. I haven’t seen people get ripped up the way they do. At first, police started telling the people that they were animal attacks, but who’s going to believe animal attacks going on in a city where almost everyone sees everything? I didn’t believe it. There is enough evidence to know that someone is ripping people up. This serial killer is sloppy, but they have the ability to completely clean out a body of blood. Sure they get it everywhere else, but the body has no blood inside them.

The Ripper is what people call him.

His victims are always easy to find; if the body is touched, even just a slight nudge, the ripped off pieces fall off from where they were before. Usually a head would come off, sometimes an arm, or a whole half of the body.

It scares the complete hell out of me. I'm just terrified of knowing that people are getting killed by some psychopath. No one knows who's doing this. I could just walk by him and not even know it. That scares me.

I actually considered moving, and as much as I want to make my family leave, too, they won’t leave. They don’t think it’s as severe as it really is. I even tried to get my friends to go, but apparently its not that serious to just drop everything and go. I know its just out of the blue and radical, but I can’t stay here knowing that there is a chance that I could be killed like all these other people. Its just that serious.

Well I think it is.

“Hey, Mom, I am just going to ask one more time.” I said, giving one more chance to my parents. She rolled her eyes as I tapped my fingers on the counter. I wish she would take me seriously.

“Darcy, I will not stop you from leaving,” Mom said and glanced at me again. She barely ever stops me from doing anything. When I was going to college, she practically kicked me out.

“It won’t be so bad to go.” I urged.

“I like it here because when it gets warm, it stays warm. I’m sure you want us to move somewhere that has weird weather, and terrible house prices.” My dad called from the living room. He only wants me to know that he will never leave this house so long as he is alive.

I want my family to be safe. That is all.

“If you’re scared, you can leave. Go with your best instincts because they are right.” Mom said as she took the food out of the oven. I can’t even get her to listen.

Well then she needs to come with me! If she thinks my instincts are right, I’m trying to understand why she won’t come with me. “Mom-”

“You don’t have to worry, nothing will happen to us.” she said, smiling.

“Do you believe that?” I asked, almost being condescending. I couldn’t not be blunt, she was actually being serious. The world is terrible.

“I know you don’t believe that, Darcy.” she sighed.

“What happens if-”

“No ifs, I don’t want to hear ifs.” My dad yelled loudly just to make his point clear. I sighed and put my head down.

I drove out here for thirty minutes just to lose an argument with my parents. My sister is a lost cause, too. She won’t leave because her boyfriend’s here. My dad won’t leave because his work is here. My mom won’t leave because she still likes my dad. I knew they would say no again but it was worth a try at least.

“Alright, I’m going home.” I said, giving up.

“Have fun living in fear.” My younger sister laughed as she leaned on the counter, texting on her phone. I stared down at her as her fingers moved quickly on her phone. She was laughing dryly at me as I continued to look at her.

“Yeah, its not funny.” I said, not even finding it laughable in the slightest.

It really isn’t funny.

I just want to move so it can be safe, so I know my family is safe, but they won’t budge. It makes me mad. I will be gone soon, and I want to be able to know that they are okay, but they probably don’t care enough to ease my fear.

I don’t like leaving, knowing that something could happen.

If my parents just stay away from going outside and from parties and from walking, everything is fine. Last time I heard, The Ripper doesn’t go in people’s houses. He kills his victims outside. All the bodies have been found outside in alleyways and in the streets when there’s barely any people around.

Its make me more frightened to be honest. I barely go out anymore because I’m scared. I literally am dropping everything and moving.

I had to calm myself down a lot, just so I could at least work up the nerves to get food. Not everything is avoidable, I have to actually live. There aren’t much I have to worried about here. There are things the Ripper looks for, so I wasn’t worried to be out at the convenience store. There are safe zones for me, and this is one of them.

“Hey, Darcy!” A friend of mine came to me just as I was paying for the packages of ramen noodles. She came in front of me, holding her hands behind her back as she smiled at me, her blond hair moving over her shoulders just as she shook her head.

“What’s up Haley? How are you?” I asked. I haven’t seen her in a while, not since graduation to be honest. She still texts me, and makes me feel like I still have a social life.

She smiled happily at me, almost as if she found a new life. She hasn’t always been like that so it’s good to see that she’s happy.

“I’m going to this party with this guy. Want to join?” she asked.

“Not really.” I answered without hesitating. “Who is he anyway?” I asked. She turned and gestured to a guy who was looking at chips in one isle.

I wonder if he was one of her friends in college or she’s randomly hooking up with him.

He seems like my height, maybe a little bit taller. His eyes were a dark brown, almost black. But they were weirdly nice to look into. In fact, it wasn’t just his eyes. It was his whole appearance. His skin was a flawless pale, almost like porcelain, and it was beautiful. His black hair was messy but its not like mine wasn’t; he just looked a lot cooler I guess. I bet he has thick hair too, its shiny and jet black.

I don’t recognize him.

“Gosh, Vixon is like so perfect,” she whispered to me. “Darcy, you just don’t even understand.” she mocked, fanning herself like she was so heated. She always fakes being such a girl around me and I can take it to be honest. “We met the other day actually, and he’s really sweet.” she said seriously.

“Seems nice. I guess.” I wasn't going to show her my skepticism.

That guy seems like her type anyway. She likes the whole “mysterious and cool” type. It’s nice to know she is about to have fun with someone. I would bring up the Ripper issue but no one listens to me on that. No one is cautious around here. I wasn’t going to bore Haley with my ranting and out right concern.

“I hope you two have fun,” I said, trying to be a little enthusiastic even though I wasn’t. Not even in the slightest. “Be safe, okay.” I warned her.

“Don’t worry about me, I won’t die tonight.” she whispered quietly to me as she smiled. She didn’t need to add that. I almost sighed but I just shook my head. Saying that won’t prevent it but I guess it doesn’t matter.

“Hey Haley, are you ready to go?” That guy came up to us, putting his arm around her shoulders.

They must be really friendly already.

“Bye, Darcy, hope to see you around.” she said as she waved, walking out of the store with her friend.

I should get going, too. It was late and I knew I should be getting home before I psyched myself out.

I wasn’t really scared so much now, but I know I will be later. Living by myself has set me into more paranoia and it’s killing me. I get so scared of something happening to me outside, or inside. I guess living alone can have it’s perks though. If something happens, it just happens to me and no one I care about.

The Ripper has made me miserable mentally. It’s killing me slowly.

I want him to get caught so I can live my life again though. I’m tired of being scared of everything that happens.

If no one knows what the Ripper looks like, or where he is, or where he can be found, or even how, this case will not be solved easily. That’s what made me tired. How long am I going to have to suffer? I’m ready for this to be completely over.

In the morning, I saw the most shocking news.

Everyday someone gets reported dead.

This morning it was Haley. What really shocked me was that I just saw her last night and she was fine. But they found pieces of her body in the street outside some club that she probably went to. I literally saw her last night. She was fine last night. And here I am watching them report that she was the next unfortunate victims from a very long list of people that was killed by the Ripper. With the way she was killed, it had to have been that psychopath.

I haven’t lost anyone close to me to the Ripper and now this happens.

The guy she was with...! It was him. Who else would it be?

I think Vixon is it. I think he’s the Ripper.

I should have said something was off about him, but I didn’t even know last night. Everything seemed fine last night. But I had the worst gut feeling about this. Haley going out with someone she just met, and then she happens to be killed. That is not a coincidence at all. I know I’m right.

If anything, I was going to call the police and say I had a gut feeling that Vixon should be a suspect about this.

I ran to the kitchen of my apartment, getting my phone from it’s charger. My fingers were fumbling, but that’s because I was so nervous about the outcome of this and didn’t know how to contain myself. I had useful information, and I know its important.

I hope no one thinks I’m crazy.

Before I knew it, I was thrown down to the ground violently. There was a pain at my side that kept me down.

When I looked up, a hand was pressed to my neck, fingers gripping my throat so tightly that I couldn’t breathe. My phone was on the floor, but not close enough to me that I could reach for it.

“I should have killed you.” A voice hissed in my ear. I trembled as this person sniffed me, his nose at my neck.

I knew his voice without even thinking.

It’s him.

“Oh, I really should have killed you first.” he said, sighing as he continued to smell my hair and neck. The fear that went through my body was immense. I’ve been frightened before but this was so much worse than everything I’ve experienced in my life.

I couldn’t say a word. I could barely breathe. His hand tightened at my throat, making it much harder to get air. My heart was beating so fast in my chest that I thought I was going to die from fright. It hurt. It hurt so much. I can’t even think of a way to get away from him. I would do anything to, but he held me down so tightly that there was no way that I could move.

“You weren’t going to try and call the police, were you?” he asked me quietly in my ear, his fingers trailing down my face as he kept me down on the floor.

I couldn’t answer him. All I thought about was how I was suffocating. I needed to get away from him. If he really is the Ripper, I know he won’t spare me if I don’t try to get away from him now.

“You smell so good. Maybe I can get what I need.” he sighed.

I grabbed at his hand that was choking me and tried to speak. “P-ple-please, d-don’t-”

His hand covered my mouth quickly before I could beg for my life. His hand was tight on my skin, as if he was going to try and rip my mouth from me. I was scared that he actually would have.

“I promise it won’t hurt a bit.” he said and looked at me, smiling.

There were actually fangs in his mouth. I went straight to vampire. It’s either that or he’s a freak that desperately wants to be. It makes sense because he tears bodies to pieces and sucks their blood dry. His eyes were blood red as he stared down at me.

I wasn’t scared any less that I put two and two together.

He sucks people dry.

Tears welded in my eyes, falling down my cheeks as I stared him in the eyes. He was really going to kill me. I feared this happening to me, I wanted to tell myself it wouldn’t. I was even supposed to move far away from here just so this wouldn’t happen to me. It made me cry.

“It won’t take me long. Its just a quick snap.” he said, and it made me cry harder.

I shook my head, hoping he would have the tiniest bit of human feelings inside him, but he didn’t. I saw how excited he was to do this to me, and I bet he always has that look for everyone he kills. Its entertaining for him, isn’t it?

He stopped choking me but his hand was still over my mouth. He made sure that I stayed quiet before he let me go.

“Please, don’t kill me.” I begged the second he let go of my mouth, his hand trailing to my neck.

I can cry as hard as I want, I can even go hysterical, it wouldn’t matter.

He shushed me, wiping away my tears as he teased me a little bit, making it seem like he had a little compassion in him. He was only baiting me, having a little fun to make this more entertaining for him. There wasn’t a point in crying.

I just couldn’t breathe, and I could no longer feel my heart in my chest. My stomach was gone, its like I was so sick but I didn’t know where it was coming from. The goosebumps stayed on my skin as I tried to at least calm myself. I shouldn’t die crying so hard that I blow out my lungs. But what difference would it make if I did?

“It won’t hurt a bit.” he said softly, but that made me more scared, more terrified. More tears streamed down my face as he took hold of my hair, pulling my head back to expose my neck.

Before I could scream, he bit me hard enough to shut me up, hard enough to make me realize that the pain was too much to scream against, hard enough to make me sick. Hard enough for me to black out.

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