The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter Two☽

***Tw: rape.

I didn’t know how I felt about being able to wake up. My eyes opened slowly and I looked around.

The Ripper spared me.

The last thing I would have thought was that vampires existed and the Ripper was one of them.

It made my heart race from being more terrified than ever. I know who the Ripper is. I know what he looks like, what he sounds like, what he is like. I had half a mind to just get out of bed and try to get help. I’m alive now so I don’t want to waste this chance.

I just couldn’t move because​ of my hands.

My hands were tied to the head board of my bed. I looked up to see my bed sheet that was torn apart to keep my hands tied together. I wasn’t going anywhere like this. I didn’t even fight it.

“You’re still not going to the cops.” Vixon said; he was sitting beside me, and I saw the blood on his face and hands.

I...was that my blood on him?

My heart was still racing in my chest. My neck was hurting from the large wound. I could see his fangs and the wound on my neck throbbed even more.

There’s so much blood on him. That couldn’t have come from me.

“Did you-”

“Did I what?” he asked me before I could finish.

Did he kill someone else?

“Why are you doing this?”

“Hearing you scream for your life was the most entertaining thing I’ve experienced all day.” he said though he didn't truly sound that entertained. In fact, he sounded bored. “I want to hear you scream again.”

My eyes widened at the thought of going through the pain again and it made me panic. “P-please stop.” I said quickly. He kept silent, but he smiled, exposing his red teeth.

Then he got up, removing his shirt. I wasn’t sure what he was doing until he used it to clean himself off, getting the blood that was on his face and hands. The shirt was now dyed red like the dark colored blood that was on his skin before.

I know that isn’t my blood. He killed someone else because there was enough on him to paint a wall.

I tried to think of someway I could break free but I had no idea how I was going to get away. Considering what I was dealing with, I don’t even have a chance. So why tie me up? He could stop me from going anywhere if he needed to. Just being bound made me feel worse, I was more scared being tied up and I...he wants me to stay scared.

As long as I stay scared, this is fun for him.

Vixon moved over me and I was seconds away from screaming because of my extreme paranoia. He stopped me though, putting his hand over my mouth so I would shut up. I shouldn’t have to go through this. I wanted him to die so he would leave me alone. He laughed when he saw that I struggled.

I don’t want to die.

“You’re going to make me regret keeping you alive.” he said seriously, staring down at me with his bright red eyes.

Why would he keep me alive in the first place?

“I’m not some heartless killer.” he laughed. I don’t believe him! “Sometimes, I enjoy having fun.” he said quietly.


He smiled even wider.

“Maybe when I’m done, I’ll rip you to pieces.” he said, amused with the idea. His teeth were large, his fangs were at least. “And don’t cry, it makes me want to gauge your eyes out.” he warned me.

It was going to be hard not to. If he told me earlier, I think I might have been able to control it. Now, knowing what he could do and might do, I couldn’t help it.

I couldn’t say a word, and I kept all sounds to myself as he came closer to me, licking my neck, right over my wound. I almost groaned in pain, but I had to keep quiet.

He’s going to make the most out of this and if I struggle, it will only last longer.

I tried to breathe from the stress but I was too scared. The wound on my neck still hurt and when he got rough me, I winced from the pain.

He tore my shirt; I could feel the cold air from my skin as he ripped my clothes. I panicked more but if I screech he’ll rip out my throat. I can feel it. I wanted to keep quiet but every second that he touched me, I wanted to fight for my life. His hand moved from over my mouth, and he expected me to keep it shut.

His hands were moving on me as he kissed down to my collar bone. As he touched me, I got goosebumps from fear. He would only get further if I don’t stop him. But I was already hopeless; he has my hands right and I can’t fight a vampire. I didn’t want any of this, and he knew that. The more I wiggled and strained, the more he laughed. To him this was entertainment.

When he did something I didn’t like, I groaned, the sound coming out without me wanting it to. I couldn’t help but struggle but I did try to hold my voice back. He was annoyed, his hiss came out as he covered my mouth; his hand gripped my face tightly as he hovered over me again. He didn’t my constant struggle.

“If you stay quiet, I won’t kill you.” he said quietly.

I don’t believe him! This is all part of his game to play around with me.

He’s going to kill me.

He was going to rip my head off the way he was holding on to my face. But I closed my eyes and gave in.

He will kill me if I don’t.

He kept his hand on me as he kissed my neck again, I tried my hardest not to squirm, and make this difficult. It was uncomfortable to think about what he’s going to do to me.

He tore the rest of my clothes so he could touch more of my body. There was an evil smile on his face and by then, I knew what was going to happen to me.

I thought there would be so much more to what he was going to do to me, but there wasn’t. His hand let go of my mouth as he moved my legs, not even having to show an ounce strength because I am that weak. He wouldn’t be able to notice if I struggled anyway.

He moved inside me and I just about screamed. The pain was the first thing I noticed. My body tense as I felt my voice coming out.

His hand gripped my throat before I scream anything, and I knew he was seconds away from ripping my head off.

It was painful, it was the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through. The worst thing was that he didn’t want me to cry for my life. He hates it when I cry. But he can’t expect me to not scream, to not squirm and try my hardest to break the fabric on my hands. He may not be human, but I am. I don’t want this.

“Are you crying?” he asked lowly as a warning. I was shaking, trying to make sure the pain wouldn’t make me scream even more.

“It hurts.” I answered roughly. His hand tightened at my throat, making it harder to breathe as he kept moving until he was all the way inside me.

It still hurt, it will always hurt.

I couldn’t stop myself from crying, I couldn’t stop the tears. If he wants to pull my eyes out, I don’t care. I just can’t take this. Its not fair.

“The pain will go away.” he whispered in my ear, licking my skin as he gripped my throat even harder. My voice was caught. I couldn’t say anything anymore.

I couldn’t stop the tears, he was choking me. He was going to maybe take my head from my body. I saw flashes of anything that he could do to me. Not even that sickness could over shadow what I felt now. It was so much pain and I hated it.

He was laughing as he moved inside me. A soundless scream would escape but it was useless. And he would laugh and laugh as he used my body. I know its not supposed to be fun, its not supposed to be for my enjoyment, its not for me. I bet he’s not doing it for himself either. He just wants to show me that he could do whatever he wanted just because he could.

I was the human that couldn’t do anything, the weak human who couldn’t get away.

I bet he was turned on for the wrong reasons.

I saw the fangs in his mouth as he smiled, laughing at the pain he was causing me. His eyes were blood red, too. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was bleeding and he wants to taste it.

The lack of oxygen was going to make me black out. He barely let go of my neck, enough to actually give me some air, or to sink his teeth into me. Whichever. Right now, the pain of him being inside me, moving inside me, treating me like some toy was the worst thing I’ve gone through.

“You smell so good.” he said in my ear, and he sounded hungry too. I was shaking with fear. I don’t think I could take another bite. His hand pushed my head back just so he could have my neck.

He licked my neck and breathed heavily on my skin as he laughed. I wanted him to get this over with because I hate being humiliated. His teeth sunk into my neck just like last time, except harder.

I always have the fear that the Ripper would rip my head right off my neck.

I couldn’t scream, the only thing that escaped my mouth was the breath I was holding. He pinned my shoulder down as he kept his large teeth in me. I could hear him actually drinking my blood. This is what he does to everyone. This is how he kills his victims and when he’s done, he breaks a piece of them. He’s too strong for me, I felt like he would rip my neck, that he could just rip up my body.

I blacked out before I could build the strength to not keep crying.

He didn’t kill me, it was his second chance to yet he didn’t do it.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around my room.

It took me a second to remember what happened. I had a pain in my body that hurt worse than anything I’ve gone through. I could feel the pulsing on my arms and legs. My neck felt numb. When I moved my hand to feel my skin, there was another bruise and it was worse.

I wanted to die.

It was this moment that I wanted to die.

It hurt so much and I didn’t know if I could take it again. I felt hopeless.

I lifted myself up in bed and saw the blood that stained the sheets. That was definitely my blood. There were red and blue light flashes going off in my room, then I realized it was coming from outside. The police are here? I got out of bed to get clothes to wear and look out the window.

I grabbed on to the window sill before I could fall and peeked outside.

There were cops outside, a lot of them, and an ambulance. There were three white body bags on the ground and a few others crying beside them. I could just barely hear the conversation going on. There was one more white bag, but it wasn’t zipped up. I heard that there was a missing piece. Someone’s body wasn’t put together.

Vixon did this.

My body throbbed with so many bite marks and bruises. My face felt bruised from the way that he grabbed me. I stopped moving when the pulsing in my body returned. I thought I would be able to handle it, but I couldn’t. I felt like I was seconds away from breaking down. The fact that I was alive meant something.

He’ll come back.

I walked slowly to my bathroom, feeling the pain with every step I took. It was quiet which gave me some peace of mind. I sighed and turned on the lights to my bathroom.

I was startled by the blood on my mirror. I took a step back, hitting the frame of the door as I read the sloppy writing.

Ripper was written on my mirror with blood but that’s not all. There was blood splatters everywhere on the walls, on the countertop, the floor. It was a bloody mess. Everything was stained red with someone’s blood.

Did he kill those people in here?

I felt sick to my stomach, almost sick enough to throw up.

Just thinking that he ripped someone up in the place that I live made me retch. This place was supposed to be my safe zone. I didn’t think...My hands started to shake as I tried to make sense of this.

I bet he wants me to know that I’m not safe, no where is safe for me here, and he will come back for me.

I ran out of the bathroom, out of my room, out of my apartment, only to fall into the hallway. I tripped over something and it made me hit the wall. I winced from the incredible pain that went through my body. I got on my hands and knees feeling the pain ripple through my body even worse. I was already gasping for air like I was tired. I just sat on the ground, breathing heavily.

I saw what I tripped on; My eyes widened and I covered my mouth as I backed away against the wall. My scream was caught in my throat. There was...a head on the floor. I tripped over a man’s head! There was a trail of blood from where the head rolled.

I accidentally...I didn’t mean...

I had to call for help. I got up and wanted to go for one of the windows. All I could think about was the head on the floor. Some guy lost his head; that must be the missing piece for the body outside. His blue eyes were glazed over and his mouth was opened liked he was shocked. His whole face was shocked. I swallowed the lump in my throat as I moved against the wall, avoiding all the splatters of blood that I just now noticed to be everywhere.

The police officers were still down outside, the lights were still flashing. If I could just call for help, maybe everything will be okay.

I ran to the window, gripping on the brick edge. But I felt a breath on my neck just as I was about to unlock the window. I gritted my teeth as I kept myself from saying a word. I wish the police officers would just look up and see me here, about to be attacked by Vixon.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Vixon asked behind me quietly. There was a threatening chill in the air; I wanted to jump out this window but Vixon would pull me back before anyone noticed. “Surely you’re not going to jump out the window.” he said, as if he could read my mind.

I let go of the brick wall, not showing any resistance against him.

“If you want to scream, go ahead.” he said lowly in my ear.

“I won’t.” I said, my voice shaking as I tried to not show fear.

He took me by my arm and pushed me down against the wall. My head hit against it, making me see spots in my vision as I groaned out loud. The pain went through my body but it throbbed in my head. I couldn’t move anymore; his hand grabbed my throat tightly as he held me up, stopping the rest of my body from falling against the floor.

“Of course you won’t, Darcy.” he said. “Its not like I would let you get away from me. That wouldn’t be any fun.” he laughed at me.

“You killed four people.”

“In the last thirty minutes? Yeah. I did.” he admitted it, rolling his eyes as if I should have known just by looking. “I’m still hungry.” he said, opening his mouth to show me his fangs that sharpened.

“D-don’t h-hurt me.” It was so hard to beg through shaking lips.

“Now, why would I want to hurt you?” he asked slowly, smiling at me as he came closer. I tensed just as his hand tightened more on my neck. I choked as he looked me over with his bright red eyes. “I need you to do me a favor.” he said quietly.

“No.” I croaked.

“I could always make you.” he said, his hand digging so far deep into my skin that I thought he could rip my head off. He didn’t, he just kept me speechless. “You don’t want me to throw your head out the window, do you?” he asked me.

I closed my eyes, trying my hardest to breathe. I wasn’t able to feel my lungs anymore and it will be a matter of time before I start to turn blue. I don’t want to provoke him, I don’t want to make him so mad that he lashes out and kills me. He would rip me to pieces. And that’s what scared me the most. I kept my eyes closed, and I tried to calm myself down. Nothing is worse than knowing that when he kills me, he’ll rip my body apart just because he has fun doing it.

“You’re going to come with me tonight.” he said, breathing on my skin. I felt his tongue on me, licking me slowly over my lips. Goosebumps rose on my skin as I fidgeted. “Its either that or I kill you.” he said and laughed quietly.

I opened my eyes.

He may be laughing, but he was serious. He will kill me if I tell him no again. Part of me wanted it to end, to let him do it. Another part of me just wanted to live, to get away from this nightmare. I don’t want my head to end up on the floor like that man’s head was.

It almost made me cry but I know he hates it when I cry.

I had to hold it back and do what he says.

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